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[presale] Hi! I like your app, what about variable product? The app work with them? :)

Hi, now we work on general product only. If you would like to modify please buy and i will modify for your request

I like this but does it need to be in an app?

Yes. This source for mobile app purpose. You also built for web app.

If you would like to modify your app please contact me via skype: duyhoa07k4038

Love it , - are you planning to make it ionic 4 ? - dose it have barcode scanner through mobile camera ? SKU

- can I update product stock using it ? - will it work on iPad ? Full screen ?

Hi Foulad. Our source code is using IONIC 3. We can update for you if you want. Please contact me for customization. My Skype: duyhoa07k4038 Thanks!

Can be use as multiple user?

Please kindly contact us for customization

Hi guy, awesome work! A few questions: 1) can user update his items, their stock, photos, description? 2) does user receive some kind of notification when a sale is made on his site? 3) does it work with multivendor woocommerce stores? Thanks a lot and good luck with sales!

Hi Sir, for now our app only supports user to make order, submit order, list product. Not include 3 options above u are giving. Please pm us via Skype ( duyhoa07k4038) for your modifications. Thanks

hi, support printer themal bluetooth?

Yes i think so

Hi give your contact no.. Or email I want to discuss regarding app …

Hi, does it support

a-cashier drawer b-receipt printer c-barcode reader d-inventory control e-accounting


Hi, Now our app support scan QR Code only. If you need more functions please kindly contact us via skype: duyhoa07k4038 Thanks

Can i use it just as a woocommerce store (because I’m looking for a layout and speed like that for mobile navigation)

Hi, you mean you would like to make store app instead POS app?

I see the demo on my chrome browser. So a web page running like a app for customer

Ah, no. The app will connect to your site. Not run your site.

hello i can login with your demo credentials..

Please try again with : customer/test@12345

It does look good. I like this app

will it support bar code QR code scanner , and bluetooth printer ?

I will check it.

Can you make app like this

Stock zone with log in

- input to stock by scan barcode or we code - list of products as you did - create a new product if it is not exist - creat a new category - list of customers - list of order as you did - input to cart -> sell instantly (to anonymous customer) or sell to an exist customer - list of history order

E-commerce zone

- e commerce for logged in customer or anonymous - cart - checkout for customer (logged in) - order history with status (paid, pending, shipped,done…)

Hi, for customization please contact me via skype: duyhoa07k4038


Any plan to upgrade to

1- ionic 4

2- support physical cash register/drawer

2- support physical receipt printer

3- support for bar code reader

Hi. Now we do not have plan yet. But i think in the future we will change.

Can you build this app so it shows all orders and allows you to either accept or decline it. I also require it to support Woocommerce Product Addons

Any customization please fully contact me via Skype: duyhoa07k4038

demo not working , Url Demo: Login: customer/test@12345

showing error: No route found matching the url and request method Email me

I updated demo site. Please check again. Thanks

is this compatible with dokan multi vendor?

Now, we do not support multi vendor. We think it will be applied in the future.

I hope this can be integrated with DOKAN and WePOS soon.

Call me if that is ready..

Do you have variant product ?

Not yet support

is this compatible with dokan wePOS?

Ah, our app does not require any third party plugin. Now we didn’t work together with Dokan

how can i use bar code?

login work well but cannot get category 403

Hello, please PM us via Skype