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Good plugin, but I wonder if it is possible not to show the coupon to the user once on the cart and checkout page

Is it possible to hide it and put something general like COUPON DISCOUNT or anything else ??

Hi, yes you can do that it’s not related to the plugin, you just have to create a coupon with this name : COUPON DISCOUNT and the discount will be applied. Best regards.

No, because than any user that would insert COUPON DISCOUNT it will recive the discount.

Also, I would like to have different types of discounts 20% , 30%, 40%, 50% ... and I can’t name all of them COUPON DICSOUNT jejej

That is why I asked you if it was possible to hide the coupons name or the appear just coupon added or something like that

Hi, in this case you will have to use simple CSS code to hide coupon names from cart and checkout pages, you can send me a message with your site and I will show you how to do it. Best regards.

good job , very nice ;)

Hi ! thanks for your comment, really appreciated ! :)

Hi Developer,

1. Is it possible to apply coupon of URL trailing ”?10off” for all URL in the site? I want customers to get the coupon by every URL for example: mystore.com/?10off mystore.com/category/abc/?10off mystore.com/product/abc/?10off

2. Could it achieve Teespring liked coupon feature: give pop-up about coupon info in product page, then auto apply coupon in cart?

3. Could it show inline text message in page top instead of giving pop-up?

4. Is the pop-up mobile-friendly?

5. Any demo site for coupon via URL?


Looks like a good plugin, just a quick presales question. I use direct checkout on my site, so i want customers to skip the add to cart process. Can I create direct checkout coupon links with this plugin?


congratulations ;)

Can it apply coupon and add the product at the same time?


Can I ask something before I buy the plugin?

- Can this plugin be used to create a month-to-month coupon? For example, a coupon called “5dollarmonth” will give to anyone wo uses it 5 dolar discount for each month, starting on 1rst day of the month.

Can this be done ?