WooMotiv - WooCommerce Recent Sales Popups - Social Proof Plugin

WooMotiv - WooCommerce Recent Sales Popups - Social Proof Plugin

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Are your visitors not buying from your Woocommerce store?

Even, if you have the best product or service your visitors will not buy from you. Why? Because they do not trust you. And to fix this problem you need Social Proof.

What is Woocommerce Social Proof?

Social proof is a powerful marketing method that is used specifically to increase conversions. Generally speaking, the more customers that you can show using your products or services, the more likely a new shopper can be convinced to buy from you.

When a visitor (potential buyer) sees how many other people have bought your product or service, they are provided with social proof cues that help them trust your store.

Social proof is absolutely worth having, though, especially because various studies have shown it can increase trust and make shoppers more likely to buy.

It is Used by Big Companies

Amazon, Groupon, eBay or Aliexpress use social proof to drive sales. I’m sure that your competitors use it too.

Woomotiv can help you boost your sales.

About Woomotiv

Woomotiv is a Wordpress plugin that displays Woocommerce recent sales popups/Notifications. It is easy to install and use. No configuration needed, no coding skills! just install it and let it do its magic.

  • Display recent sales on your website to convert visitors into customers.
  • Instantly Increases Conversion Rates.
  • Increase Credibility

Powerful Features

  • Real Time Notifications: Display recent sales on your website to convert visitors into customers.
  • Easy to Setup : No configuration needed, just install it and that’s it.
  • Live Customization: View your changes live before saving them. change colors, position, shape and more.
  • Responsive : Designed to work beautifully on all kind of devices.
  • RTL Support.
  • Show Buyer Avatar Or Product Thumbnail.
  • Campaign Tracking Url Queries
  • Content Template. Available Template Tags: {new_line} {product} {buyer} {buyer_first_name} {buyer_last_name} {date} {city} {country} {state} {by_woomotiv}
  • Shapes:
    • Rouded
    • Rectangle
    • Bordered
  • Positions:
    • Top Left
    • Top Center
    • Top Right
    • Center Left
    • Center Right
    • Bottom Left
    • Bottom Center
    • Bottom Right
  • Animations:
    • Fade
    • Pop
    • Wobble Skew
    • Buzz
    • Slide Up
    • Slide Down
    • Slide Left
    • Slide Right
  • Documentation.
  • Support Center.



# 1.8.0 #
    * New: Added close button for popups
    * Upgraded: Framework to Version 2
    * Improved: Code Improvements

# 1.7.2 #
    * New: Added new filter option ( show only on specific Woocommerce categories )
    * Improved: The frontend script
    * Updated: Admin Panel
    * Updated: Documentation
    * Updated: Language File
    * Fixed: Wordpress warning message

# 1.6.4 #
    * New: Added max product title words ( to prevent text overflow )
    * New: Added popup size option
    * New: Added {buyer_username} shortcode
    * New: Option to show / hide customer own notifications ( was always hide )
    * New: Option to show / hide admin own notifications
    * New: Plugin will notify you when Woocommerce is not installed or activated.
    * Improved: Code. Min PHP Version : 5.5
    * Improved: Admin Panel
    * Improved: Responsive Design
    * Updated: Language File
    * Fixed: Bugs

# 1.5.0
    * New: Option to hide popups on all Articles ( Posts ).
    * New: Woomotiv uses the wordpress timezone option "Settings > General > Timezone".
    * Updated: Language file.
    * Updated: Documentation.

# 1.4.0
    * New: Woomotiv now tracks when someone click on the popup.
    * Updated: Language file.

# 1.3.2
    * New: Pages Filter.
    * New: Ability to disable popup link.
    * Updated: Documentation.
    * Updated: Language file.

# 1.1.3
    * New: Display random sales.
    * Improved: Mysql main query.
    * Updated: Documentation.

# 1.0.5
    * New: Buyer first & last name tags 
    * Updated: Documentation

# 1.0.3
    * Updated Documentation

# 1.0.2
    * Fixed a bug

# 1.0.1
    * Responsive Improvements

# 1.0.0
    * Release