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for Flexibility

Though plugin seems smooth but its not much flexible. Moreover level of paid support that you get is too pathetic from this author.


Author response


All troubles with custom taxonomies slugs which you created by your own script - they should be created according to wordpress rules https://clip2net.com/s/3TEKV8z but you not friendly and do not want cooperate normally https://clip2net.com/s/3TELfVe what is sad

Moreover level of paid support that you get is too pathetic from this author. - you have support until 26/04/2018 https://clip2net.com/s/3TEKMjr and you paid no money, so what money you mean?!

for Customer Support

good component, very flexible, and with a good support ! they helped to sort an issue with numeric attributes. slider filter works like a charge ! very useful !

for Feature Availability

Sorry. Was mad. Fixed an issue in 10 minutes buy myself.

for Customer Support

That guys do very short answers but they are helping perfectly. Thanks a bunch!

for Customizability

The best WooCommerce products filter of ever!

for Code Quality

I tried several other filtering plugins for woocommerce before landing on this one and I must say that this is the only wan that did the job for me. Great plugin :)

for Design Quality

Excellent extension! Very well thought out. Fantastic, responsive support and kept up-to date. Top Stuff!

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