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Hello sir, Please help me with these errors, We’re having trouble on fixing the css plugin it doest load from Http to Https .


Drop me exact link to the issue

Hello , Css or Js doesn’t load. When I click a certain brand it doesn’t proceed to the page that I selected. For Example I Click 3D it doesn’t proceed to the 3D Page.


Please check your ssl settings

On your demo site: If block is closed, it shows nice ”+” icon, when it is open, ”-” icon shown. Can you tell us how to set it up? It is not in your example CSS.

It will be great if demo site also shows admin interface part of same (or screenshots).

Thanks, Rudolf

Hello Rudolf

You can use any text or image in plugin settings->Design –

Hi! Any way to do a step by step with text boxes between each step and adoptive filtering? Thanks!


The plugin does not have this feature. You need code customization

Thanks. What do you charge? Shortcodes to filter by category, sub-category or attributes in order to add text between shortcodes, with a final submit button?


Please write me on support –

Paste your message

Hi. Something is going weird. This url is correct: But when the navigator tries to access the response is: Error 404… If I move tihs css to it works fine…. What happens with this folder ? Why the navigator can’t access to this foder ?

Thank You


Not sure if it depends on my plugin.

Perhaps server security settings do this

I found the problem. It’s my firewall that check as false positive a rule containing css. Thank you.



Presales: I am trying the free version from Wordpress repository and want to show filters only for certain categories but it seems to want to show on all categories.

When I remove the filters it loads all products, not just the products that were in the category that I started from.

Also, the reset button is not showing up but I am guessing that is a pro version feature.

Did I give enough info? If not please let me know any add’l info needed. Thanks.


Check options please –

if you use custom page : 1) In category pages use shortcode – [woof_products] with attribute : taxonomies=product_cat:X Where X id your product category. ( if you use custom page )

2) In widgets use shortcode [woof] with attribute : * taxonomies=product_cat:X + tax_only – write taxonomies or products slug using comma + by_only – write any by-filter-elements there using comma: by_text,by_price,by_sku,by_author,by_insales,by_instock. Of course firstly user should enable extensions for that by-filter-elements *- Do not forget set the same condition in [woof_products]

3) For show or hide widgets on different pages –

You can read more about shortcodes –!/section_3_1

the reset button is not showing up but – This is displayed only when there is a search query.

Hi! What recommendations can you give regarding product import/export and WOOF?


The filter will work with any standard products. import / export should not affect the functionality of the filter



Hello! I checked the demo and I can see that the plugin loads MANY js files, even when NOT needed (pages where search/filters are not used). Is there a way to disable this or are you planning to optimize performance and script loading only when filters are in use in the page?


Please check option –


rsiero Purchased

Hi! I’ve tried the slider solution on a custom attribute, but it seems to order by alphabet. I’ve numeric values, so the slider filters 1 | 10 | 100 | 20. But 100 does not belong in this filter…. Is there a solution to order numeric?


rsiero Purchased

That’s looks promissing and seems to be the solution! Thanx a lot!



Hi, I set to show the filter on every taxonomy page. But is this possible to show the filter widget only if there are e.g. more than 20 products in a category or tag?
Best regards,

Hello Dominik

Unfortunately the plugin does not have widget control. you need customize code

How can I set slider range for product attribute. Can you provide shortcode for that. I tried some but didn’t worked. And no shortcode for that in documentation. Pl let me know shortcode for that.


it works only in the paid version

I’ve paid version.


Ok! Write me please from account where you bought the plugin

WOOF is a best filter, but still have many bugs-imperfections, I can help your team to make WOOF absolute superior! Here some sample bugs: 1) different font size of internal label of dropdown and multi-dropdown boxes at auto-setup filter (for some reason at multi-dropdown only inside label text font are smaller); 2) after some filtering WOOF jumping from Shop to Cart page with text “You cart is empty now, Press to back to Shop” etc – that must NOT be happen! 3) WOOF widget displaying with 2 (TWO!) theme borders instead of one! 4) No possibility to change text on a widget filter hide/open button. 5) I have many new suggestions of how WOOF can be improved. If you want them – answer to my email! (


Thank you!

I’ll pass it to the development department.

hi. i use your plugin without any problem so far. i need your help only because in single product page appears the filter, like this image how can i disable it?

Anyone having problem with elementor sidebar loading infinitely when WOOF is activated?

on other forums/sites people who use woof + elementor above 2.4.7 are having integrity problem?

is the auther/developer aware of this???


Try to add this code in functions.php

add_action(‘elementor/widgets/widgets_registered’, function($widgets_manager) { $widgets_manager->unregister_widget_type(‘wp-widget-woof_widget’); });

Hi! I like your plugin and I’m thinking of buying it, but I see a problem. For example, here: – First I make price range 119-120 $. Then I make density range 10-20 % and your plugin stops working. And here: – I make weight 1-2, click Filter, and your plugin stops working. Any comment?


the first link I can not repeat this error. On the second link – I will pass it to the developers.

Hello, thank you for report, its under review

Is there any reason why when woof is activated that it stops showing the header and footer on my product search results pages. For example see:

As far as I can tell it uses the same archive-product template that other pages use with no problems. For example see:

When I disable the plugin, the header and footer return to the search results page.

It’s when i use the standard woocommerce product search.

I found that using woof search that it only searched the products on the specific category pages I had set up and not the whole site. Hence on each page, for example on, users have the option to search all bracelets (using woof search and filters) and searching all products (using woocommerce search)

I am using a child theme of Divi. When I change to Twenty Nineteen theme, a basic header and footer is shown.

I’m trying to find a solution, so on my home page I have replaced the woo default search with the shortcode [woof redirect=’']. It redirects okay but doesn’t show the correct results.

How do i get the result to display on I have tried putting the shortcode [woof products] in the search page but it just lists all products instead of those matching the search terms.


Very strange!

Try to create another page name – f_search

If no luck – write me on support –

woof_ajax_done is not working :(


Please check option –

If no luck – drop me exact link to the issue


Just wondering when you will be releasing support for Wordpress 5+ & Woocommerce 3.6+

Hello – its works fine with latest versions wp+woo. If you have issues please report theme here …. WOOF update with new features will be this spring …

Hello RealMag,

1) – Does WOOF have a simple “calender”.

i am offering delivery services, and I need the customer to choose a “date” for their preferred delivery.

If not, how can we add one in to the WOOF plugin ?


2) – Is the a way to put in a simple text field so that they may manually insert a time for ” from ” and ” to ” ?


1) – Unfortunately not. you need customization of the plugin code

2) you need code customization

Hello ,

Does you filter support dynamic update , I mean if Product A has a variations ” size 3-4-5-6” & one ordered the last piece of size 3

So If any one filter by size 3 , in this case the Product A will be shown or not


Please drop me exact link to the issue.

Describe in more detail what I have to do to get this error.

Please check the below two screenshots, no size ” variations ” shown although I checked “search in variations”



please drop me exact link to the issue

You do not have a filter by size

Please help us in our issue its been 3 weeks were stuck on this problem, I drop you an email please make an action


I answered you on email