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Plugin works very well on category pages, however, if I try to do a search (let’s say by model), result page is all wrong. Woof plugin shows all possible selections. I would expect it should only show selectors relevant to search result.

Thanks, Rudolf


Please write me on support –

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Describe what should I do to get this error


mattock Purchased

Hi, I have a pre-sales question. I already have your great WOOBE bulk editor and now come across your product filter after getting frustrated with a competitor plugin.

I’ve checked all the demos etc and all looks great… the only thing that doesn’t seem to work well is the mobile responsive version which is important to me.

I want on desktop the filter to be in a standard side bar, but on mobiles I want it to slide it from the left with a clear close button, from all the demos I could not see this… can it do this? When you resize the browser it out the filter at the bottom of all the products.

I noticed in in your docs you recommend another plugin “Popping Sidebars” Many thanks


When you resize the browser it out the filter at the bottom of all the products. – Yes. This plugin can not control the location of the widget. it depends on the current theme

as one of the options you can use – “Popping Sidebars”


try this option – “Set filter automatically” check “Yes, but only for mobile devices “

Здравствуйте, замечаю разные проблемы при работе вашего фильтра и темы Woodmart. К кому мне лучше обратиться, к вам или разработчикам темы? Проблема на данный момент в показе всех фильтров на разных страницах, при этом они не рабочие. Может помочь перезагрузка страницы на конкурентной странице, но при переходе на след. страницу проблема повторяется.

Ссылка на сайт –


Очень странно! Я вижу явные проблемы с JS, но в консоли нет ошибок.

Вы используете JS оптимизаторы?

Лучше напишите в поддержку –

вставьте Ваше сообщение.

Отправил в поддержку. JS оптимизаторы не использую



Hello. I’ve installed your plugin, and it works very well. There is only one problem. After filtering, in the URL there is the parameter “swoof=1”. This is not SEO friendly. So, How I can remove this string? And if I remove it, will the plugin continue to work? I tried to remove the string + swoof_search_slug + ”=1” in woof_get_submit_link() (front.js), but when I filter for a category, the others disappear. I would like to filter a category and show the others not selected. For now I have only managed to change the name of slug_search in “shop“. Thank you in advance.


This is not SEO friendly. – Please describe why?

If you remove this parameter, the filter will not work correctly.


WOOF is javascript application on the front, and all that links generates by javascript which in no any case reads by bots if you not insert woof links in sitemap by hands.

If you need beaury seo links for inserting into sitemap:

Hi, I want to buy the plugin but can you answer me on this 2 questions: 1. If the pro version of plugin is installed, and we choose to sort by Woocommerce Category by chekbox is the empty categories will be hidden? 2.When we are in the choosen category page what kind of search options will be displayd, only the options of choosen category or all kind of categories? Many Thanks!

hi pre-sale question this plugin is compatible with woocommerce brands?

if i select one brand only the category of that brand will show on the side bar



If you mean – unfortunately the filter is not compatible with this plugin

Добрый день. может ли этот плагин такое: находясь в одном товаре у него есть, например, определенное название, есть другая структура категорий товаров в которой есть другие товары подходящие к нашему товару, у них указан определенный кастом филд, мне нуждно фильтрровать все товары в магазине по одному параметру и вывод структуры меню, я очень надеюсь что не запутал вас =)


К сожалению я не понял Вас.

Фильтр не работает на странице продукта. И может фильтровать только на страницах магазина или таксономий

Здравствуйте, возможно ли сделать фильтрацию след. образом? При этом в товарах будут точные значения


Только в виде слайдера –

Demo –

Здравствуйте, вот поточнее демка:

Hi, any idea why the lower slider on this page is generating 404 errors please? The website is in 2 languages by the way, with WPML.

Hi there, it seems to work now that’s I’ve used Ajax feature, but the only remaining problem is that the Reset button is not working at all…


Write me please from account where you bought the plugin

Hi, is it possible to create a menubar style filter using the drop-down filters? I have the filter set across the top with drop-down filters, but they seem to go up, rather than down when revealing?


Please drop me exact link to the issue

I’m working locally, so unfortunately I don’t have a link I can share. I think I’ve worked it out on my own however. I had set the dropdown menu’s containing div to inline-block to make it a menubar, that seemed to be the problem. Once I changed it to a float: left; it behaved correctly.

I appreciate the response either way!



Здравствуйте. Возникла проблема при работе плагина в режиме ajax. При активной опции autosubmit кнопка FILTER не исчезает. И фильтрация работает только при нажатии кнопки FILTER. Но если выполнить следующий сценарий: выбрать категорию -> нажать FILTER -> нажать RESET. Фильтрация в режиме ajax начинает работать до момента перезагрузки страницы.

Прикладываю скриншот настроек: И сайт с тестовой страницей:


Пожалуйста проверьте настройку –

Кажется все стало работать, только появилась проблема с пагинацией.

При первом клике на 2-ую страницу товаров и обратно на 1-ую все срабатывает нормально : Но когда пытаешься это сделать второй раз ссылка заменяться и ничего не происходит :

Очень понравилась Ваш плагин, от покупки 1 шаг остался :)


Прочитайте это пожалуйста –

Hello !!

On the category page, the filter shows only child categories

How to make the all categories in filter on the category page?


unfortunately this behavior cannot be changed.


the plugin do not work with this theme :

I updated all plugin and last theme version but it do not work :-(

Please, can u check and help me to find issue ?

Check my url here


I answered you on email

Please install and activate this plugin –


Hi! How do I make the WOOF Product Categories and Attributes drop-downs look the same with same arrow image as the Price and the default products widgets on the Shop page? Please see sidebar widgets and Shop page filters at: Thank you! Chuck S.


In this case, you need CSS customization.

Hi Rostislav :)

hope you rmemeber me – nice to see how far you got in the last few years! well done!

question: my customer bought your plugin, and it works great – only issue is, that when filtering, results of products (variations) that are set to “not active” (active checbox is not checked) return also…

i searched the settings but did not find any info about it…

any idea?



This plugin filters parent products, variations are checked only for “instock”.

It doesn’t matter if these products (variations) are activated. In fact, the parent product has all the attributes –

ok, is there a way to custom code so it will check if variation is enabled or not – and if not – dont return the variation while filtering?


Unfortunately, we have no ready solution.

Hello I want to know what do I have to do to keep the product categories after a filter has been submitted. Also how does the Saver of Search query in the extensions work? Finally what is this Radio or checkbox in drop-down in extesions?


I answered you on email

Hello there, YES, thank you

Hi! When shortcode is used it pushes sidebar to bottom of page using Divi Theme. I have use these shortcodes in both code and text modules with same result: `[woof autohide=0 autosubmit=1]` `[woof_products per_page=12 columns=6 is_ajax=1]`.

Example URL:

Any suggestions? Thanks, Chuck S.


Try to disable ajax.

and use [woof_products per_page=12 columns=6]

Worked! Thank you!



Every time I activate the plugin EVERYTHING (specially products) on the site gets removed. Also some of the styling gets effected. Can you tell me the solution for this?

I downloaded latest version for repository.


This has been fixed long ago. During the release of woocommerce 3.3.X

What version of woocommerce do you use?


Please be sure that you using code from wordpress repository as this issue is old and closed: +

hello, I’m testing the free version of your plugin. I followed the video to setting it up, but when I flag the product category item, nothing appear in the widget. why? I have a lot of products in various category.


Please drop me exact link to the issue I will check it

hello Pablo, in the left menu you can see the range slider and below the on sale checkbox, and there should be all the product categories of your plugin, but there are only the product categories coming from the woocommerce widget


It looks like you did not mark this filter-

Please drop me screenshots of the plugin settings