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Hi,This is Great Plugin.

I have one question. About Hierarchical dropdown, Is it possible to display level2 or level3 terms without submitting?


Yes. Check option please –

any new release updates on this plugin?


should be this spring. Have you got any exact things you want to see in the next release?

Hi, Is it possible to construct an URL that will run filter? For example http://myshop/com/?tag="mytag"&brand="mybrand"

There main reason is that I want to create a menu that will only allow subset of products to be seen. For example all black dresses. I could then just create a link with filter in it.

Thanks, Rudolf

To answer my own question—yes. One has to use “slug” as search term.


Yes! You are right

Pre Purchase Query

I already have a website If you visit the website, you’ll find that there is a filter table on the home page that does the logical filtering of the products and do pagination.

When you select options from First field, second field shows filtered options from field one. After you select an option in field 2, field 3 displays attributes filtered with both of the above options. in the pagination happens.

Currently I am using a complex JS and all. I want to create this homepage with help of your plugin. Please confirm the possibility.

hello i tried the free version and i have a problem. The texts for the radio buttons and the checkboxes line up if they are too long. So the button is all alone with the text below. It is very unsightly. Is there a way to solve this?

It is with divi


Please drop me exact link to the issue

How can I change title label ?


Check option please –

Question, when you sort by color is it possible to only show the product colors in the results? If I sell t-shirts in multiple colors and they just want to see the red shirts. Can it filter and show only the red shirt graphics?


Unfortunately, this plugin does not affect the display of products.


Trying to make the filter ‘and’ + ‘and’ instead of ‘or’

My client needs to filter their products by multiple categories (and their childs) Such as, color, style, functions.

tried this piece of code in their functions.php but it seems to do nothing in the filter system :(

Do you have a simple solution for this, or this code?

add_filter(‘woof_main_query_tax_relations’, ‘my_woof_main_query_tax_relations’);

function my_woof_main_query_tax_relations() { return array( ‘product_cat’ => ‘AND’ ); }


Please check option –

hiya! That simple… totally overlooked that option… Thank you!




qucik pre-sales question, i am very interested in this plugin and want to know it the foloowing case is possible:

I have a shop for carparts. Each carpart is available for different makes and models. They are product variations so you have to select the atributes once you are on the product page. What i want to archive´is the following: The customer selects his car form the attributes filter “Make” for example “Ford” there can be several sublevel atributes as for example “B-Max” so in for the second attribute there should only be attributes selectable from producs which also have the attribute “Ford”. Also when i click the link to the product the attributes should be preselected. Is this possible?

Kind regards Joschi

Hello Joschi

Also when i click the link to the product the attributes should be preselected. – Unfortunately not.

Hi, can you find out what’s wrong with the range slider?


Предполагаю Вы знаете русский язык.

Похоже это конфликт с Вашими стилями. Короткое видео –

Спасибо, это кстати не первая тема где столкнулся с такой проблемой. Может подумаете что бы изменить стили в плагине на }

.woof_block_html_items {




Я передам это разработчикам

Hi there, I have purchased the premium version and am trying to use the Essential Grid extension. I’ve uploaded the extension and the filter is on my page using the widget. Everything looks okay, but the filter itself isn’t working – the grid just repopulates with all content. Do you have an email address for support so I can send url, admin login etc? I tried to contact support from here but didn’t hear anything.


Hey there, thanks for that. I watched the video and it answered my first question. I have the Essential Grid extension uploaded and the filter appears on the page, but it’s not working. I have to use it as a widget, if I add shortcode: [woof_products per_page=8 is_ajax=0 tpl_index=tpl_essential] I only see a box that says ‘default sorting’.

I will send another message via Item Support and hopefully we can resolve this issue.

Thanks again.

Hey there – no problem, I figured out what I was doing wrong. I didn’t realise I needed to add the shortcode as well. All working now, thanks for your response.


Great! Welcome;)

Hello pre-sales question as I am using this plugin on my woocommerce store

is there a way to make the tags in groups ? for example

Year (Group) 2001 (Tag) 2002 (Tag) 2003 (Tag)

Left doors:(Group) Item1 (Tag) Item2 (Tag) Item3 (Tag)

body parts:(Group) Item1 (Tag) Item2 (Tag) Item3 (Tag)



unfortunately this plugin cannot split one taxonomy into several filters

The widget I created is not visible on Category pages. How can i fix it.


Please drop me exact link to the issue

On the category(taxonomy) page, the filter shows only child categories(taxonomies)

This is a very logical behavior. On the category page, you can show ONLY products that belong to the category OR child category. It makes sense to show only child categories( of the current category ), because clicking on any other category will always give zero products   )

Hi, I just sent you an email. Thx.


I answered you


Is it possible to set separate options depending on the website version? for mobile version – drop-down for the full version – checkbox? Maybe somehow using woof_is_mobile?


Unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature

Hello. I am trying to figure out how I can make it so that a parent category isn’t selectable and only a title. For instance, I have the Parent category, “Gender/Age,” But I would not like this to be selectable (or at least impact results) I would only like the user to be able to select the child category of Women, Men, or Children. I am using a checkbox filter. How can I achieve this? Thanks!


I answered you on email

Presale question:

I’m using your free version to filter by Custom Taxonomies. It works fine.

But, I would like to automatically hide (ajax) the terms when there are not product associated with them.

I you go to this page and check the term PERA (under ‘Formas Piedras’) you will see a lot of term with cero (0) results. I need to automatically hide (ajax) these terms.:

As far as I see the feature to get this in the free version is deactivated:

Can I get this with your (this) premium version?



Hi! Presale question! I need to filter some products with meta data and i would like to get an automatic range for the slider. This is exactly the same thing than the price : if i have 3 products with a meta field “abc” and values going from 10 to 30, the range of the slider will automatically go from 10 to 30. If i add a new product with 100 in the “adc” field, i would like to get a range slider from 10 to 100 automatically. Is it possible with your plugin ? This is obviously not possible with the free version, is it possible with the paid one ?

Thanks a lot for the help !


Unfortunately not!


ACP_YT Purchased

Does the premium version require a new installation? Or can i activate the free/trial version as a premium version? Since i have had someone made some changes to the way its being shown on my shop. So don’t want to lose those changes.


Does the premium version require a new installation? – yes! delete the free version and install the paid version. all settings will be saved


ACP_YT Purchased

Also visual changes? I had someone move the entire filter content to the top of my shop. But don’t have the code for it.


If you customized the plugin code – these changes will be deleted

Hi, For various reasons, we’re forced to use local attributes (inside product) rather than Global attributes, made in Products > Attributes. Is there any way to filter using local attributes? Thanks,


Unfortunately the plugin does not work with these attributes. –


WOOF never worked with text attributes because its not possible create search request using them + text attributes is obsolete

Hello I am having an issue that Woof product filter is not showing on android webview app the page itself is not loading at all

it showing on google chrome and mobile but I am trying to make it on an android webview app the whole page will not load.

is there some kind of options for this issue.


Unfortunately I did not work with the development for android. But I’m sure that there are debugging tools. I think the error can only be with JS. Please do tests (on site with standard wp theme and activate only woo+ woof plugins)and if you find js errors write me