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Please clarify your question

hi there, i got woof with Chromium theme, i installed it, i created vehicles taxonomy, i set up and placed the hierarchical filter at my homepage, i set autosubmit feature, ajaxify features on but when i select first term, the second term is still disabled. can you please help? thanks.

to give more details.. i put the woof shortcode on header… on homepage when i select the first term (car brand) nothing happens (autosubmit is on), when i click filter button, it goes to that brand’s page and i can then select each terms..


By Envato rules support is there where you bought the plugin, please write on support of wp theme you bought …

Check option –

Hello, I am testing the demo version to apply in my store but I have encountered some problems. First there seems to be a conflict with my “flatsome” theme where problems appear in the tooltip tool. Just mouse over the social networking icons in the menu that you can view. Thank you.



Now you use another plugin. I can’t check it

Getting my hands dirty with WP/Woo. I’ve searched, but see no native-mention of it supporting Advanced Custom Fields. Is it trivial to add data from ACF into the filter sets?

Sigh… I GOOGLED it, but see I’m not the first to ask in this forum. Sorry!


this plugin does not support ACF fields

But it can work with meta fields –

Hi, I really love your plugins, and I’d love to buy this one as well but have to make sure that it can do this:

I have a store with many categories, like Perfumes,Makeup…etc. For example if I clicked on Makeup, I want specific filters to appear like (Makeup Brands). and for example when clicking on Perfumes, I want filters like (for him,her) to appear only when clicking on Perfumes.

So I want certain filters to appear when selecting other specific filters. Can I do that?


1) In category pages use shortcode – [woof_products] with attribute : taxonomies=product_cat:X Where X id your product category. ( if you use custom page )

2) In widgets use shortcode [woof] with attribute : * taxonomies=product_cat:X + tax_only – write taxonomies or products slug using comma + by_only – write any by-filter-elements there using comma: by_text,by_price,by_sku,by_author,by_insales,by_instock. Of course firstly user should enable extensions for that by-filter-elements *- Do not forget set the same condition in [woof_products]

3) For show or hide widgets on different pages –

You can read more about shortcodes –!/section_3_1

Pre-sale: does it work with?:

1- Custom Product Taxonomies.

2- Custom fields.



In this case, this plugin will not suit you.


ok, what if I use custom taxonomies (instead of custom fields) created with the plugin: ?


Yes ! It will works fine

Hi, I have a pre-sales question. At the moment I’m trying out the free version and I can’t find a way to fix the following problem: I have a filter for color. I use this filter for products in different categories. For example:
  • There are two categories: shirts and shoes
  • I create a blue and a red shirt / also I create a black and a white shoe
  • I add the filter using [woof] on the shirts page and in the next column I add the regular WooCommerce product category shortcode to output only products from the category shirts. Not the shoes
  • In the [woof] filter I only want to see blue and red. Because those are the only colors available in that category. But at this point I also see Black and White listed which I don’t want, because those colors are only for shoes

So my question is: how to only output the colors in the filter that are actually available in that specific category?




Hello Peter

It’s possible in paid version ( )

If you use [woof] add attribute : taxonomies=product_cat:X Where X id your product category.


whytech Purchased

Good morning, I would have a need, I should remove the word ‘product’ in front of the filter name so that only the name can be seen. How can I do? thank you

whytech Purchased

thank youuuuuuuuu :)



Presale Question – is it possible to make the filter search results as no-index? I want to build a new website using your filter, and there’s a seperate company dealing with the SEO side, they said they wanted the filtered results to be with no-iindex, is it possible? hope my question is clear, thanks


The search result should not be indexed. The main thing is not to use links in the content with a search GET request.


As WOOF init seacrh using javascript – robot will never see this results only if you will not place seacrh links into sitemap file or somewhere into the site content/elements


After playing around with the free version for about 3 days it seems to be much more optimized for vetical sidebars unfortunately. For horizontal display requires some good CSS tweaks, with both the [woof] shortcode and also if using “set filter automatically” option.

It would be great if each filter had a shortcode if that is possible. Would make styling it much easier as well.

For example, [woof_categories], [woof_brands], [woof_colors], etc..

Edit: Had a question here, but solved it. Please disregard.



You can try this styles –


How can I hide/show/apply specify filter to specify categories?

e.g. Shoes—> use Size filter and hide color AND clothing use Color fllter and hide meterials filter?



I answered you om email

Hello I am planning to acquire this plugin, but before compiling it I need to know for sure that I can do what I need. I need a search engine equal or very similar to what is seen on this website: The search engine are the icons of the cars, click on an icon and different categories are filtered on each screen until the products are located. Or to this other, which is very similar in concept: brand is selected and filtered until it reaches the final product. Would it be possible? because I see the demo and it is not very clear to me if it could. Thank you


Unfortunately, this plugin does not have a similar default feature. You need code customization


Looks like you not need filter to get at the end results – as it simple routing – you need create taxonomies hierarchies and create templates to display products on the same deep

Hi admin, I’ve got your plugins in bundle of Reisen Themes by Themerex

I want to tell you, I have +- 6.000 Wheels, 500 Tires, and more Accessories. There are 4 filter variable that I want to use. Car recommend (30 Cars), Model/PCD (15 items), Ring/Diameter (15 items), and Width (10 items).

In this case, how about your opinion to make this filtering system (in test_tax category) works efficiently and easily?


By Envato rules support is there where you bought the plugin, please write on support of wp theme you bought …

Please clarify your question

Is it possible to make tags and categories searchable in the text field for title+content+excerpt? It’s the only feature that prevents me from buying the plugin…


Unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature.


In such manner works now only quick-search:

When I click the + sign on a category (on the demo page for this plugin), the sub-categories go nuts and pulsate up and down – is it only me ? Tried with both Firefox and Chrome – so I’m a bit nervous to hand over my money for the pro version :) BTW: I noticed this a few weeks ago!


Ok! I will pass it to the developers.

I just tried again and still the same problem – so I tried on a Mac using Safari and it does it too – are you able to reproduce ?


Yes! Developers already know this and fix it.

Hey I sent a message earlier with a support issue but no reply yet. So here a copy:

I use the by_step filter. On the first step I managed to show a tooltip. However, the tooltips on the following steps (I have three in total) do not show. Settings seem correct to me, they just don’t show. Could you please verify this on your end? Thanks, best regards Robbert

Hello Robbert

Check your spam box please, support answered you 2 days ago

Ah yes it was in spam indeed. Thanks!

Welcome! Cooperate with the support in that email chain please …


How can i change ?swoof to ?filter on url when filtering something?


Check it here –


В каталоге есть товары и атрибут “Автомобиль” с марками авто. Одни товары подходят для конкретных авто, и есть товары подходящие для всех авто. Как можно сделать, чтоб при выборе “Автомобиля” фильтр выводил товары подходящие под выбранное авто, а так же вывел все товары которые подходят всем?

Я могу добавить в “Автомобили” значение “Все”, но как программно добавить условие в выборку по принципу “Отобразить Автомобили: Хонад ИЛИ Все”?


Для продуктов которые подходят всем автомобилям Вам надо отметить ( в атрибутах )все марки авто

Но это не вариант. Я постарался изменить критерии фильтра woocommerce (перехватить и внести свои правки) но похоже что в момент нажатия на фильтр процесс вывода берет на себя ваш плагин, а не woocommerce, это так? у вас в FAQ есть статья “How to manipulate with search data options”, как можно ей воспользоваться чтоб изменить параметры поиска, переданные при применении фильтра?


Я дал Вам самый легкий путь.

В другом случае используйте статью “How to manipulate with search data options” – В статье все описано. Но это всегда будет исполнятся и не будет зависеть от есть ли поисковый результат.

А лучше используйте фильтры – parse_query и woof_products_query

How do I get anyone to respond to a support request after purchasing this plugin.


Support got your today’s request and will answer you today


Is there a limit to the number of categories to display on the Free version? I just added my 11th product category and it does not display. I will buy the paid version if I have to.


plugin has no such limitation.

Please drop me exact link to the issue