Discussion on WOOF - WooCommerce Products Filter

Discussion on WOOF - WooCommerce Products Filter

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Dear Realmag,

We are using your filter plugin on our website. Some how it stopt working. When i click the filters it loads normal, it changes the url but it still shows all products. When i press F12 to view errors in chrome i see none. FIrst i thought it was a jquery error.

I was wondering if you guys could help out?

I bought the license on this account for Calvet


Ok! Thank you for info

Hi, I have a pre buy question. Can I add different filters to each category? Thank you!


1) In category pages use shortcode – [woof_products] with attribute : taxonomies=product_cat:X Where X id your product category. ( if you use custom page )

2) In widgets use shortcode [woof] with attribute : * taxonomies=product_cat:X + tax_only – write taxonomies or products slug using comma + by_only – write any by-filter-elements there using comma: by_text,by_price,by_sku,by_author,by_insales,by_instock. Of course firstly user should enable extensions for that by-filter-elements *- Do not forget set the same condition in [woof_products]

3) For show or hide widgets on different pages –

You can read more about shortcodes –!/section_3_1

Try a free version –

Hi, the filter label is repeated as first item in dropdown menu. how can I remove it? i’ve tried all the settings.


Try in file – plugins\woocommerce-products-filter\views\html_types\select.php – paste your string –

paste my string? I want the first row on list to be empty instead of repeating the name of the filter.

could you be more specific? I appreciate!

Hello! Pre-sale questions: 1 – Is it possible to have pre-filtering of products and show only filters that corresponds of the current post “page” ? Ex: page of brand “Nike” => show only products of “Nike” and only insightful filters like subcategories of “Nike” and only categories which bind with “Nike” products. 2 – Like th first question for category pages, is it possible to show insightful filters only for this category by an automatically way (not create preset by category page) ? 3 – Is it works with shortcodes or widgets or both ?

I need to know if your filters could do the following: 1)if there is an option to have product categories in filters that are only active in any page(for example in case I am in my shoes and sandals page(that has only 4 product subcategories-mens shoes,mens sadals,women shoes,women sandals), the product filters could provide filtering for only the mens sandlas,mens shoes,mens) 2)if in case I will use the filters in divi theme, it will have a responsive version for mobile devices(responsive sidebar that you press a button and filters appear) 3)If it could also project in filters only active attributes(colour,brand,size) that are related to the products projected/active at the moment(in the page current product category) and not to see in sidebar all the available attributes, just the cureent/active!

Hello. If I filter by attribute (size) and select “Hide empty terms” in the full version, will your plugin hide items if the stock of that particular attribute is zero? Because your trial version still shows the product if I filter by attribute which has zero items in stock. Also, if I show count next to filters, will it recount to exclude attributes out of stock? Again, your trial version does not do that.


I highly recommend you watch the video –

I cannot select two filters at the same time, - this is the meaning of radio buttons. For other behavior, use the checkbox please

Thanks, this solved my problems ;)



msltda Purchased

Hello, i was using the filter with no problem and stop worrking. Please help

can i save a user/guest filter in cookie. so every time the visit it shows where they left off?


If your server support memcached or redis instead of session file try to activate this one on your hosting panel. Example:

i have option for both memcached and redis which one should i activate


In this case, it is better to ask the support of your hosting

I’ve bought the Nitro Theme and they are using your plugin on the product catalog.

There is one thing I can’t change / fix.


My product catalog is showing now 44 products, but after using one of the filter options is only shows 12 products.

How can I change the 12 into 44?

Thanks in advance!


OK! as I wrote according to the rules he should help you.

And you can watch a video –

and check settings on Advanced->Options

Found it! And some more options I could change. Thanks a lot!



Marla87 Purchased

Привет, все перетыкал, не могу вообще найти, подскажи пжлста – как скрыть дочерние категории, отображать только родительские? – а вот когда заходишь в конкретную категорию, то чтобы уже появлялись дочерние категории в этой категории, в которую вошел


К сожалению плагин не имеет такой фичи

Но вы можете использовать эту опцию –

Далее при помощи CSS скрыть возможность отображать дочерние элементы –

a.woof_childs_list_opener{ display: none; }


Marla87 Purchased

да, это вариант, спасибо.

а вот когда заходишь в конкретную категорию, то чтобы уже появлялись дочерние категории в этой категории, в которую вошел

вот это конечно важный момент, чтобы можно было для разных страниц разные фильтры настроить


На старнице категорий фильтр будет отображать только дочерние элементы по умолчанию


We recently received a security notification about this plugin that we thought we would pass along, even though we are fairly sure it’s a false alarm. Recently our Sucuri scanner flagged the following file as a possible backdoor with the code “php.backdoor.uploader.574”.


A description of Sucuri’s error code can be found here:

The file on the website is unaltered from the file in the latest version of the plugin, so it is not an issue with malware having embedded itself within the file. I suspect that the Sucuri server scanner is simply being too sensitive, but I also wanted to let you know that your code looks suspicious and you may want to try making it look less malicious.

Thank you.


Thank you for cooperation!

I passed it to developers

Thank you! We doubt that it’s an actual security flaw otherwise we would have found a way to quietly reach out to you. It’s more an annoyance than actual issue at the moment, but we still wanted to let you know.


Thank you, we appreciate it

Hello, I have a problem with the plugin, when I filter by price everything is correct, but when I filter by category it does nothing when I click on one, I have reviewed all the options and I don’t know how to solve it. Or this is solved with the premium version?


Please drop me exact link to the issue


stahu13 Purchased

Hello, I have a little question. I’ve created the website and I used your plugin to filter products. The filters are to sensitive on mobile version. I mean that it’s hard to scroll page or choose wanted filter. You can see it at mobile version of page (let’s say): after you click toggle filters button. Is it my fault or it is kind of feature of this plugin ? :)


The filters are to sensitive on mobile version - This is normal behavior if the user touches the dropdown it opens.  And how touching the screen is handled depends on the current device

stahu13 Purchased

I figured it out :) Please consider disabling ‘touchstart’ event I quick fixed it by using jQuery: jQuery(’.chosen-container’).off(‘touchstart’);

Now it works on click at mobile version :* People visiting shop can now scroll filters


Ok! Great! Thank you for cooperation!

Hi Team,

I am using your plugin but I am facing issue when I enable the option “Try to ajaxify the shop : yes” it will create the issue in product result and in price range filter it show wrong max value after any change in price filter

Developement URL : Issue URL :

for more understanding please review the video :

In the video price range filter issue is not mentioned but I am facing this issue also so please also check this also.

So please share your thought on this asap



Thanks for your reply

I have update the plugin and also did same setting suggested by the you but still getting same issue for more understanding please review the video

link :

Development URL :


How do you use multiple “product categories” I want to have multiple dropdowns for my categories. Not all just one.


Unfortunately the plugin cannot separate one taxonomy for multiple filters

Hello, I am interested in your plugin but I have some questions first:

1. In responsive version, the filter list becomes a button and when you click, the filters appear? 2. Is it possible to create filters by categories? I mean, this is for a store that has Fashion and Deco. On Fashion page I need a filter just with Fashion category (and its subcategories). The same in Deco page. 3. Is it compatible with Elementor and Hello Theme?

Thank you for your help! Best regards! Patricia

Hello Patricia

1) Please check this option – 2) Yes. Check these options –

3)With standard elementor functions this should work without issue. Unfortunately, we have no information about this theme.

Try a free version –

Hello! Perfect! Thank you for the quick answer! :) Have a good day!



idjego Purchased

Hi, I can’t hide the variations that are not associated with any product. I have followed your comments from other users by activating the stock extension, but the variations are still showing. Do you have to do something else?

ouka1102 Purchased


WP informs that my WOOF version is 3.3.30, and an update to 3.3.31 is available. But it fails when I select WOOF and update in Dashboard>Updates>Plugins.

Any soludtion?



Check please the plugin name you mean, current version of WOOF is v.