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I need 5+ custom attributes but the filter only shows 2.. I’m using the free version. Does this mean that only the paid license supports more product attributes?


The plugin has no restrictions on the number of taxonomies

It seems these attributes has no terms

Hi there,

If my products have availability on x during, can the plugin filter base on date availability?

Thank you,


Hello Steve

Unfortunately the plugin has no filter by date.

Hi there. The filter previously worked using Ajax with my theme but no longer does. That’s okay, but whenever I save any Filter Settings, it reapplies Ajax and sets it to Yes, breaking the page. I want Ajax to stay as No.

It also reverts to a default config, breaking all the Filter settings I had previously applied.

Any ideas?

Also, can this filter search variant attributes? if I have an Attribute Red on the parent product, it will search that, but if I set a custom attribute to a variant with Attribute Red, that won’t come up.

I understand that WOOF filter extension with meta keys won’t work variations/variation attributes. So it won’t filter my custom meta key in the variation product I guess? Do you know if it’s possible with custom coding and would you be able to point me to the right file/in the right direction? Thank you!

Documentation for meta key extension: ATTENTION: this extension does not work with variations of variable products.

Здравствуйте, подскажите пожалуйста, умеет ли Ваш плагин фильтровать по атрибутам вариативных товаров с логическим “И” ? Благодарю!


Фильтр работает только с родительскими и простыми продуктами.

Можете попробовать бесплатную версию –


ARYell Purchased

Hi, I have the image search extension set for my categories, the problem is when I visit a link with the category already selected the filter for images disappears, can I have this permanently visible?


ARYell Purchased

The image filter also disappears once I click one to filter the products. How do I get the filter to always be visible like other fields… Thanks


ARYell Purchased

Ok, so the solution would be for the image filter to show categories with parents too, it currently does not. Would there be a way to enable this please?


Please write me on support –

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on the attributes page, the filter will show only child categories

so the solution would be for the image filter to show categories with parents – this extension does not work with hierarchy

Hello, our store sells different kind of products, coffee, tables, shirts, etc. Under each product category, we need to display only relevant terms. For example, under COFFEE category we don’t need to display terms “color” or “size” because it does not make sense. Same thing under SHIRTS category, we don’t need to display “caffeinated” or “decaffeinated” because it does not make any sense. Is this something we can accomplish with the plugin? How can I solve this? I like the plugin very much. If I buy the plugin, would you please just indicate me what files do the term search please? If you tell me just the files that do the term search in the db, I am confident I can make it happen, Thank you

Also, is it possible to search by brand? Thank you


Under each product category, we need to display only relevant terms. – Yes you can do this with our plugin. You should activate this options -, but it can only on premium version of plugin.

Also, is it possible to search by brand? – I think yes . Filter works with taxonomies and meta fields.

Hello! Even after selecting ‘-1’ in the ‘Products per page’ option, I’m still seeing paged results once I apply a filter (I’ve even set the page count to ‘500’, but I still see pagination once a filter is applied) . I’d like to avoid pagination completely – thanks in advance for your help!


Try in plugin settings->Advanced->Options set 9999 – Filter works with taxonomies and meta fields.

If no luck: write me on support –

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Hello, I found an incompatibility with the Flatsome Theme (most popular woocommerce theme in Themeforest).

When you hover a Flatsome Block you get a contextual menu, problem is that this plugin is activated the Contextual menu is not shown, you can see it in this 30 seconds video:


Try in file – ”\wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-products-filter\index.php”

comment/delete these lines –

If no luck – please write me on support –

paste your message

Thanks, it worked. Please add this fix in next versions.


Welcome;) Ok

I want to hide out-of-stock products on the catalog (which we have done via the Woocommerce settings) but we want to have a separate page to display “recently sold” (out of stock) products – is this possible?


Unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature. This plugin can only in stock filter products.

Ok thank you. Do you have any plans to filter the out of stock items? It would be good to display in-stock items by default and then check a box to show only the out of stock items.


I will pass your idea to the developers

will the shortcode work on a regular page instead of shop pages,

i would like to put the shortcode in with the ajax portion so that they can select all options then submit for results and takes them to the shop pages


shortcode works on any page.

To filter / show products on the custom page – please use shortcode [woof_products] –

Is there a way to have the Search by Text include Product Tags?


Unfortunately text search does not work with taxonomy( Product Tags/attributes/categories).


Such feature is in Quick Search only: – enter in the text search tag-name ‘spain’ for example

I have tried the free version work perfectly on my site – looks great too with the WOOF – WooCommerce Products Filter – now I will be buying the Premium version

Hi – I have a situation where I have a number of products. Some products have prices and variations (Set A), others have no pricing (Set B).

Set A is used in a normal cart and basket type arrangement. Set B is essentially used as brochure products to browse with no pricing. The 2 sets of products are separated out.

I’m using the redirect page as

If i use the WOOF filter with product attributes (just set to SET A products) in a sidebar for SET A then I can filter the products OK.

Filtering products just shows SET A products.

On the filter results page when i remove all the filters it goes to the shop page that shows both SET A and SET B products however.

Is there a way to set a different redirect page other than the shop page? So I can just show SET A products.


If SET A is attribute – redirect to archive page of this attribute OR

create custom page with shortcode [woof_products taxonomies=”set_attribute_slug:X”] where X is ID of this attribute

Hi, I wanted to know if I buy the plugin once, I can implement it on all my websites, or if it is a license per website.


One license for one domain

Hi there. I have a meta key with your meta data extension called _Type.

It uses a dropdown.

1. Can I filter with this meta key using the [woof_products] shortcode and how? 2. Is there anyway to use radio/full list of checkboxes with meta keys, instead of just Dropdown? If I use checkbox at the moment, it becomes a binary Yes No thing, and I can’t use all my custom values and list those as checkboxes.



1) Please describe in more detail what you want. If you mean prefiltration as an attribute taxonomies. Unfortunately, the plugin does not have this feature for meta fields.

2) Unfortunately not. You need customization of the plugin code.

Hey! Hi all.

I have a problem with the design of the reset filter button. On the main page of woocomerce, which creates by default, the design of the button is correct. But in a page where I have put the filters and products through shortcode, the button comes out without styles.

Can you help me? Thanks!!


Ok! I answered you on email

works correctly. Thank you!!!




Can youplease tell me if you still developping and supporting this plugin? The last update was a long time ago (13 November 18)

We have a website using wpml and the color filter is only shoing in the primary language. Your documentation here Say that the color default extension doesn work with WPML correctly and i need to ftp the ‘wp-content folder.’ from the WOOF bundle but can you please tell us where to ftp it? does it go in /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-products-filter


if you still developping and supporting this plugin?  - Yes!

Please write me on support –

Paste your message

Hi there! I’m using this plugin as my filter for the store, and I love it. There is one small issue that I am running into though. I have a couple of attributes that have many possible values. I was hoping to find a way to put a scroll bar inside the dropdown for users. Otherwise, they have to scroll way down the page to see all of the options. I just don’t see anywhere that I can enable that feature. Can you help?

Thank you!


Try this option –

Please drop me exact link to the issue

I don’t have that option available. There is no max height. Also, I can’t send you a link because the site is not yet live. Is it possible that I didn’t get the most up to date version of the plugin? Why is that option not showing up?

I tried to attach a screenshot, but it won’t let me.


what type of filter do you use?

Is it possible that I didn’t get the most up to date version of the plugin? - No

Better write me on support –

Hi- I was just wondering if this plugin could be used to make a quick search with fields for dimensions like in the following website: (See the search icon in their menu on desktop) Please let me know, thank you!


Unfortunately search in the range is possible only with the slider. Please read this –

So it is possible, just not in the search bar itself?


Yes in slider

Does the plugin work with the default WooCommerce [products] shortcode or do I have to use [woof_products]?


Yes, the plugin works with [products] for ajax mode, please, add postfix _woof. Example [products_woof]