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Hi. Is it possible to have the term of the image under the image? I have installed the Image extension, which is great, but I’d like the name of the tag/attribute to be under the image, instead of only on hover. Thanks!


Unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature. You need code customization


Good idea, we will review it

Hai, why Categories terms are hidden after the filter?

Hello Check option –

If no luck: Please drop me exact link to the issue

Hai, this is the link Woof fields are hidden after the filter? cpt =”Service” I have set Woof widget after ” KEY FOBS & REMOTE REPAIR KITS ” Filter. you can see the elements in inspect. thanks


You use paid version. Write me please from account where you bought the plugin

Hey @pabloborysenko

It was our developer who made the following comment:

Hi! I’m trying to change the reset button text and getting a message telling that it’s only on the premium version… but i’m already running the premium version!

Would you help us? What could be happening?



Please write me on support –

Paste your message + wp-admin access

Hello, just after install it, in the shop page, the links pagination are like this : ... instead of Any ideas ? Thank you


If you have a problem with the pagination –

For filter in Ajax mode – the links will look like this. everything is correct

Hi, I started to customise my filters on the free version. Would I lose them all if I switch to the paid version?


Replace the plugin by ftp and you will not lose nothing for 100%. But of course if you mean WOOF files changes will be erased

Also read:

Hello, after purchasing the full package and trying to upload the theme it gives me this message each time I upload the zipped info for installation:

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed

I was using the free version before but needed use of some of the extensions under the premium version.

Is the plugin fully tested and compatible with latest WooCommerce and latest WPML + WPML WooCommerce Multilingual addon?

It hasn’t been updated since Nov 2018….


Yes, it is compatible. the release of the new version will be soon

Please try free version –

Hi, when using the colour selectors, Each color is in a vertical line, could you provide me with CSS Fix for horizontal please?

Hello Please drop me exact link to the issue


Try to add this CSS: .widget .woof_list_color li{ width: auto; }


Can take a look a this capture and answer three pre-sale questions? thanks.


1) Yes. –

2) yes –

3) Yes, in paid version –

Hello, I am using your plugin and I have a question about Show toggle button option. whenever I select this option it works on all devices. How do i make it to only work on mobile?

am looking for make, model year, just want to make sure it is possible with your plug-in. theme Chromium suggested I post this to you directly. I will be importing a parts catalog that has make, model year will the import work well with your woof plug-in? do I have to do anything prior to import? thx. pierre

Hello I answered you on email


id1cl Purchased

Hi, When use SEARCH BY TEXT, hide empty terms not working, all filters are displaying. What I’m doing wrong?


Unfortunately WOOF does not work with third-party filters.

Try this extension –


id1cl Purchased

Third party filters? what do you mean? this is the default woocommerce search result page. The only filter installed is WOOF


This is third-party plugin –


1) I have this Issue: the ‘RESET’ button is not working in Chrome and Firefox. Take a look at this 15 second video:


Ok! I answered you

Hello, sorry but I have not got your email. I also checked the Spam but nothing. Can you please send it again.


Email forwarded to again


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Hello, i want to know how to reset a multi dropdown filter, not all filter on the page juste reset one of them?

Thank you very much


Only one by one –

Hi staff, why the free version of WOOF was updated 2 weeks ago and the paid one was updated on 13 November 18? thank you


There was updated readme.txt because WOOF ready for wordpress 5.2 and latest woocommerce

WOOF – WooCommerce Products Filter

This plugin is not activating. It is saying Update required. So what should we do. Can you provide me the update.


Very strange.

To get latest version –

I’ve installed the free version to test, everything works great but I can’t segment the attributes to each category, I have +230 categories, and each type of product has +15-25 attributes so you can imagine the attributes list from filter widget area.

Can I segment the attributes with the full version?

For example if I’m in 1 main category, only show few filters, If I select a deeper category show the specific attributes for each cat.


You can hide part of the attributes –

This options(only paid version ) – – this will hide empty attributes on the category page

Thak you but seems like I said something wrong:

I have a product like “AMD RYZEN 5 2400” under Inicio/Hardware/Procesadores/Socket/AM4 categories with 15 attributes like frecuency, cores, cache, etc, etc..

As you can imagine under Inicio/Hardware I have like 15 more subcategories like RAM (with +10 attributes), GPU (+15 attributes)....

If I´m in the Hardware category the plugin shows me like +80 attributes because take all attributes from all subcategories, I can´t just choose the attributes from the category where I´m.

-You can hide part of the attributes – Is not an option.

-This options(only paid version ) – – this will hide empty attributes on the category page. I don´t have empty attributes.

Kind regards.

Hello Unfortunately, the plugin does not have this feature. In your case, you need to customize the code.

When the plugin is activated the elementor sidebar is loading infinitely. The following solution is not working: add_action(’elementor/widgets/widgets_registered’, function($widgets_manager) { $widgets_manager->unregister_widget_type(‘wp-widget-woof_widget’); });

What do we need to do to fix this?


Please write me on support –

Paste your message

Hi. I sent you two support request last week through email support ticket. Could you please reply?


Please check your spam box –

Hi, is there a way of using the search filed to find products by attributes? I can find from the text in the description but not on the text of some attributes.


Unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature.


It’s possible with Quick Search only: