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How is this different from you meta data taxonomy filter plugin?

And is that plugin still being updated?

Or is this the NEW improved version?

Hello. It is absolutely new and another my plugin for woocommerce products only, and designed for woocommerce only. All my plugins still always updating. MDTF is for all post types is …

What is the difference between this version and the Lite version?

MDTF and WOOF – 2 different filter plugins. WOOF can only filter woocommerce products and doesn work with metafiled, + has very simple options. MDTF – can filter all post types, and works with meta fileds, has its own meta constructor with different logic features. WOOF created for that who want quickly create simple woocommerce filters quickly, and not needs smth extra – only filtering by categories,attributes,custom taxonomies, price.

MDTF – is power for serious complex filters, flexible

WOOF – always will be simple, not very flexible

Hi, Does this price range filter, work with your WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin?

Hello Dan. Good question, thanks! Just did it with : – but remember please – this plugin is only for woocommerce!

Good day, i have a pre-buing question. im testing your free version on word press, and it seems thet it does not support cyrillic letters in attributes, right?

Hello. What do you mean, drop-down in meta data constructor? If yes – yes, but I fixed it just today ;)

Sorry. Looks like I answered you meaning another my search plugin ;) Can you drop me link please? By the way I will update free version today, so maybe I fixed it already …. wait for GPL update please …

A really good plugin that simplifies your woocommerce-day really. I tested the retail version of the plugin for some time and have an active communication with the developers. They really go at each point which I produce and put it directly to things, so will the plugin steadily better and the contact with the customer is simply and very nice.

I can really recommend this plugin to anyone its coming with a lot of features to set and the developers have always an open ear for you ;)

Thx Lennart

Thank you =)


We tried using your plugin in combination with this one:

Any ideas on why it isn’t working?


Looks like you are using custom template. Maybe there is inside of that wp_query request? You can send me that theme zip and I will look how woo files overridden there <>. Dont forget paste text of this conversation please in the email …

I am trying this out and it mostly works well. But when I set Show Count to No it doesn’t display anything – no categories, only the filter button. Is that the way it’s meant to work? I want to hide the number of products next to the categories, not the categories themselves.


Send me please PM with your wp-admin access to check this strange behavior. Maybe plugins conflict ot smth …

It’s OK, the client doesn’t mind the number showing afterall.

Is it possible to filter by price on variable products so that the filter will show only the one price and not the range of prices?

Hello You can hide optionally price filter. In the WOOF implemented native woocommerce price slider and its uses native woo functionality, I just implemented it

Try please free version of the plugin:


Could you please help me out with the color filter? It does not seem to work.

We’re using the color attribute, but it only seems to work while the checkbox/radio is used.

When trying to use the “color view” it stops working (it also stops working with dropdown and mult-drop)

Any ideas?


Sorry, not understood you about ‘but it only seems to work while the checkbox/radio is used.’ – – you are need select color type for your color. You can write me PM with wp-admin access and your shop link – and I will check all. All must be works fine …

Hi, i’m about to buy this plugin, but i need to make sure it does what i need.

Here is my questions: 1) I need to display about 30-40 different tag filters, When i used free demo, list of tags was showing only 21 of them. can i change the limit of number of tags displayed in filters?

2) Is it possible to create value range filter for anything else than price? I need it specifically for tags.


1) In the free version you have ability to display unlimited count of tags, looks like you activated dynamic recount and hide empty terms

2) No, price only

Will this work alongside with…

WooCommerce Extra Product Options

Hello. Why not? I think yes, but better make tests. You can send me WEPO to my email to test it if you have that plugin … I think 95% all must be ok

Hello. Yes, I forgot that I did it – works …

When i browse a parent category, the category filter display only the children category, but when i browsing a child category, All the category get displayed.

I have a 3 level taxonomy and the Relevant Terms filtering seem to work only on parent item.

Hello. If rollback to the previous version – is dyn recount works? Simply cant find the reason, it works for me…

Nope wasn’t working on previous version. Look like the plugin just don’t query the database.

Hehe, impossible =) Very interesting! Write me please PM with your wp-admin access please … One moment – clean cache please and disable this if it enabled:


I am using your free plugin here:,anglictina

and I have a problem -> is it possible to set up this filter that If I select “Angli?tina” and “Praha” (English and Prague) that I will see only, English in Prague, but not all other language packages from Prague like it’s now?

Any ideas how to do that?

Thank you so much!


Hello Tomas

You are using WPML? You can write me PM and describe me what do you mean, maybe I will need look your wpml/woof options. Just been on your site- its empty

E-mail sent. Thank you!

Pre-sale question: is possible delete or change the URL slug ?woof=1. Tks

Hello Remove no – its as a flag for the plugins that filtering is going – you can find it and change in the code as you want

Why dosent it show my products in the form, I have both cats and tags but it shows nothing??

Hello. Write me PM please with wp-admin acsess I will look on it, all must be works fine

Is it compatible with WooCommerce Brands . Filtering Price , Brands added through this plugin , Product category . ?

Hello Great! Just drop here please link to that Brand plugin for another customers …

Search by product is not working How can i enable this – it is cache, press CTRL+F5

price filter – is native of woocommerce plugin, what exactly wrong with it?

Hello this plugin is compatible with : brands plugin ,


Sent you the mail about price filter issue .

I bought this plugin a few days ago after trying (and buying) several other one’s. This plug-in works perfectly and I and my client are very happy with. I needed two times support, the response came within two hours. The plugin is great and the support even better.

I can really recommend this plugin.

Thanks! Leo

Thank you :)

Hi. Pre purchase question. I can see using the free version that is compatible with Ultimate Brands. I’m using free Ultimate Brands as well. I would like to know if on both pro versions on the filter will appear the brand logo.

Hello. If free version of WOOF works well with ‘Ultimate Brands’ plugin – that’s mean that premium works too. Test it well please before purchase …

I am interested in purchasing because I want to filter by tag.

however, if I select one tag, I want to then be able to filter by a second tag.

so if there is a group of products with tag1 and this is selected, it will display only tag1 products. Then if I select ‘tag2’ in addition, it will show only those products that have both tag1 and tag2.

does your plugin do this?


Hello. Test free version of the plugin please:

will show only those products that have both tag1 and tag2 – no, the plugin uses native woocommerce API, and there is logic ‘OR’, so will be selected all products which marked by: tag1,tag2,tag1+tag2


I would like to change the color of the price filter slider to something other than purple.

Would you please tell me where to change the css and provide a quick example of what the css code needs to look like?

I have tried modifying it in a couple of places, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Thank you!

Hello. There is using native woocommerce price range slider, and you can overload its css classes, so I did it a little here: wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-products-filter\css\front.css – so you are need manipulate with css classes you can see on the screen. For this you are need to be experienced with CSS.

I tested the “Search by title behaviour” function…


Search by title WORKS

Search by content WORKS

Search by title AND content DOES NOT WORK

Search by title OR content GIVES A BROKEN WHITE PAGE


The second part is that if the behaviour is set to read the “content”, then the text field should dynamically say something like “Search by Product Description” or “Search by Product Description and Title” instead of “enter the product title here”

- turner2f

Done, Welcome :)

Thanks for the reply.

You said you added a script to the “footer.php”.

1) – Where exactly should I navigate too see it ?

2) – What does the exact code look like that you used ?

3) – What is the current version of the plugin ?

Hello Anthony

1) footer.php – wp-admin/theme-editor.php?file=footer.php&theme=envision&scrollto=3459 – before /body I added php script – tested on my Android – button is hidden


3) 2.1.0 – you have the latest ….