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Hello! I am having trouble getting the elements to display left to right instead of top to bottom. Currently all the options stack on top of each other… How can I make them go from left to right?

Many thanks!


By CSS, drop me link please I will look and write some

Hi realmag777 ,

Great plug-in :).

I’m hoping to use is on individual category pages I create via Visual Composer and then on those individual pages display the attributes I want to filter separately for that category in a Visual Composer Row.

For example I create a page for shoes. Then I create a 4 column Row in VC and then in

• Row 1 I display an filter attribute for Size. • Row 2 I display an filter attribute for Colour • Row 3 I display an filter attribute for Brand • Row 4 I display an filter attribute for Type (running etc).

As the individual filters will be in a VC row they will respond and look good n my theme etc.

I’ve watched your video on Shortcodes but I was wondering if I could use them in some way to achieve the above:

Is this possible please?

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.


For correct operation on one page there should be only one filter. If you use several different filters on one page – this can cause JS conflict

Thanks pabloborysenko, I’m hoping to have one filter – just the ability to display it’s different taxonomies in different VC rows to ease the formatting etc.

Is that possible?


Thank you for warm words ;)

Understood you, but its need filter seacrh form dividing, because rows is different containers. What is possible its drop the filter shortcode [woof] into one row and col and then by css emulate that the seacrh form is in different rows, so lets try next: create any test page and drop there (in VC column) shortcode [woof] and I will look it in firebug how to stretch it. Also drop me here please a self-made image with structure of the filter you want …

Hi there, i have problem i put the widget in the sidebar, but when i in subcategory, still appear all categories filters, how can i only show the filters of this sub-category? Thanks


Check options please – if no luck – Disable all plugins except woo+woof and do test if no luck – Write me on support ( use contact form ) – and drop exact link to the issue

Infinite scrolling breaks WOOF.

I tried to follow this instruction but can not save the setting after config, need some help.


Write request on support please with wp-admin access, I think its js error on the back which prevent normal options saving …

Why is showing my filter categories that doesn’t exist anymore? fx. and then ‘bestemmingen’


Clear all cache –

If no luck – write me on support( use contact form ) – And drop me your message + wp-admin access

Hi! Is it possible to show the category image for category filter?


I answered you by email

Hello, I am thinking about buying your product. I have installed the demo and having fun with it. Can you help me how to set symbol + for closed filter? Its on this page: Now is there symbol -


In plugin settings->Design –

Hi, I have emailed but if I mention the problem here, it may help some one when it’s solved. I want to click on ‘additional options’ but it only works in Microsoft Edge, and not Google Chrome. Do you know how to fix this ?


This happens very rarely. It looks like it depends on the browser settings. If you try it on another device – everything will work fine

Hi is this plugin compatible with Extra Product Options plugin so I can use your plugin to filter products by the Extra Product Options variables !


I think they are incompatible. The filter works only with taxonomies: Tag, attributes, categories, custom taxonomies


In regards to:

Is it possible to set the operator to ‘NOT IN’, so that it will show all items that are not in the selected category?


“Is it possible to set the operator to ‘NOT IN’ ” – only OR or AND. If you need to exclude categories you need customization of the plugin

hi realmag!

how are you? long time since we last spoke :)

if you remember, i bought your mdtf plugin and wanted to know:

1) what is the difference between woof and mdtf?

2) does woof work with ACF plugin? or does it have to use cpt ui?

3) can it hook to any 3rd party plugin (multy vendors for example) and filter by it?

glad to see you are working full power! keep up the good work!

HI Does your plugin work with the listing theme listify ?

I like to filter listings submitted via users by category, ...

Hope you can help me. Thanks

Hi, this is a wonderful plugin! One question: How do I make color mutually exclusive like product categories? For example, if I select Category B and already had Category A selected, Category A becomes de-selected. If I choose Brown and already had Black selected, both Brown and Black show. I don’t want Black to show in this example.

How do I only show certain tags ? Say I have tags 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and I want to split these up into two separate areas in the filtering side bar. So the two areas are ‘odd’ and ‘even’. So my first area will have a title, ‘odd’, with the checkboxes underneath with the text 1,3,5,7 and my second will have a title ‘even’, with checkboxes underneath with the text 2,4,6,8. I am using the shortcode widget to build this and using the shortcode : [woof taxonomies=product_tag:1,3,5,7] for the odd and [woof taxonomies=product_tag:2,4,6,8] for the even. Nothing shows up at all ? Also, how do i customise the title of each of these areas in the side bar ?

So two questions :

1 – How to chose what tags to show ? the above shortcode doesn’t work.

2 – How to title these areas which were created via the shortcodes.

Hopefully you can provide an example, i have trailed through almost every page of this to find something, and nothing seems to be working :(