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Awesome plugin

Thank you!

Hello, can this plugin set different filter based on category? Example: Category 1 has color, shape, size, while category 2 has products with materials, size?


Yes, its possible to use shortcode [woof] with its attributes: taxonomies, tax_only, by_only in the simple text-widget with this plugin

Hi, Can the Woof filter display options/variables which are only applicable to Product category you are in, ie. specific to product category. eg. A badminton/tennis store

Select badminton/tennis rackets and the Products Filter displays size, colour, balance, flex.

Select badminton clothing and it only displays size (ie. XS, S, M, L) and colour

Select badminton shoes and it only displays size: 10, 12, 14 etc

First of all: your plugin is one of the best! Nice work! I had the same question as Colourscope and I your 1st explication was clear. I’m a noobie in WP and I think it would be very usefull to make a step by step tutorial for the 2nd method. I sw your video and I tried to make what you said there – but I can’t make the first step: you are working with a Page but I have only (product) Categories – so there is not possible to insert the tax. shortcode.


in the next versions please develop this feature :)


Hehe, its simple and I can answer you here!

way 1 if you have sidebar: way 2 is you have no sidebar: * open file in your sire current wp theme wp-content\themes\primashop-wc\woocommerce\archive-product.php * and somewhere before if (have_posts()) drop code like: if(is_product_category()){ echo do_shortcode('[woof]'); } the same you can do for each category, I mean each category can has its own filter: if(is_product_category( 'shirts' )){ echo do_shortcode('[woof taxonomies=product_cat:9 tax_only="pa_color,pa_size"]'); }elseif(is_product_category( 'skirts' )){ echo do_shortcode('[woof taxonomies=product_cat:12 tax_only="pa_smth_another"]]'); }else{ echo do_shortcode('[woof]'); }

Is it possible to give categories a different color and subcategories a different color?


If you mean relevant terms in each categories – yes, just enable dynamic recount

If you meant smth another: One hint: you can create some color woo attributes (taxonomies) – pa_color_2,pa_color_3, etc – and using shortcode [woof] and its attributes taxonomies+tax_only display any taxonomies on any page with help of


Dynamic recount is already enabled.


Category 1 (bold or different color) Subcategory (normal) Subcategory (normal) Subcategory (normal)

Category 2 (bold) Subcategory (normal) Subcategory (normal)

Category 3 (bold or different color) Subcategory (normal) Subcategory (normal)



Looks like you mean CSS, I thought about functionality – in such case drop me please here exact link where I can see structure you

Now as I understood its resolvable trough: * * .woof_list{ font-weight: bold; } .woof_list .woof_childs_list{ font-weight: normal !important; }

The same its possible add background to that code

I have tried and purchased several product filters now, but none of them can filter in / out of stock variations. for example clothing small medium large variation. i want to filter all mediums with VARIATION in stock.

every other plugin pulls the medium, but thinks its in stock if the PARENT product is in stock, but the mediums may be out of stock. IE may show all mediums, but they are acutally out of stock.

let me know and i will buy if it does this :)


I know such question and it was always trouble as woo product variations has an intricate structure and after a lot of woo updates smth going wrong with data base, sometimes updates doesn relates to such situation.

Lets do next: you can buy the plugin and try functionality self, and if no luck -> write text about the issue you want to avoid with real examples on your site -> send support request with that text&wp-admin access and even better with ftp + screen of this message to understood that is you -> wait for response and test after -> if no luck – I will do refund …

Hi, is its possible to add a latest product in the filter like category? thanks for your reply


Not such feature, BUT I have an idea – you can create special term in product category (or any custom taxonomy) like ‘Latest products’ (title no matter) and mark new products by it when you create them. Then create any functionality in wp theme functions.php with secret key like to make it possible detach that special latest term: if(isset($_GET['unset_latest']) AND $_GET['unset_latest'] == 'xsnjxcwq5ef5cc6qwf5'){ //detach Latest product term from products }

and call that script by cron each 2 days for example

In such case you will be able to filter the latest products , because they will have special term ‘Latest’

I am interested in WOOF paid version, have just sent you a private message.

Hello Anna

Answered …

I have problem with paged when I select Filter in WOOF widget. The product is not showing and all product can see at the last page.

Example 1. any country 3.issue occur

Could you please suggest?


Maybe it was js error, now pagination works – I can click on buttons

Hi friends.

How can I filter products all selected criterias using AND operator?

My site have three fields to filter, but the result looks like using OR criteria.

Hello! Thank you for your repply, but it didn’t work as I need. The AND login must be between categories and two others attributes. For example:

I have two attributes (segment and brand) when I select Bike (category), Segment A and Brand X, I get Bikes from Brand X from any Segment.

Is this a solvable issue?

My filter is:

add_filter(‘woof_main_query_tax_relations’, ‘my_woof_main_query_tax_relations’);

function my_woof_main_query_tax_relations() { return array( ‘product_cat’ => ‘AND’, ‘product_tag’ => ‘AND’, ‘pa_marca’ => ‘AND’, ‘pa_segmento’ => ‘AND’ ); }


In such case its possible to manipulate with it directly in php code of the plugin here: index.php -> public function parse_query -> instead of logic which is there should be written your own logic, but I cant tell you algorithm for resolving this task …

The AND login must be between categories and two others attributes. – this should me monitored there and by logic ‘AND’/’OR’ should be in $tax_query

is this compatible for the latest woocom?


Hi, I’m having a problem with the relationship of woof filters and the general WP search functionality. For example, when I search a product and get a list of options, I am then not able to filter further that list of options. I am using SearchWP woocommerce plugin, which takes attributes into account during search.

Can you help? Site:


Sjoerd89 Purchased

Hi there, how or where do i change the “by_text” text to something of my own.


Drop me screen please

by_text – its index of the text search extension, and not changeable


petertm Purchased

hi, i cant get the additional options to work. Please help. When i click, nothing is happening. I want to set up a hierarchy.

Hi, I have two questions.

Is there a limit in number of filters? In the structure tab if you activate all filters by attribute and there are 50 or 100 attributes for example, will it be possible to display 50 or 100 filters on the product page?

How to filter cross-attributes? For example for a product there is the windows 8 version for 2002 and 2003. And for this same product the windows 10 version for 2003 and 2005. I want to create two filters: one “windows version” and the other “year”. By choosing the version on the first I would like the second one to update with the available years for this version of windows all products combined.

If I choose windows 8 and 2005 this product should not be displayed. By choosing windows 8 and 2003 this product should be displayed.

how to proceed ?