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sprocker Purchased

Hi I have used your plugin on a previous site and think I may be able to use this on a new one I am building…

The new site I am using woocommerce and WooCommerce Product Tabs plugin to create extra content on each product.

Is there a way to get the “Text” search to search the additional tab content as well please?



I’m not sure that this is possible. because it is stored outside of the wp_posts table. You need customization of the code

When filtering on a Product Category page that shows only sub-categories, after a User hits the RESET button it goes back to showing all individual products rather than the original sub-categories that were listed on the page. Is there any way to change it so after the reset button is pushed it goes back to that original category page?


Please drop me exact link to the issue

correct settings –


zahalorg Purchased

hey, pagination was active but then suddenly disappeared (woocommerce update maybe?). we tried deactivating ajax, didn’t work. also entered the right classes for infinite scroll + tried to deactivate infinite scroll completely – but didn’t work either. we are on storefornt theme. any ideas? thanks.


Support answered you 1 week ago but still no info from you. Check your spam box and continue cooperation in the same email chain …


zahalorg Purchased

Hi, plugin is updated to latest version. so is woocommerce. pagination (which used to work) still doesn’t work.


Write it please in the answer email to support, not here

I use a custom product loop, can I set that somewhere?


You need customization of the code.

write me on support –

I can tell you how to do this (if you have experience in programming)

Is it possible to group attribute values? for example i have an attribute length: 120,121,122,125,130 can I group them 120-125 and 126-130 ( in order to show only 2 checkboxes)


Unfortunately, the plugin does not have this function.

You need customization of the code


You can do next: - generate search link wit attribute 120,121,122,125,130 - your wp theme have css class for buttons, so you can before WOOF widget drop usual text widget and using editor drop there HTML code like: <ul> <li><a href="HERE SEARCH LINK 1" class="btn button">YOUR TEXT HERE</a></li> <li><a href="HERE SEARCH LINK 2" class="btn button">YOUR TEXT HERE</a></li> </ul> - So your customers will be able do filtering on the fly just with one click

I use a booking plugin “yith booking” and the the price filter dont get the values. How solve this? thanks


How does this work with a standard woo filter by price?

drop me exact link to the issue


FrankB78 Purchased

One quick question. How do you display items in a table for a specific category? For example, I have a page for featured items that I want to load any items categorized as featured. What would be the short code I would use on the page? I’ve used: [woof_products is_ajax=0 tpl_index=tpl_woo_table taxonomies=product_cat:113] but it’s displaying all the products which is not what I’m looking for. Thanks!


Add it in extension settings –

Hello, first of all I want to give my appreciation for this excellent plugin. Thank you for this. I do however have a small issue with compatibility with ‘the7’ template. I hope you may help me out with this..

I want to take advantage of AJAX in the filters. I have noticed that this doesn’t work with Lazy Loading enabled in the theme settings, so I disabled that. Now AJAX does work, somewhat. My problem is that only the image is loaded and not the title, price and add to cart button. Here is my website ->

Can anyone of your support team give me some advice or a solution/fix for this problem? Thanks!


I answered you on email

Hi. Your filter plugin is definitely great, works like a charm, beautiful.

I’d like to buy it, but there’s a thing stopping me: “ajaxify” doesn’t work as expected. Instead of updating products of the archive, it renders results above archive.

I am using “Shopkeeper” theme. I would blame the theme for this incompatibility, but in it’s code I can see they do it in pretty default way, and for example “YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter” ajax works good as expected there, although their plugin is not nearly as good as WOOF.

I am a developer, I can understand a technical reply (I speak Russian as well).

What do we do? I am willing to help you tweak WOOF to be able to handle a case YITH can handle (Shopkeeper is most popular paid woocommerce theme on themeforest, you may be interested in it), or I may change my child archive templates and actions/filters to fit WOOF workflow.

Can you help please?


Вы можете написать мне в поддержку ( это больше подходит для технических вопросов ) –

Добавьте Ваше сообщение.

Также ссылку на Ваш сайт. Мне нужно увидеть ошибку. ( Опишите что я должен сделать для этого )

Hello, first of all congratulations on this plugin, we have been using the free version for some time now and it’s great.

We are thinking of buying because we need a filter like this but it also has to be compatible with another plugin we are using – WooCommerce Composite Products ( ). We know you don’t claim compatibility with them but we use them exclusively on our site and it seems that after searching for products with Woof, the different components of those composite products disappear.

So, do you know a way to work around this problem, or are there any plans to add future compatibility with composite products?

Thanks for your time.


Can you drop me exact link to the issue? I will try to determine the cause of the conflict

Thanks for the quick response.

This is the shop page is here—> and here is how the problem looks like—>

The problem occurs when you search search by name or SKU. We haven’t seen anything when filtering price ranges. The thing is that (from what we have noticed) if you have already been to a product’s page (through the shop page – not by searching for it) then the components don’t disappear for some time. So now a few work, while the rest don’t. Just saying you may not encounter the issue immediately.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Please write me on support –

Paste your message.

Let’s continue the discussion via email. I’m not sure I understand how to repeat the error

Hi realmag777, while testing your plugin I faced the following issue:

I have set up alltogether 10 attributes and activated them within Woof products filter. Attributes are connected to products. After that I put Woof as a widget into the Woocommerce Shop Sidebar. Problem: Only the first six attributes are displayed. The other four not. Seems like the widget is cropped or the height of Woof is restricted?!

The author of the theme checked it already and sees no theme-bug. Can you please tell me what the problem is?



I answered you

thx, I just send you an e-mail with four screenshots and a strange behavior…

I found the problem: I haven´t assigned a term for the not visible attributes. I thought, that the attribute itself can have a checkbox, but it seems that only the terms of an attribute can have checkboxes.

So this is a OK work-around for me. Thx for your help.



I was checking your plugin and looks really good and I need something like this for a future project I have in mind. But got some questions and/or suggestions.

In your demo you have, in the widget area, a toggled product Categories widget, Product collections and Locations (Hierarchy Drop-down menu). I tried to reproduce this and could not find the way. Can you explain how you did it.

Is there any way to clone, replicate or add, in the structure tab, additional Product Categories entries and set a different setup for each one??

Thanks in advance!


Please watch video –

Hierarchy Drop-down menu AND Product collections – Only for paid version

a toggled product Categories –

additional Product Categories – just add an attribute or a custom taxonomy and it will appear in the structure tab

Hello After update for version 2.2.1 we have loose all our options (we have premium account) and for example color is not included now … we don’t understand :( thanks


I got your email and its answered. Looks like I do not how you updated to free version of WOOF – please install premium version from and for further update use only this one way:

Hello I have a problem with the filter. I positioned the fitre in a widget for my mobile home page. In all my products I created 5 categories of attributes.

Example: categories Symptom for the hair categories Symptom for the face categories Symptom for the feet categories Symptom for the hands. categories Symptom others.

when I use the filter it finds the products according to the symptom. For example: Symptom for Hair : Dandruff (6) it means that he has found 6 products with Dandruff attributes.

But when I click nothing happens I do not see the products and the Shop page that opens.

You can help me Thank you.


You use the paid version. Write me please from account where you bought the plugin

The version is included in my theme Nitro … What i have to do ?


Ask please support request on the Nitro page as you bought it there, the more visibility/hiding of HTML elements on the site page managing by CSS rules of the current wp theme

Hi, I want to be able to use this to filter products in a specific category. Can I use the shortcode to specify a category? I want to have different categories showing on different pages.

Many thanks…Peter

Hi, is it possible for the multi checkbox option to show ONLY products that match every box checked? At the moment it shows every product if in either of any of the checked boxes.

Please see example: – This shows 2 products assigned to 1970s category – When I select ‘birthday’ this increases to 7, when I was hoping it should decrease to 1, showing only the 1 product that matches both 1970’s AND Birthday.

Please let me know if this is possible.

Thanks. Jamie