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The filtering doesn’t seem to want to work correctly, we are using the widget. For example, we have setup the product filter to filter products by manufacturer, product type and size. When we select manufacturer and then product type the size filter seems to be populated by the sizes of all the products on the site. Then if we start deselecting the filter options one at a time the product filter then shows all options for all products on the entire site. No matter what we try it just doesn’t seem to work correctly. Another thing I’m noticing is when I’m filtering products within a category the filtered results are going to the “Shop” page and not staying within the category I’m filtering. Is there something I’m missing?

1) Use dynamyc recount and hide empty terms

2) Yes, if category pages created by woocommerce shortcodes, but if you have category page as this one for example you will stay on the page while filtering. If you need shortcode for products use this one please:

Please write on support exact links with issues you have:

Hello Kindly let me know if we use this filter widget with the following alphabetically sort plugin so will it work? because you do not have alphabetically sort option. like this

Okay, thank you very much for your support and reply okay if I wait 2 weeks so it will add in my filter. and as per your instruction, we already work on that filter and make our page as per client requirements we need only 2 spend features and added in this page kindly view and let me know is it okay.



Looks like works: – fastly and clean, as I understood you using custom template …

if I wait 2 weeks so it will add in my filter – I will add this extension any way on the next update, but if you need more soon just confirm the agreement above …

Sorry for late replay, I was on holidays, okay I am interested in working as per your first reply,

I just want to elaborate that page how it is working. That is pharmaceutical products page so there is no need prices, add to cart or other things so we made it catalog view, in pharmaceutical there are two names of one product which company make and another is original salt of product it called generic, like on our page the first product is Ascard (this is company product name) and in blue color Acetylasalicylic Acid is generic or salt name of product which is known all over the world. So you can see in left side buttons we shows All Products and after that also show By Generic and other filters by product categories like forms of products/ medicine and by Disease (By Therapautic Segment) so the Alphabetic sort should work on all pages and as you say you will make filtering by FIRST letter of the product title, I will request you to make filtering by first 3 letters,

Right now we are adding product randomly kindly let me know how we can make it auto sorted that the all products list show alphabetically.

Hi Realmag,

I just updated to the latest version of Wordpress and WooCommerce but now the WOOF filter doesn’t work anymore :(

I just updated the WOOF plug-in to the latest version but still it’s not working.

Can you kindly have a look at and let me know what I can do to fix it?

I’ve had to remove my Shop from the navigation items since the WOOF filter isn’t working so the sooner I can get this working again, the better. Really appreciate your help.

Kind Regards,


Hi, nevermind, it somehow seemed to have fixed itself!

Many thanks,


Hello Renee

Thank you for cooperation. WOOF is compatible with the latest version of woocommerce , maybe that was cache after update

Hello, i’d like to display one of taxonomy filters on a custom page. I found out that i can do this with a simple shortcode: [woof tax_only=’my_taxonomy’] – and it works… almost. The problem is choosed display method as ‘image’ and the images display only on the main page where whole woof widget is placed. On my custom page(where shortcode was used), there are only checkboxes instead of images. How can i display the images of terms using shortcode?


If you selected images for taxonomy – it will be displayed in such way on the site on all places. Here is an example how to insert images: – also be sure that links to images inserted right

Oh, it was actually my mistake. It was depending on custom styles used on my pages, but now its working superb fine. Thanks! :)

Welcome ;)

Hi again RealMag,

I just had a simple question about the “RESET” button. By default it seems to be left aligned. For the life of me I can not figure out how to get it to be right or center aligned. Maybe it is a setting somewhere, CSS doesn’t seem to be working. Any chance you can have a quick look and let me know?

You can see it here:

Many thanks in advance. Everything else so far seems to be working normally now after all the updates :D

Kind Regards,


Hello Renee

Sure, that button can be regulated by CSS only as WOOF has a lot of options, and if to start add options for each button aspects – it will became like a monster ;)

It can be placed on the center: CSS code: .woof_submit_search_form_container{ text-align: center; } .button.woof_reset_search_form{ float: none !important; }

Hi I am slowly checking the functionality of the plugin and I have a strange issue where with this plugin activated it creates two Sort by XXX dropdowns when you use the filter.

So when you first go to the store it shows the filter in the sidebar and one Sort by newness dropdown above the products. The second I set any of the filters an additional Sort by newness appears.

I am using storefront theme if that makes a difference?


It can be because of AJAX searching, but as you have ligh issue – that second order-by can be hidden by CSS, drop me exact link please where I can see that double order-by

Dear Realmag,

How can i show product tags and categories one below the other as a multilevel filter?

What will be the shortcode for the following scenario

I want to show products of all categories with following tags

There are 3 tags for products: Paintings, Sculpture, Limited editions.

Products have categories as well.

I want to show the product of painting tags by default. If the user selects Sculpture then all the product of sculpture has to be shown. Further user can filter the products using categories as well

To summarize : Tags will be first level filter and product category will be second filter.

Please provide short code for the same

Same as demo page. Product categories and Product tag filter.


1) How can i show product tags and categories one below the other as a multilevel filter? – its possible only with one taxonomy by hierarchy drop-down , and terms of that taxonomy should be in hierarchy

2) What will be the shortcode for the following scenario – ther is no such shortcode

3) I want to show the product of painting tags by default. If the user selects Sculpture then all the product of sculpture has to be shown. Further user can filter the products using categories as well – its can be done with a little code and ajax mode:
  • enable drop-down and hide empty terms
  • by CSS hide categories drop-down, for example .woof_container_productcategories{display: none;}
  • in WOOF settings -> tab Advanced -> ‘JavaScript code after AJAX is done’ -> drop code smth like jQuery('.woof_container_productcategories').show()

In such way you will get emulation of the mode you want

4) Same as demo page. Product categories and Product tag filter. – drop me please that exact link where you see that

Привет, хочу поинтересоваться как привязать к категориям товара свои фильтры. Если не возможно тогда как с делать что бы к фильтру можно было назначать под фильтры. Например у меня есть Проектирование Строительство Дизайн. В Проектирование у меня есть фильтры относящиеся только к нему это этажность площадь и тд. Дизайне тоже есть, а вот строительстве нету. вот наглядно Спасибо!


Это возможно используя шорткод [woof] и его атрибуты tax_only,by_only,taxonomies – кинуть шорткод в обыкновенный текстовый виджет – затем установив это плагин ставите условия видимости для виджета – но на одной странице может быть только 1 поисковая форма А можно есчо вот так: * на все продукты понятия создать атрибуты и присваивать их тем товарам где они нужны, тоесть логическое разделение будет * затем создать руками панельку с кнопками где ссылки будут иметь GET параметры типа: ?stroi_type=proekt + ?stroi_type=design+ ?stroi_type=building и вставить её в теме в нужное место * продукты вывести шорткодом и вставить туда 3 шорткода [woof] со своими параметрами в атрибутах tax_only,by_only,taxonomies чтобы выводило только релевантное согласно запросу которые выводятся только если в ссылке есть соответвующая гет переменная, тоесть код контроля вывода будет типа: $view=isset($_GET['stroi_type'])?$_GET['stroi_type']:''; switch($view){ case 'proekt': do_shortcode("[woof tax_only='pa_ploshad,pa_etazh,pa_krovlia']"); do_shortcode("[woof_products taxonomies='pa_ploshad,pa_etazh,pa_krovlia']"); break; case 'design': do_shortcode("[woof tax_only='pa_interire,pa_exterier,pa_landshaft']"); do_shortcode("[woof_products taxonomies='pa_interire,pa_exterier,pa_landshaft']"); break; case 'stroi_type': do_shortcode("[woof tax_only='pa_type1,pa_type2']"); do_shortcode("[woof_products taxonomies='pa_type1,pa_type2']"); break; default: echo 'Выберите что то!'; break; }

Ну как бы такая концепция …

Hello, first of all really good plugin i try the free version and im thinking about to upgrade only 1 question.In the price filter u can set with tax included? Is really strange that i display all products with taxes but the filter says another price. Thanks


WOOF price filter work using native woocomerce price range filter functionality – try please to test also to see that they are equal

Hi, Could you choose the category of product that I want to appear? Selecting yes and no



In tha plugin settings you can select all taxonomies you want to use in the WOOF widget, but if you want to show only some taxonomies in the filter you can use shortcode [woof] with its attribute tax_only in the usual text-widget

I what I want is that on every page of categories. For example, necklaces (a page has been created) on this page can only be filtered by subcategories of that particular category (necklaces) is possible?


can only be filtered by subcategories of that particular category – the same behaviour has the plugin:

As you not has sidebar you can do next trick:

Tty FREE version please:

quick pre-purchase question. Can I add only one search box on the page where client will type product SKU number and this product will be display?



Hi Realmag777!

I’m really loving the custom product tabs :) Just had a quick question, I hope you can help a little! How do I go about changing the author of the custom product tabs? The problem is that they are coming up on my author archive page which isn’t so nice :( ( So I just need to assign the tabs I created to the admin instead.

Let me know whenever you have a chance!

With thanks,