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jcnemyer Purchased

Products filter will only show up at the top in products page instead of a sidebar. I would like it to appear on the left of the product listings.


Check option –

Add widget to the shop sidebar –

I’m using this filter on several product category pages (using the [woof_products] shortcode and WOOF sidebar). It works great and I’ve used the shortcode taxonomies=product_cat:9 condition to display products from ONLY one category.

However, I noticed:

1) The filter count next to each filter option is counting for the whole store and not subtracting to products only in the specified category I have displayed. Only AFTER I have made a selection do the filter options recount. Is there something I’m missing for this? Or is this available in the premium option?

2) The filter doesn’t automatically remove filter terms that are no longer applicable to the products within the specified category.

Sorry – Thought I was commenting on the free version somehow! I copy/pasted the question to the free support forum.

Pre Purchase cuestion. I have your product integrated on one themeforest theme. I need for another project. Is possible filter only when all fields filled totally?


You mean to do a search only if all items are selected. Right?

The plugin does not have this function. You need to customize the JS code


I’m considering to buy your premium version, and I’m using free version to test if the plugin suits my needs.

I have one problem. I’m using product attributes to set variations of “Cloth size” and I want to exclude some “Size” from search filter, the plugin asks for taxonomies terms, the ”?” hover button shows numbers like “11,22,33” I don’t know what that is so I tried to put Attribute Slug in to the textbox but it didn’t work, because I can’t find what my product attributes variations number is.

Is there any way to figure out what that number is? Thanks


“button shows numbers like “11,22,33” I don’t know what that is so” – it’s ids of the terms. Where you can get it –


chawkyan Purchased


I am trying to use the shortcode to show only 2 categories of the product under search form, but it doesn’t work. Is my shortcode correct?

[woof taxonomies=product_cat:18,19]


Please write me on support( use contact form ) –

In this case, the filter will show all categories associated with categories in the shortcode. Drop me exact link to your site. I’ll try to help you change this behavior.


gal_op Purchased

Pre-purchase questions: I would like to achieve the same hierarchy filtering Just like this website:

1. A user select parent category (car make) 2. User select care make model (car make child) 3. User select wheel size (attribute)

A user redirects to a results page

Is this possible with this plugin?


This is possible only if the 3 option is this is make model child. That is, there are all elements of the filter should be one taxonomy

Dear Sir,

i am willing to buy the plugin but before i proceed. i want color wheel widget at my shop siderbar. i found normal color switchs but i want color wheel style where my customers can select colors to see products tagged with that color.

Does this Plugin has this capability?

Waiting for your reply.

Here my Email.


I advise you not to publish email in the public domain. Better write me on support –

i want color wheel style - Please drop me to example of this

Example of this filter by color on this site( ) –


VjmCode Purchased


Would it be possible to set the filter to only show products in stock, but without using the “In stock” checkbox?


VjmCode Purchased

Yes, I found it there too. Thanks :)

HI, I’d like to ask a presales question:

I’ve tried the free version and I have made a product filter for brands. The plugin counts the TOTAL number of products that belong to a brand. I’d like to dynamically count the number of products that belong to a brand and a specific category. For example, if the user is in the category page “Jeans” or the category “Shoes”, the filter shows “BRAND A (10), “BRAND B (5)”. I’d like to show e.g. in category “Jeans”, “BRAND A (6), BRAND B (0)” and in category “Shoes”, “BRAND A (4), BRAND B (5)”.

Is this available (or possible) in the premium version? Is this maybe what you call dynamic recount?

Thank you in advance, George

Hello George

Yes it’s possible in free version –

But this will only work on pages of the category. On custom page you need to use shortcodes

if no luck – write me on support( use contact form ) – and drop me exact link to the issue


I need the Help about the WooCommerce Products Filter. I don’t know how can I organize my filter. Enable, Disable..

I don’t know how can I talk the support.

Tks !

Hi, Pre-Purchase question. Is this search will work with Product Add-Ons plugin ?