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Hi there. Many thanks, your work is great. It is an awesome plugin, for real. I got a question.

How can I add custom Multilanguiage Taxonomy custom label or category title? I am using qTranslate X, but is not working. I have tried [:es]Español[:en]English, also <!--:es-->Español<!--:--><!--:en-->Ingles<!--:--> as the autor suggest but is not working. What can I do to get translatable custom titles? Thanks!!!


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Hi there. I know you don’t promote it, i never said that, also I know nobody can develop a plugin compatible with everything :-) I am going to try what you suggest and Ill let you know. Thanks!


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Hi there. I added the php const in functions, but i see no change in woof settings. It didn’t work. But … after thinking a little bit … i made those taxonomies by myself coding, So I change it and add it multi-lang compatible and now it is working like a charm, and translating it with LOCO, as example

'name' => __('Pais de Origen','masterbip'),

And now i can change the title or element the way I want. You put me in the right way mister. Many thanks realmag777!!!

Hello Javier

Great, thank you for such cooperation ;)

Hi there, great plugin, thanks. i have one issue regarding price filter on page load. when i filter price range it display error . if i use price filtere with ajax it working fine. currently i use filter on load page. testing site link other filters are working fine but only this price range filter are problem . etc…

Hello. i have issue in plugin install on WooCommerce 2.6, price filter on page load i facing a issue. when i filter price range it display error . if i use price filtere with ajax it working fine. currently i use filter on load page. testing site link other filters are working fine but only this price range filter are problem . etc…


I see js error on the site which can be the reason for mis-functionality – should be fixed or disabled

For more support please write request here:


I already sent you two emails. Please check your spam


i’m trying to set the logic AND for my categories, but the hook explained in does not work in my version of woof-commerce -> v.

Hello Write me please from account where you bought the plugin. Drop me the code that you use for set logic AND

Hello, I have 2 major issues with the plugin:

1. Using the widget filter for all product categories – filters that do not apply for any products in the current viewing category are not hidden – therefore bloating and missleading the site. Any way to fix this through the options?

2. The filters are interdependent, For example I have Brand and Model atributes. After selecting the Brand I can still choose models from other brands; don’t the filters work toghether?



Send exact links with issue you have directly on support here with wp-admin access

And do not forget enable dynamic recount and hide empty terms in the plugin settings

I dragged the widget to the sidebar. It works perfect. But when you are in a sub-category the rest of the other categories disappear.

This happens when you navigate to the exact URL of a Woocommerce subcategory. eg:

Is there an option to always show all categories no matter where you are?


Its ususal behaviour, when you already on category page, or on sub-category page – CHILDS terms will be shown becasue there is no possible ti filter another categories on the page for 1 category only.

This is a pre-sale question. Can I use this plugin to filter a product variation that is ON SALE? For example, a T shirt item is on sale, but ONLY size Small is on sale, and NOT other sizes. If I use this plugin, can the user filter “On Sale” and “Size”, so that the shop will display the items of the selected size that is ON SALE? Does this make sense? I tried the free version of this plugin and my site, and it doesn’t seem to yield the right search results. It seems to take “On Sale” as the Parent product that has a child on sale, but not search for the child variation that is actually on sale… Thanks.


Should work but for each site should be tested on the site, and if its doesn work this plugin can help


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Hi, Is it possible to hide categories and tags in the filter instead of having greyed out and unselectable


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Sorry, I see there are settings there for this

Thank you for cooperation, see more info here:

Hello! I have a question:

I use the WooCommerce Product Vendor plugin and what it does is that it turns your store into a marketplace. A new taxonomy “Vendors” is created and it’s detected by the plugin.

What I want to know (and can’t find out in the documentation) is how to SORT the results by Vendors. For example:

I go to the “Bags” section. I would like the results to be grouped by Vendors first (alphabetically), THEN by whatever other criteria was set (like price, popularity, etc).

Is it possible?

If yes, I can safely buy your plugin for the support included and the extra features.



Unfortunately there is no such feature to sort by any taxonomy


I’m trying to set the logic AND for my categories, but the hook explained in does not work in my version of woof-commerce -> v.

The code in functions.php is:

add_filter(‘woof_main_query_tax_relations’, ‘my_woof_main_query_tax_relations’);

function my_woof_main_query_tax_relations() { return array( ‘product_cat’ => ‘AND’, ‘pr_formato’ => ‘AND’, ‘pr_tipoinfusion’ => ‘AND’ ); }

The website (in development) is:

I also need to hide the categories that are not in the filtered products, in my example, if I select the orange circle, the rest of the circles should disappear until the filter is reset.



1) Write on support with wp-admin access and short description how you want to set AND logic

2) I not sure that undertood, but its possible to hide empty terms only: tab Options -> “Hide empty terms” – if you mean smth another please describe more details in the support request, by screen for example


the AND behavior is now working. Setting YES value to Set filter automatically and Try to ajaxify the shop options. However with the widget and without AJAX, the AND behavior does not work.

Now I need support with the second question, I need to hide the menu options that in combination with the already selected, do not give any result. That is, just show categories that have the products already filtered:

If I have: ProductA: catA, catB and catC ProductB: catA, catB and catE ProductC: catA, cat2

If I select catA -> catB, caC, catE, cat2 should appear… If I select catA and catB, only catC and catE should appear …

I guess this needs customization on my part. Would it be possible to know which files are those that need to customize?

Hello – send please your wp-admin access and the same text of task + exact links to test products with conditions you described on the text above and if its possible support will answer you, but if it will need writing programming code – its out of support and custom work will be need

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Hello, the Filtering is not working at all on my website.

Is there any JS problem?



I looked in console – no js errors, but smth removed checkboxes skin. If you updated smth try to reset cache. If you installed smth – disable it and reset the cache to try again. Reason should be. If no luck – renew support and send them wp-admin acces

One moment: view-source: – all js files of WOOF are removed – so maybe you made js optimization and scripts was removed, just disable that js optimize feature ar made options there right

Hello! I’m looking to purchase your plugin, but I’d like to integrate it with ElasticPress ( I’ve tried the free version, and haven’t had much luck. Do you have a built in way to (programatically) filter queries? I don’t mind writing the code myself, but wanted to know how much work it’d be to override.

Hello, would your calculator be customizeable to fit something like these?




We are very interested in finding one to fit our needs, if you know of any please let us know :)


WOOF is products filter, you need form constructor which creates set of services and provides checkout to user, its a lot different plugins

Hello, i have 2 questions, if it’s possible: 1) i can’t understand how to place title text like this in the demo: 2) i’m trying to hide the shop pagination after i applied filters.

Thank you very much Carlo

Hello Carlo

1) Press “additional options” button of any taxonomy you want in the first tab of the plugin options and then enable here “Show title label” option

2) Not sure why you want to hide it as its nessesary for users, but you can do it by CSS using for example firebug

Betters write on support real links and in what cases exactly you want to hide pagination, describe it by links, and will try to help …


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Hi, I’ve tried the premium version of the plugin but I don’t like the way it works with out of stock variations (like shoe sizes). It’s showing all product in all size while they are not even in stock.

Is it possible to get a refund ?


As this feature is on the free version of the plugin and you could test it easy, write on support please with wp-admin access and exact description by search links what exactly is issue is from your point of view. Also be sure that there is no another seacrh plugins installed as conflict can be

Hi there, I’d like to ask a presales questions. I would like a pretty robust product filtering tool and thus far have liked the free version that you offer. I was wondering if tags could be displayed differently with the paid version. We use loads of tags.

Using this link: and scrolling down to the widget, I have a really lovely layout of tags which is the default of woocommerce, but when you scroll down further to the product filter where I use your plugin – its just one very long list with checkboxes. Would it be possible to display my tag categories as you see in the first instance (several to a line, bordered and much more compact). I would be willing to have all my other filtering (such as style and even categories) displayed this way if that was the compromise I had to make.

In addition, each would need to allow for multiselection. Eg, Having the ability to select cushions and wallpaper from category, a colour choice and, a few styles and a few tags?

I’d also like to be able to further filter. For example, if the customer selected wallpaper that was blue, they could then further refine the search by adding in a style and tag choices. But it remembering to only display wallpaper that was blue

Thanks heaps


Tags – filter has type of elements as labels, so try them, but any way to make them as on your theme it will need CSS customization

multiselection – but checkboxes allows to select some terms! Or I not undertood you …

But it remembering to only display wallpaper that was blue – its possible to make that filter remember last users filter combination but if you want to keep only color – custom work will help only

Hi, I am trying free version prior to purchasing full. I just have one question. How can I adjust product titles based on users region? I guess this would fall under localization development. I know the docs say to use .po files but I am not sure how that would work. Thanks this is a great plugin


Yes, you need to use .po file, BUT also you need to use the plugin for translation. Any way you need script which define user region, maybe by geo ip functionality (its not related to the plugin functionality), and if you will able to define user language in some way automatically its possible to apply next hint if you do not want to use language plugins:

  • in functions.php define PHP const define(‘ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE’, DEFINED__LANG__VARIABLE);

So, main thing in your custom task is to define DEFINED__LANG__VARIABLE – preferablelanguage of the user

Thank you! This definitely points me in the right direction. Is the WPML plugin required for this? I am able to define user region with script but don’t see the “WPML taxonomies labels translations” box in options.


No, without WPML, ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE is for WPML but its possible emulate that the plugin is installed …

Hello the plugin doesn`t work on my page.

It doesn’t work on product tags (see “etiquetas de productos” section)

What’s wrong?

I’m very interested in buy it.



Just looked, I think in the current wp-theme somewhere placed PHP script which reset WOOF search query/OR conflict plugin, try deactivate all exept WOOF and woocommerce to try, and its not big problem and can be resolved by support if you will buy the plugin. Trydefault theme also, and if manner of the plugin will be good for you – buy and ask support to help you

I have tried all you said to me and It doesn’t work…

And I need use this theme. I use DIVI, one of most important theme modules

If I buy the plugin, do you solve it?

Hello, product attributes filters do not work. How can I fix it? Onle category filter works. Thank you.

Thank you very much! Now it woks. This helped me : “Note: if you see that checkboxes are checked in the terms options – any way press save button there to be sure.”


Once again have to say that plugin has really good support. Recommended

Don’t use Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd plugin because filtering will not work