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Hi! Presale question. Can I make two filters with different design by your plugin. E.g. I want checkboxes on my home page and multi drop down on archive. Thanks, Alex

Hello Unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature.


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Hello, I want to exclude some terms in one of my filter. I’m looking for where I could find the terms ids. For example, the term id of S/M is “sm”, that’s it ?

Hello move the mouse cursor over “Edit” Example:


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Thank you very much ! It works !

My Product Filter plugin simply does not work. I have been tryinf to make it work for many months without sucess.

Hello, I have just sent the details by e-mail to the support

hello, I went to buy pro version of “WOOF – WooCommerce Products Filter” but I face a problem and I don’t know if it can be resolved… I have Arabic website when I active ” Try to ajaxify the shop option ” when I click on filtering button everything is ok but all buttons and filters text will changed to English version is there a solution :) thanks


Do you use WPML? Please drop me exact link to the issue.

presale quastion. Does it work with default sorting? I need that this filter works in widget + default sorting ( price hight to low etc)


It works with default sorting. You can check it on demo site -

OR test it with the free version –


I would like to have the Shop page have categories listed with the filters. If I change the Shop page to display categories then the filter does not work. It would be great to have the plug-in work with having categories and subcategories selected, is it possible? If not then is it possible to force the filters to show everything?

On this page I would like the filters to show?


Looks like you not undertood – WOOF doesn work with categories and its described in documentation from its release, and will never filter categories – products only

What about new features – just look on its settings panel like Statistic, Products messenger, extensions, etc – nearly all them created with customer ideas. So any idea can be implemented if it has sence and if its possible to do not breaking the plugin architecture

Understood. Thanks.

Your plugin rocks!!!

Thank you =)

Hello there,

I have setup the WOOF product filter and have inserted it into the ‘Woocommerce sidebar’ widget area. How can I achieve the following:

1) ‘Type’ checkbox filter has the following values: sandals, slippers, bags. When user is on the ‘footwear’ category listing page, the ‘type’ checkbox filter should only show ‘sandals, slippers’ (bags should not appear) 2) When user is on the ‘new’ category listing page, the entire ‘type’ checkbox filter should be hidden.

To summarise, how can I achieve a dynamic filter that is based on the different product categories.


In the paid version –

For free version -

1) In category pages use shortcode – [woof_products] with attribute : taxonomies=product_cat:X Where X id your product category. ( if you use custom page )

2) In widgets use shortcode [woof] which attribute : * taxonomies=product_cat:X + tax_only – write taxonomies or products slug using comma + by_only – write any by-filter-elements there using comma: by_text,by_price,by_sku,by_author,by_insales,by_instock. Of course firstly user should enable extensions for that by-filter-elements *- Do not forget set the same condition in [woof_products]

3) For show or hide widgets on different pages –

You can read more about shortcodes –!/section_3_1


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I read this on you website, where should i add this code.

I want to closed the filter. The user can open the filter.

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i forgot to say that i will close the filter only on mobile


This code you can add in functions.php –

Please read this –

Do you want to hide the filter completely?

No not hide, i only want to close the filter. So the visitor of the website can open it by self. Only on mobile

Pre-sale question. Hello! I import goods and attributes from the external source. Can I automatically activate the filters I need during the import process?


Please clarify your question.

This plugin can not affect the import

No, the import is done in another plugin. Does your plugin have APIs so that you can activate filters for added attributes? Вы же говорите на русском? Я боюсь что не смогу объяснить на английском, что мне надо узнать :-)

Hello, Do you have an example of template file when using custom_tpl= ? Thank you!


Read this please –

You can use this template – ”\tpl_1\views\output.php”

Hello, I am using your plugin to filter products by size, all of them are varible products with sizes like S, M, L, XL. The issue is that I have some products that have some sizes OUT OF STOCK, but the plugin is still showing those products when I filter by the size. I cant find an option in your plugin to not show products that have out of stock variations. Please let me know if this is an option in your plugin. THANK YOU

Hi, required your advise on why I always refresh my page, product filter appear wrongly. It was set correctly and when I click on the category, it appeared correctly but once I refresh my page or go back to previous page, the filter will appear wrong.

Please help. Thank you.