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Why am I only able to see limited number of products ? For e.g. I want to query Mens Clothing & Accessories but I am only getting handful results even with a single keyword.

Maybe the there is some limitation in the API.

Does this product still work? Your last few reviews and comments seem to indicate it’s not functioning properly.

Yes, it works.

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This is a great plugin! For my site, the products I want to add are not in one of your listed Categories in the Import Product section, it’s in “All Categories” on Aliexpress. How do I search for products?

Hi, it could be that not every categories are available in the API. Open a ticket so we can take a closer look into the matter.

Best regards

I can’t open a ticket because of the 6 month support limit. However I purchased this before that limit was put in place and Envato said that it does not apply to previous purchases.

Unfortunately that limit applies even in this case.

hi there,

does this plugin includes following?

1. Variation Import 2. Spin Description (like woozone)

Hi juliereader,
You can import variation on a product but unfortunately we do not have the Spin Description feature on this plugin.

Best regards
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Does the Plugin still work? I tried to import products but the tracking id isn’t existend.

Yes the plugin is still working. Try to clear your browsers cache. If you still have any issues, please open a ticket so we can take a look.

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Hello. How will I know if I will get a commission when someone buys a product which I have imported via WooExpress? I mean, how does the plugin attach my affiliate link to the product? I don’t see any affiliate ID in the URL of the product when I click on it. And also, when I upload products using the plugin, the images are not displayed on my site. I have tried for about 60 products but none of the images are displayed. Could you please help me with these 2 issues? Thanks.

Hi hansjagg,
Open a ticket and we will show you there the way the plugin uses the affiliate tag.

Best regards

Pre-sales question: Can I import the product and sell locally on my wordpress website instead of an affiliate URL?

Hi gugga7,
Yes you can do that but only if you deactivate the plugin after the products have been imported.

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Product Descriptions are not getting imported.

Nor is the Free Shipping being displayed for products that have free shipping.

It’s also not importing Product Attributes.

It does import the product name, price and images.

When I go to Server Status and click Begin Test everything connects just fine.

Any ideas what could be wrong and how to fix?

Does this plugin allow possibility to search and import products directly from AliExpress through my WP admin panel automatically? And set my own prices? I believe the term is “AliExpress dropshippers”. And also, does the plugin have ability to import only products that participate in AliExpress affiliate program?

Hi johneaglez,
You can Import products but what do you mean by automatically? You will need to manually make the search and press the import button, other than that the plugin makes automatically. Yes you can set your own products but after you have imported the products. The plugin imports the products that are found in the AliExpress API.

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