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I have read different answer about woozone and wooebay compatibility in the same website. What is the right answer as of today?

Else, does the plugin needs an update because of woocommerce 3.0?



Wooebay needs an update while WZone works with the latest update.

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Hello I already have Wooamazon but i need eBay as well. can both plugin be used on one website and will there be any issues if i use both on the same site?

Hi letzdiscuz,
Unfortunately the plugins will not work together. You can check out our WooAffiliates plugin.

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I want to be able to get pull daily deals on eBay deal. http://www.ebay.com/deals/ page can the wooaffiliate plugin do this?

Hi letzdiscuz,
You can import products from eBay but you will have to manually search for them.

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Great that the team cannot put this simple answer to my ticket so far! After 2 months of 3 tickets and dozens of messages, they are still not able to write down this sentence “WooBay and WooZone cannot work together” for my ticket and keep saying nonsense things and wasting time.

Great understanding of customer services.

Every day a new agent from customer services will come, open your ticket, and put some words together, just for ticking the message “answered” without paying attention whether the issue is solved or not.

Today’s message of mine is:

“Dear AA Team,

I’m really curious whether your team is able to read the tickets successfully. Would you please stop changing the support agent, so that you do not waste my time anymore?

It’s my third ticket, and dozens of explanation is already sent to you. I found it very inconvenient you DO NOT read my main issue!

I have both WooZone and WooBay uploaded on my site, and once I activate WooBay, it causes error on the site. The only thing I ask, PLEASE FIND OUT THE UNDERLYING SOURCE OF THIS ISSUE! If you are not able to find out or fix it, please inform me about you incapability and inability to do this.


Keep going AA-Team, so your efforts of developing great plug-ins work for nothing!

The plugin has bugs and the support team is a joke, just look at my review of the product for more detail. In short, don’t buy the plugin if you plan to import items that have the exact same title because the plugin can’t do it, instead it adds images to existing shop products. See my review for more information and video demonstrations.