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App is not working with your documents instructions.Please help.

necceserry put LOCALHOST in ? public static String APP_REPLACE = “localhost”;

no you only need to change APP_URL nothing else

what are the futures in this latest build

Hi, In latest build we update Android code to latest version and also update API.

but still payment is not done ? its very important right?

There is basic COD. If you want customization than let us know which payment gateway to integrate.

Does it support payment gateway? If not, how much to integrate?

Hi, It will not support payment gateway. If you need customization than contact us @

please help me i already buy your app and succesfully connect to api , and able to receive categories, product, product detail, related product, review etc, but when i try to create order i get woocommerce_api_missing_callback_param, even that i already fullfill all the field. kindly help

My Website is with Wordpress + Woocommerce – Multi Site & Multi Vendor with variable Products will this app supports this !

Hi manigopal, currently it will for single site and single product support. if you want customization than contact us we will do that.

It seems that this product is not finished but has been offered to the market, that’s why people who have purchased always get problem and make a complaint


I am interested in buying this app for my woocommerce shop, but I have got a couple of questions.

1. I am using a product customizer like and , so I haven’t got a direct ’’Add to Cart’’ button, instead there is a customize now button and when people clicks on it they come to an online designer where they can upload pictures and add text and after they have done that, they can add the product to the cart. Is that something that would work in this app out of the box or would it need custom work?

2. What versions of Android does this app support?

3. Is this a complete app ready to upload to Google Play or does it need any custom coding? How do I import my products to the app?

Thanks in advance and Hear from you soon!

Anyone wants to customize this please contact