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Hi ! Can donation be added to the checkout page as well ? Thanks

Hi, Not right now but we are open for suggestions.. we will definitely try to add this option in next version.

Really cool plugin! :)

Is there an option for it function as a stand alone donation setup without being tied to selling an actual product first?

Hi Dear,

This plugin is an extension of WooCommerce plugin. It will work only with WooCommerce. Basic motto of this plugin is to provide an interface to buyers to donate some amount for the good cause at time of shopping.

Thanks and Regards theem’on

Is there a way to use this with PayPal Adaptive Payments or Chained Payment so there are more than 1 receiver?

HI Dear, we are using wooCommerce checkout so if you are using woocommerce with Paypal Adaptive payment then i can say yes.

Hello have you added to the checkout page yet if cart section is bypassed by buyer? You are charging nearly double as similar plugins in this category and sould this not be an included feature? Thanks

Hi Dear,

We will provide this feature in next update. We will provide its next update soon.

Regarding Plugin Charges : It decides by Envato.


Just a note. I use a donate Woocommerce plugin (shopping for a 2nd site). I created a product in Woocommerce that is a “Gift Of Any Amount”. I instruct they go to Cart and complete the donation there. Gift Of Any Amount is ”$0.00”... then when they add their specific donation amount… they go to checkout. So, if a person is using Woocommerce already, that’s how to get people through checkout without actually purchasing any different product (than gift/donation). In case that helps anyone. Thanks.

Hi Dear, In case of 0 amount + any amount more than 0 as donation will follow the std. woocommerce checkout process.

can I add commission or service to fee to the donation?

It can be done using 1 hour additional work. If you are interested in paid customization then you can write us at

Hi there, I’ve just installed this on the Avada theme, but it’s not showing in the cart at all. Should this work automatically? Thanks in advance.

Hi Dear, Please share admin credentials & FTP details at my team will review & update you.

Have sent you an email, thank you.


before buying i would like to know if this plugin allow this process:

- user is in product page - the product has a fixed price - user can add money by tour plugin to this price - there is a min amount to add and is required

Could you help me?


Alessandro Mazzola OGI advertising

Hi Dear, It does not matters what is on product page. We are extending cart page so it will work.

congratulation my bro GLWS

Thanks Bro :)

someone else asked but i wasn’t clear on the response. If you’re using paypal’s adaptive payments, can you assign a paypal address to each charity that is listed so payment is processed to them directly during checkout? in other words, i have 10 charities on my website each with their own store. someone can purchase an item from all ten stores and the payments are processed by paypal and go directly the the charity that is selling the item. so, if i were to purchase this and list all ten charities for donations, can the funds be distributed to each of the charities as well based upon a product per charity or can each charity listed with this be assigned it’s own paypal address for payment?

HI Dear, Paypal adaptive is not implemented there. We are using standard paypal method where amount will get credited in merchant account only.

Will there be an update to support WooCommerce 3.x?

It’s compatible to WC 3x

Is it possible to set percentage instead of amount? I just want to set up percentage of donation from profit with selecting one of charities

no without customization it’s not possible to set percentage.


ceuley Purchased

Hi I purchased and I’m getting this WARNING when trying to donate an amount on checkout “Please click on above option”, why is that?

Please contact our technical support at

I have a project requirement that needs to add a percentage of product price to fundraising event. Example: Assume product price is $100, I need to put 10% of product price to a fundraising event and 90% to product owner. Let me know whether this is possible to achieve using this plugin ?

You can’t achieve this feature directly but with some customization you can.. If you would like customization from us then write us all details at My team will review & provide you quote.

Hi I purchased and I’m getting this WARNING when trying to donate an amount on checkout “Please click on above option”, why is that?

doing discussion in other thread :)

default – one charity

its localhost, just send me the fix the guy above had the same issue.. your submitted plugin is buggy release a new version

Can you please prepare a video using our demo link & send me. After that we will be able to fix the problem.

It will help us t reproduce the problem.

Hi, is it possible to set a fixed amount? So the customer is only to enable or disable the donation in his or her basket? (I know there is a default amount option, but the customer is able to change that)

Hi Dear, this feature is not available yet.

Hi, is there any screen shots of the reports? When I click on screenshots I didn’t see any of the reports. Does it give you a daily, weekly, monthly, annual report of the total donations for a particular charity?

Please write us at


dailce Purchased

Can I disable the pdf email? How?

Please contact our support at