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Please note that displaying an interstitial ad while playing is forbidden by Admob, and this will lead to account suspension. So please explain how to show the ads after game over NOT while playing the game.

Now interstitial ad is shown after the game, but sometimes it is loading a long time so how user can see it in another way?

Hi, I do not understand. This game is open source? I can modify it to my liking without having legal problems? And while having my own admob and generate some income ads?

You may also add power to modify Android Studio? Includes tutorial for beginners people?

It’s open source project. Read about the license to know what you can to do with this game – http://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard?license=regular. About Android Studio, now I have no so many time for this, maybe later.

Hello, First, thank you for this app.it’s pretty cool Please is there a new version to show the ads after the game ? Also, Could you provide me with some psd files (I want to change the background and other things..


The ads is shown after the game in this version. I have no PSD for all elements, some of them was in vector format, some of them was as single PNG and I added only a shadow. Background is in PSD. Write me your email

i want but this item .. But i have read all comments and i don’t feek good about interstitial ad showing during the game … tell me if is possible to use just the small banner ad without showing interstitial ad please !

You can install demo app and see when ad is shown. You can disable interstitial ad in source, there is such option.

Can we publish it on google play and reskin it more than one time ?

i did disable it , but can you fix this problem please ?

I mean that load interstitial request always do after the game when is showing the score, but not DURING the game!!! In file Main.java exists line 103: final boolean show_admob_interstitial = true;

yes i disable it now , can you pass me your email please i wanna contact you :)

HI, I want to show the interstitial after every 5th game over. is it possible?

hello plz help me Failed to call IProjectListener.projectOpened java.lang.StackOverflowError

hi, nice to bought it. but could you give me tutorial to put leaderboard on source code, step by steps? your documents is not completed steps.

hi, nice to bought it. but could you give me tutorial to put leaderboard on source code, step by steps? your documents is not completed steps.

In my documentation I explain where to change leaderboard ID, but how to setup it you can see on google developers help – https://developers.google.com/games/services/common/concepts/leaderboards

Hi, i need to remove Leaderboard, how i can do that?

I want my money back… I bought your game in June. Now, I have develop a game biger than yours, with levels, and much more elements, and now Google Play gives me an strike because you have published in Google Play a demo of your game and they say that my new game violates the policy of Google Play.

I have a GREAT problem now, and I want my money back.

And I bought two of your games.

It is false. You can not sell a code for publising in Google Play if you upload a demo in Google Play because if you do this, you are avoiding that other users upload your game, because it is not possible according to the Policy Terms of Google Play.


If you don’t do this, I will put post all over Envato about your fake products. And you are not going to sell anymore with Envato for sure.


It’s a blackmail? I said truth and people know that my products is not fake. You as a honest person can do as you wish. Thanks a lot for all you a already done for my account. Good Luck!

Thief !!!

Fake !!

It is not a blackmail. It is only justice !!


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Now the source can be edited in Android Studio