WooCoomerce Eu Vat Field

WooCoomerce Eu Vat Field

The WooCoomerce Eu Vat Field (WCEV) seamlessly integrates into your WooCommerce installation an additional EU Vat Number Field. It will be dinamically showed only if as billing country is selected one belonging to the European Union. It also has several options to make it required, validate it and remove VAT charge.

Note: The plugin, as WordPress, requires a minimum 5.5 PHP version.

(Shop admin account)
user: demo
pass: demo

(customer account)
user: demo2
pass: demo


WCEV extends WooCommerce adding a EU Vat Number Field that will be showed only if as billing country is selected one belonging to the European Union. The shop admin can also make it required and optionally validate it (the plugin uses the VIES function) It also allows you to not charge user that entered a Vat number.


By accessing to the WooCommerce -> EU Vat Field – Options you can configure the plugin options. You can, for example, disable the required option or show the Require invoice voice by which the customer can request an invoice. Furthermore, once enabled this option, you can also make the field visible only if the users requests an invoice.

Vat validation

The Vat number can be validated using the VIES function. In case the validation fails, the plugin will not allow the checkout to be completed and it will show a validation warning message (customizable using the Texts menu).

Validation can be also performed by just checking the if the Vat number has a valid format.

Billing company required option

The shop admin can optionally make the Billing company name field as required. This could be useful in case of business to business sales.

Tax removal options

The WCEV plugin will also allow you to not charge the VAT taxes for users that have inserted a VAT Number. Optionally taxes can be not charged for all users with a VAT Number or only the ones for which the billing country is different from the store base location (WooCommerce -> Settings -> General -> Base Location).

Label and Text (WPML Localizable)

Field label, placeholder and validation error message can be customized using the Text menu. For WMPL users, text can be localized by just switching the current language using the WPML language selector and then entering texts for the current language.

Frontend integration

WCEV seamlessly integrates the EU Vat Field in the Checkout, My Account, Order details pages and in the Order emails. No configuration required!

Backend integration

WCEV seamlessly integrates the EU Vat Field also in the backend. The shop admin can retrieve Vat number information and if the user requested an invoice, from the Order details and Orders list pages:


Frontend integration – Checkout

Frontend integration – Billing details page (with the “request invoice” option enabled)

Frontend integration – Order details page

Email integration

Backend integration – Order details page


Backend integration – Orders list page

User profile page (Admin)


= 1.3 - 23/02/17 =
* Added option to make Billing company field as required

= 1.2 - 22/02/17 =
* Added method to simply validate Vat number format

= 1.1 - 17/02/17 =
* Minor bugfix

= 1.0 - 15/02/17 =
* Release