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If i select invoice me, the user will not pay at once right? So can the user pay when I change the status of that order? If not, how can the user pay? Thanks.

This is a payment gateway where selected customer can buy products or checkout without making actual payment. and those selected customer will pay directly or out of woocommerce system if needed.


Is this compatible with the latest version of Woocommerce and Wordpress? Also am I able to limit by User Role?

Yes, it is compatible with the latest version of Woocommerce and Wordpress. and you can set user group by user role.


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I installed the plugin, have it set up as a gateway and also have added a couple users set up to test it out but it does not show as an option on the checkout page, only credit and pay pal, yet it shows that it is set up. I am running the latest editions of WP and WC

Hello, Thanks for your purchase our plugin.

Not sure if you enabled this gateway or not here /wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-settings&tab=checkout&section=invoiceme

If still same issues you find, just add my email anasbinmukim@gmail.com as admin so I can check directly.

Thanks again ~Anas

I left a review but I don’t see it showing up, so wanted to say – GREAT SERVICE!! and the plugin is awesome, love how you can select individual users and or user roles to utilize this plugin. Others I looked at you could not select individual users.

Thank you


2 Questions:

1. Will the stock reduced if user select Invoice me Payment gateway?

2. I have a user role called “Wholesale”, Can i apply Invoice me to ALL users in this role?


Yes, works for both questions.

1, it is just a checkout with this payment gateway. So stock should be reduced.

2. Yes, you can set user role to apply this gateway.


Is there an option to NOT reducing stock ? thanks

Not yet @nirvana5

Como faço para habilitar para visitantes?

Hello, This features is not available right now. To make this happen, you need to hack plugin code. I’ll try to include it next version.

If you need it let me know your email address in my author page. I’ll do it and send to you.

Hi, Is the ‘WooCommerce Invoice Me For Selected Customers’ plugin compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce? They are not listed on the product page. Thanks!

Yes, this compatible for both Wordpress and Woocommerce Latest version.