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Just to be clear…

Does this work with individual usernames – OR – user roles – OR – both ?

- turner2f

Thanks for the reply.

Please keep me posted with the update.

- turner2f

User role features have been added to this update.



I’ll inform my client.

Nice work RMweblab, enjoy sales, cheers….

Thank you Anjum!

Would be interested if I can just assign to user role as it would be challenging if I had hundreds/thousands of customers I wanted to allow this.

Yes, Now you can also assign user role to allow this.

I need a system that will ONLY do manual payments. In other words, no online money transactions, I need an order form to be sent to me where I can manually process it. I don’t want the customer having an option to do otherwise. Will this plugin do that?

Yes, this plugin do this but customer need to login first to know about themselves. Administrator can set group of customers by user role OR can set individual customer using there profile page.

Let me know if you need anything to make it more clear.


Also, the demo doesn’t seem to be working correctly. Looks like there are some css issues in both the catalog and cart that push columns together (latest version of chrome). In addition, there is NO option for any manual order, it’s all online transaction in the cart.

Well, something is going on w/ the layout. I’ve checked it in all 3 big browsers (IE, FF, Chrome): http://postimg.org/image/dh5w71fo7/ Looks horrible.

For “default theme” do you mean WooCommerce default theme? Hopefully, the styling will be better in a different WC theme.

Thanks for the info about the plugin. It may be want I’m looking for…I’m just concerned about it messing up the cart and would need to figure how what is going to before I were to commit to a purchase I think.

Thanks @Apokalupsis

I just changed theme to another free theme(Responsive) where it was 2014 default theme.

To ensure you, there is nothing related css include this plugin.


Please let me if you still find any issues.


Thank you, it looks good now. I’m comparing it with one other product and will make up my mind soon as to which would best suit my project.

how to enabling visitor ?

Hi, You can’t enable it for visitors. Look the plugin name “Invoice Me For Selected Customers” So visitor need to login to track he/she is selected by admin.

If you still need it and make it open for all visitors, send email from my profile with your site FTP/cpanel access. So I can make it open for you.


My english is poor, really need this, can you send me plugin mod please, my mail is david_kdar@live.com

thank you very much

Works for me, and author help me to set the plugin to my project.

I purchased the plugin, works great. However, is there a way for it to create the invoice as a .pdf instead of just html in the email? We’d like to use the .pdf file for record keeping.

Not yet, currently it doesn’t support pdf invoice generator.


Is there an ability for the customer to come back and pay later via woocommerce?

Not yet, It just for selected customer who are able to checkout without payment by selecting invoice me payment get way.


Pre-sales question:

1. Is this plugin working for latest WooCommerce 2.4.x (current version 2.4.8)?
2. Does this plugin create/sent invoices? I want to use a different invoice plugin (already installed) to handle that. Just need an option during checkout for client who are allowed to pay by invoice (due date 14 days later)

Thanks for your soonest reply.

Nice :) Purchase finished; looking forward to see this feature coming soon ;)

Hi, any update for this plugin and regarding to my last question 3 months ago about “open credit” option? Thanks!

Any update so far on this? 5 months later now…

Hello, Please let me know how te enable it for guests as well

Hello sebastianobellinzis, You can’t enable it for guest user. Since this is only for selected customers. So customer need to login to allow this features and you can set group of customer by user role or single customer from their profile.


Hello, thanks for the reply, is there a way to hack around and allow it anyway ? I have seen you said it could be possible, i just need to know how.

Hello, To hack this, you can replace code out of conditional statement. woocommerce-gateway-invoiceme/woocommerce-gateway-invoiceme.php Line number 111. Move that code($methods[] = ‘WC_Gateway_InvoiceMe’;) to line number 115 before return statement.

Note: this hack is not tested. Let me know if this work for you. So anyone get help from here.


Pre-sales Question:

Does your Invoice me plugin support WooCommerce’s Official Subscriptions Add-On?

Hello @youngscomp this plugin works based on woocommerce checkout for logged in and selected customer/user by admin. So this should support any woocommerce addon. if subscription addon only allow user to be paid first customer on getting successful payment, then this will not fit here. You can check it using default payment getway like “Direct Bank Transfer” Or “Cheque Payment”, if these two gateway works then “Invoice Me” should also work.

We didn’t test it yet.


I really want to buy this, it has not been updated for a while, will it work with the latest woocommerce

Yes, this plugin is running in our server here http://plugins.rmweblab.com/ where everything is up to date.



vmrmr Purchased

Please include some language files. I cannot translate this to my language because there are no .po files included.

Hello VMRMR, Yes, I’ll add it to next version soon. For quick solution, here it is the language folder including pot and po files http://rmweblab.com/envato/woocommere-invoice-me-for-selected-customers/languages.zip



vmrmr Purchased

Thank you for your quick response :-) Feel free to include the Dutch translations that I just made (PO and MO file): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ov03hrk5nbsttwr/AABSQ_YfwW5W_u_sZ5IGRQq_a?dl=0

Thank you.

Hi, Sorry, but this plugin does not do what I need it to do – I’ve just found out when trying to configure it. Sorry for inconvenience, but could I have a refund as I purchased it in error.

Thanks, Dean

Hi, Let us know if you need any help related configuration. we’re happy to help.


Actually, I think I will keep this – please don’t refund. I want to check functionality.


mebweb Purchased

Hi, Invoice Me doesn’t display on mobile.

Hello, not sure what you mean. It should display only for selected customers so make sure you are also logged in mobile. Or give me details to look in depth.

I’m happy to look and solve your problem.


Does this plugin also work as a general payment method?

Hi, I am interested to buy it. does it work with WC Vendor pro

It works for checkout page for selected customer based on user role or individual selected user.

Let me know if it make sense.


Store owner wants option for people to add items to cart and pay later based on store owner being able to calculate shipping amount and then invoice. Would this plugin be the solution?