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I can’t find the option for the affiliate support. Has it been added yet?

Hi Mrbernny, We haven’t added it yet. we have been working on it to be compatible iwth the most used affiliate plugin for wordpress, then we will open the suggestions for our customers to choose the next one. Once it’s added, I will notify you. Cheers

On testing, I see that when I paste the code on text editor on wordpress, It doesn’t show. Please help!

can you post the url of the page??


I can not create the widget with products

Thank you


Send admin access to support @ jobthemes.com, I will take a look at it

It’s been 9 months since I last looked at this plugin. At the time, there was a promise of a release of the affiliate functionality. I see the discussion of the affiliate functionality going back at least a year. I’m still holding out hope that this will be added to the plugin so that I can actually use it!

In the meantime, does anyone know of any other plugins that would do what this does, but enable affiliate URLs?

Is this compatible with latest WP release and Woo 2.6?

Yes it is. but backup your website before you proceed with the update, just in case. also perhaps you use woocommerce with other addons.

And the website is based on the Genesis framework – is that a problem?

should not be a problem at all, because the plugin works on any woocommerce installs.

I created the widget, but my products aren’t displaying in it

Hello, I want to buy your plugin but I have few questions before buy: 1. is it possible to show 3-4 products in one row 2. if somebody clicks on product – does plugin leads him to original shop (product) 3 can it work if client have only wordpress not woocommerce Regards

Hi, yes the plugin can embed your products into any other website , either the second site is wordpress or not ! —there is no affiliate option for now. -yes you can change that text.

About affiliate options. Do you have another affiliate plugin that we can connect to Woocommerce-Probox?

I am afraid there is no such option for now.

Hello, great plugin but I have one problem. Box for width and height are to small so I can’t see whole number (for pixels). see pic. https://www.dropbox.com/s/y92nu66f0eah6mh/probox.png?dl=0

Hi, could you please send the url of your website by email to support @ jobthemes.com, perhaps a cssscript of your theme is forcing this style. unless, I can give you a css code to fix it. Best regards

Hello 007themes, great plugin! We’d want to know if is possible to put multiple divs (ex. in footer an sidebar too) without conflicts. For now we can put only one frame with products on a page, if we want to show 2 separate windows with different products we can not. Can You help us? Best regards, TUTTUU

Hi tuttuu, Thanks for your comment. Do you receive any errors, or it just doesnt slide?? Anyway I will see how it works and add that feature, We are preparing a big update release for the next days with more appearance options.I will keep your posted.

Hi 007, if i put a second div with a different category of products by the first one, it doesn’t appears on page. It’s like did not exist. I think that is a conflict depending on JS, because there is an unique call for that div, so another div on the same page ovverride the previous one.

Hi, I believe so, a js conflict if we put two widgets at the same time. I will work on it and update it soon.

Hi there, great looking plugin.

Whats happens during the checkout process when the widget is embedded on another site? Does it redirect to the main site for the checkout payment?

Hi, thanks for the kind comment The widgets embedded into other websites include links to the product or cart page of the main website, the external websites have nothing to do with checkout, everything related to the store is made on the main one. By the way, the widget can be placed even on simple html pages, don’t need to have woocommerce install or php files. Best regards

Hi – Is your plugin compatible with woocommerce booking? Thxs

Hi, I actually don’t have that plugin, which one you are referring to so I try to get it and test it ? Best regards

Sent you the plugin by email I’m talking about the official woocommerce booking plugin

Hi Chitaurus, The plugin works in harmony with woocommerce booking. :) Cheers

Hello, plugin works fine but we can’t track from which website our customer come. We have analytic on our shop but when someone click on product on external website (it the widget) we don’t have any info. So do you have some information about this.

Hi, yes I know that output clicks is referral clicks but I can’t see any info when somebody click on product in widget so please check.

there is no clicks stats on the widget , if you want to track the clicks, you should use a third party traffic monitor ( like analytics) to see from where the external clicks. for the sales, we are planning to add an affiliate option to track sales coming from external websites , or use it only to track the users’ activities. This option will enable the use of third party affiliate plugins.

yes I understand that and I have analytic on my shop and we can track all affiliate clicks (banners, links, social etc.), but we can’t see any info (in analytic) from your widget. For test purposes I add your widget on my partners web portal and I can see products but when I click on any product (test from few pc, mobile devices) analytic show me 0 clicks from that web portal. I click on product so it needs to be more then 0. Please check this.

1. Is this plugin also displayed the woo-commerce products which use wc vendor plugin and is a bookable product? 2. Will the checkout make on external site or click on product will redirect to my domain? 3. Can I make any differentiation if user has booked product from my domain or any other?

Ok thank you please let me know as soon as possible.

Hi any update on point 1: 1- I will have to check out if the plugin works with wp vendor.. I assume it does but I have to make sure. Looking for your reply.

Hi Anamika, I have checked it out and it works.

When I set a probox for a single category, that category scrolls through first but then instead of restarting it continues to pull products from other categories. I’m trying to use proboxes within my online courses to offer products related to the course. So I want to offer products ONLY in a specific category. Are there any settings I need to check?

Hi, if you still face the same issue, send url + admin access by email, I will take a look and see what we can do about it


Couple of pre sale questions.

1) I’ve just tried to copy and paste the demo html widget on my website and its not displaying, am I doing something wrong.

2) can you actual search by user or author, I have a multi vendor site and I would like the widget for users to display there own products and not other users.

thanks in advance.

hi. when i use the code in the generator i get this message:

Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /var/www/nuannce.dk/public_html/wp-content/plugins/simplybook/simplybook.php on line 113

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/nuannce.dk/public_html/wp-content/plugins/simplybook/simplybook.php:113) in /var/www/nuannce.dk/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1179

I don’t know what the problem is :-( I use the Simply Book me plugin and there seems to be a conflict between to two. I have no experience with coding, so I have no idea how to resolve this. Can you please help me?

Thank you – Ann :-)

Hello, i pasted the shortcode onto a page and the plugin does not display anything on the frontend… all i get is a blank page… https://afryk.com/sc/embed-products/ could you please tell me what could be wrong? regards

Hi, has the plugin been working properly before? try to deactivate the other plugins temporarily then try again. if the issue persists, send a test admin access to me by email, I will see what’s going on. Cheers