WooCommerce NetSuite Integration

WooCommerce NetSuite Integration

How it works?

This plugin connects with NetSuite based on SuiteTalk integration. It uses token-based authentication for connecting to API. It utilizes the PHP Toolkit provided by NetSuite.

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About this Plugin

This plugin creates an API connection between NetSuite & WooCommerce.You can use it for keeping WooCommerce’s inventory up to date from NetSuite. Syncing Customers and Orders from WooCommerce to NetSuite.

Features :

  1. Inventory Sync
  2. 1. Sync Inventory from NetSuite to WooCommerce based on SKU’s
    2. Automatic inventory sync using WP Crons.Option to define Cron Frequency ie. Hourly. Twice daily or Daily
    3. Manual Inventory sync option
    4. Option for testing in sandbox mode
    5. Support multiple currencies
    6. Fetches inventory from all locations

  3. Customer Sync
  4. 1. Syncs WordPress/WooCommerce Users/Customers to NetSuite
    2. Handles user add/update
    3. Sync users in real time

  5. Order Sync
  6. 1. Syncs Order and Order data including Order Items, Shipping Adress, Billing Address, Customer, Shipping Total to NetSuite
    2. Option for manual order Sync
    3. Sync orders in real time
    4. Easily add further features like Types of transactions, shipping methods, Sales Rep, Sales Channel
    5. Order Prefix setting options

How to Configure?

On NetSuite :

  1. In NetSuite,navigate to Setup > Integrations > Manage Integrations
  2. Create a new integration/application, This will generate Application ID, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret.
  3. Then navigate to Setup > User/Roles > Access Tokens
  4. Create a new access token
  5. Assign admin user, role and above-created application to the new Token
  6. This will generate Token ID and Token Secret.
  7. Account ID : Setup > Company Information

On WooCommmerce :

  1. On plugin activation, you will see TM NetSuite in WordPress Left Side Menu, click on that
  2. Then enter Host URL, Account ID, Application ID, Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Token ID & Token Secret
  3. Then you can enable the other syncs and syncs will start working

* Notes:

  • Plugin requires initial configurations for order sync like mapping currencies, shipping methods, payment methods, tax rates etc. For initial setup, our team will help. You will need to provide us NetSuite side infomation i.e. internal Id’s for resources

Custom Development :

We are open to any ideas or fearure enhancements. Please contact me on skype ID manish.gautam97 or on my email

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