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Dear Sir/Madam

I have a problem with this plugin when I try to add Product Data: “simple product” it works. but when I try to add Product Data: “variable product” product preview we have two images of our product and soon plugin only works on the second image of product. I enclosed zip file of 4 screenshot of control panel and front-end. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9wy4WQfn4ikMklPWFFjSVVTb0U

Could you please let me know how can I fix it, I am looking forward to hearing from you ,

Thank you for your time, Regards

Hi there, thanks for purchasing my plugin.

I can see the issue with variable product from the screenshots you shared. Please share your website admin and FTP details with me on my email ID: wpinstinct@gmail.com and I’ll troubleshoot it for you.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team


Could you please help me and let me know how can I fix this issue please!

as you can see in this URL https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9wy4WQfn4ikYWNES3cxdVdQLTg https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9wy4WQfn4ikY3p6VjNlN3JXNGs

style=”display: inline;” when I set style=”” image problem can be fix.

Could you please let me know how can I modify code or function.php for fix this problem please! Regards Hamid

Hi there, thanks for purchasing my plugin.

I tried same product URL https://joolga.com/product/nike-womens-modern-embossed-tempo-shorts/ on my end and everything loads fine without any problem. I am not sure why its still for you. Still I am providing you few steps to follow and this issue would no more be there for you.

1) Add following CSS anywhere in your current theme’s style.css file or somewhere in custom CSS panel from admin panel:

#wz-images .woo-zoomifier-main-image {     display: none !important; }

Thanks it! Please play with it and let me know how does it go. I am eagerly waiting to hear back from you.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

Hello , I have a problem. Everything worked nice untill today . I dont know what happend .The thumbnail slider is messed up .

Here check my product . https://ilikeprintful.com/shop/feeling-stressed-t-shirt-women/ . Thanks.

Hi there, thanks for purchasing my plugin.

I was looking on your product details page and thumbnails loads fine for me. Can you please share a screenshot for how it comes on your end and also if possible then how it actually should look so that I can try my best to help you. My email id is wpinstinct@gmail.com

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

It seams that it was 80% fixed , i started regen thumbnails maybe that fixed it . Is there a way to make the thumbnails a little bigger ? Also i still have 2 problems .

https://postimg.org/image/jdr1qv7jx/ Here is one problem. https://postimg.org/image/fwjfdh1oz/ Second problem .

Replied to your email.

Nice plugin

No problem. Please leave 5 star ratings if you like our plugin and support. Thanks!

Ya sure


this is my prebuy question: - can your plugin work in non-woocommerce environment? Just on a regular wordpress image coded in the template? - can the magnifying happen inside the image window itself (not outside)? - can the zoom image be responsive to the browser size and still have the zoom effect work?


Hi there, thanks for showing interest in my plugin.

1) It works only with WooCommerce products.

2) Yes, you can check plugin Live Preview http://wc.wpinstinct.com/product/happy-demo/ and look for the option “Zoom Box Type” on the same page.

3) Its responsive and you can choose another settings for responsive devices within the plugin settings panel.

Let me know if you need any more information.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team


BK4SNG Purchased

Good day, I am having issues with my zoomifier plugin, please see the link to my website


There seems to be 2 images displaying at the same time

I hope you can help thanks

Hi there, thenks for purchasing my plugin.

Please add following CSS code snippet anywhere in your current theme’s style.css file and let me know how it goes:

.woocommerce .single-product #wz-images.images a.woocommerce-main-image {

I’ll wait for your response.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team


BK4SNG Purchased

Oh wow, thank you your a legend and love the plugin by the way

Great! Please leave a 5 star rating for my plugin on CodeCanyon. Thanks!