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Magenest, This is a great plugin…once it is working…or maybe it is me…

Please do some testing and see if your are having the same issues. I provided screen captures.

I enabled lead, contact and account in the settings. So I assume I should get all the woocommerce data mapped to my Zoho…but I DO NOT..

1) I checked the boxes in the lead field box (all except country) in the Field Map Settings but only the first Name and Email fields populate in Zoho. No Phone, No Billing Street, No Billing State, City, Zip. Is this a bug in your plug-in or do I need to do something else in the settings?

Look screen shoot:

2) After I checkout a product, 2 records are created in the Accounts. A record with correct first and last name and than 2nd record with duplicate first name. Do you see this? Please fix or tell me what I’m doing wrong.

And…when you open the records all the pertinent data is not present The address information does not appear in the Zoho Address section. i even added my own custom fields but can’t get the data populate into the custom fields.

3) The Sales Order section has the billing and shipping address missing. How do I get the address data from woocommerce to populate in Zoho? 4) The Contact area is not pulling in the Account Name (customer’s first name). And the mailing street address is duplicated

Hi, I just purchased and installed WooCommerce Zoho CRM Integraton.

When activated, the following Fatal Error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’, expecting ‘)’ in /home/yaminina/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/thuycom205-woozoho-fb543b5eba5f/classes/class-hn-zoho-connector-order.php on line 47

I’m running WordPress 4.2.4 WooCommerce 2.4.1

If this could be rectified, I would appreciate it.

If you have any issue or need a new feature , please create a ticket at

Best Regards

I bought this plug-in! Never worked…tried to reach the support team multiple times: but no response (got a response though prior to purchase): Extremely disappointed with this (Finally my team had to write a custom connector to set up the integration between Z CRM and Woocommerce). Next purchaser: be careful!


I wanted to apologize to you for the bad service you received the other days. Really we are having an overloaded support inbox so we can’t response quickly but the fix will be in. We are trying to improve the support process better.

We hope your business is going well. We really appreciate your feedback.

Cheers from Magenest

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Have not recieved any reply to support emails in two weeks, plugin does not seem to work properly, buyer beware. How does one go about getting a refund?


We are sorry for your bad experience. In order to refund, please read the refund privacy of Envanto market before requesting a refund. Thank you so much and look forward to serving you again in the future.

Cheers from Magenest

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instead of replying on here how about you repy to our support tickets?

Really we are busy for some new projects so we can’t reply tickets immediately but we are trying to resolve tickets as quickly as possible.


Can you syncronize only for exemple the stock quantity for the product ? For exemple I want to push data from zoho crm to woocommerce.


Unfortunately, the current version of Woocommerce Zoho CRM Integration only supports sync one way from Magento to Zoho. We hope to add it in next versions soon. Thank you for your concern!

hi Magenest Would like to buy this today and implement, but I am a bit confused now. Reading the last few comments it seems that it isn’t working for anybody. Can you confirm that this in fact works with latest Wordpress and WooCommerce versions as of today 21 October 15? Otherwise I suggest removing it from CC, as it is wasting everybody’s time who study the item in detail only to find out later that it doesn’t actually work. Of course, I would like it to work ((-: thanks

I wanted to buy this but due to the lack of support by the author I would not recommend it.

no support from author or updates. i have got woo linked into zoho using zapier. works great

Hello guys,

The Magenest Team will be away from tomorrow Friday, February 5th, 2016 till Friday, February 12th, 2016 to celebrate the arrival of the Vietnammese New Year, which is also known as Lunar New Year. It will be one of the major public holidays in the country that we observe.

To know what is this Lunar New Year about, we leave it to Wikipedia to explain.

Our technical support will still be available however do expect some delays in getting your replies. While most of us will be away over the weekends, we will still try to squeeze in some time to answer urgent cases only.

Also, our plugins still available for all to purchase in Codecanyon.

We will resume work on Saturday, February 13th, 2016. Until then, have a great Lunar New Year.

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We returned to work from holiday so the support went back to normal!

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So, just in case it’s not clear from all the comments above : this does not work properly. It’s not remotely an acceptable product. Author is not responsive nor supportive. Save a few bucks and aggravation and move on…

Hi is your plugin in syncronizing with Zoho inventory management as well? Thanks Chris

Is this plugin compatible with the latest version of WP and WooCommerce?

Sorry, but it looks like this plugin is not receiving regular updates. Is it maintained?

Hello, I need to synchronize woocommerce product to my zoho crm. How do we can achieve that.?


vapr Purchased

Plugin does not work.

Doesn’t work for me either on latest woocommerce. Investigating other options like zapier


gpbush Purchased

Doesn’t work. Doesn’t even validate with Zoho when you put your credentials in. No documentation to explain it. Total waste of money.


gpbush Purchased

Going back to Zapier…

does this plugin allow the sale of leads to registered companies?


kcsf Purchased

Doesn’t work, support link is dead: Found the new support link on their site directly & submitted a ticket – no response in over two weeks.

Shame on you guys.