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do you support rtl?

There aren’t any modifications made for RTL support. However, as this plugin only uses WooCommerce’s functionality, it may be supported from within.

Hi, I would like to know if with your plugin is posssible to use the coupon code of woocommerce and if your plugin works with this: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-pretty-emails/9005845



If the pretty emails plugin is correctly programmed, it should have no conflicts with Write a Review Reminder.


any future updates planned? Is the plugin work properly at the time?


Compability checks with WooCommerce and WordPress are always planned, but we’ll see about extra features. Currently compatible with latest version of WC and WP.

Hi, The plugin is not working, Did not send any Review Reminder notification even new order marked complete, I am trying to open a ticket without success, please guide me what to do.

Sorry for the trouble. I do not handle refunds, you’ll have to request it from Envato.

Could you report your WooCommerce and WordPress versions? Are you using any plugins related to emails?

There has to be a conflict with some of the plugins or settings, as there are over 50 people who have bought it and it is working. You could try to disable some other plugins, if you have a compatible WordPress and WooCommerce version. I have this plugin working on multiple sites that are constantly used and some of them have 20-30 orders every day. The plugin’s code is really good quality, compared to a lot other.

I am not going to disable any plugin, This is a busy site and working perfectly with a more complicated other plugins like sumo reward point and others, like a developer your have to take care your work Must be adjusted and integrate into the area we are working And do not throw faults on others, I am sorry that I am rude, But we have a lot of experience (and we are buying a lot from here) with other developer and we can immediately feel who gives a serious support, Some other developer offers a tech login support to understand what is a problem with a tools that I did not have, Most of the time they Find the problem faster than us, This is I am calling support. Now I am not really want your support and use your plugin and I am asking again my money back OR I will have to request it from Envato.

First of all, I have not suggested you to disable plugins on a live site. Also, I do not suggest you to add any functionality-adding plugins to a live site. It seems you’re doing it.

Secondly, if you are not willing test plugin’s compability with others, how can I help you?

Thirdly, as a real developer (not a one who uses template and plugins, but creates full custom jobs) for my everyday life, I always take full responsibility of my code.

If you idea of support is that I am supposed to take a look at your 50-plugin site and check out why one perfectly normal and simple plugin does not work, then you’re wrong.

If testing compability with other plugins is blaming other plugin developers, then bite me.

“WooCommerce Write a Review Reminder” is a simple plugin without too much code and functionality – so that means, there’s not much that could go wrong. I saw that one of your websites that is in your profile, has WooCommerce 2.6.x – it’s very well compatible.

Like I said, I do not handle refunds and you will have to request it from Envato.

Hi does it work with WooCommerce 3.04? Thanks!

Hello. This plugin is compatible with WooCommerce 3.0.x

Can I set a filter (in GUI or with code) to just send review reminders to the people who bought an item in a certain category?

That answers my question pretty good :) And yes: Please make this a feature. This would sell the plugin for me. Nobody else has this and we have products which just donÄt make any sense to be reviewed.

Just to be specific. Do you need that filter, or GUI that allows you to choose categories which will be included/excluded?

A GUI option that allows me to choose the categories which will be included would be perfect (also I think this would be a good addiction to the plugin). If you can’t do the GUI the filter will do.

Any way to see which customer the plugin have sent too?

You can use a plugin like “Email log” to see emails, that have been sent out.

Hi there, Pre-sale questions is the plugin compatible with the latest woo as it hasn’t been updated for sometime? Also have you added the exclude categories as discussed above with @kikidan ?


Hi. I just submitted a new version of this plugin to CodeCanyon and it will be available in a coupon of days. I made it compatible with WooCommerce 3, but the extra feature for category exclusion is not yet added.

Whoa, that was fast – update for WC 3 compatibility is out.

Thanks for the confirmation, when would you be looking at adding the category exclusion option to the plugin as we have some items that we don’t need reviews for?

Can you confirm the plugin includes a link/button to the product review tab?

Thanks for the confirmation it’s now updated. When would you be looking at adding the category exclusion option to the plugin as we have some items that we don’t need reviews for?

Can you confirm the plugin includes a link/button to the product review tab?

Dude 6 days from my reply to your reply…with now answer! Hope your support is not this slow!

Since it’s been so long from your reply…AGAIN is your plugin compatible with the latest WooComerce update?

This plugin is compatible with WooCommerce 3.2.6. Version 3.3.0, which was just released, is not yet tested, but there should be no issues with it.

Category exclusion/inclusion is on the roadmap, but no release date specified yet.

No, you are not able to add an email link to the product.

hi admin. PSQ: the link to the purchased product will automatically be integrated in the email? or is there just simple text.