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Can users share their wishlist?

Well this is the first stable realise and sharing wishlists weren’t our main objective while creating it. For now the wishlists are kept private and stored securely in the database. In the next update we’ll add sharing options.

Thanks for the idea, cheers!

demo not working?

Will the user be able to have different wishlist folders?

Your Live Preview is in fact not a Live Preview. It is just more information.

You will do much better with a real preview

Anybody bought and installed it?

Very Nice Work :)

Where’s the ‘live preview’? All I get is just some marketing content. No interaction at all.

A couple of questions before I buy: Do I have to use the heart icon? I would rather a text based option such as “add to cart.” Second, will each person’s wishlist have their URL so my customers can share their wishlists with me?

Hi – Does the Wishlist extension support Affiliate Products? Many thanks

Because I don’t see any support here nor a working preview site i have decided to purchase from an other supplier. Just so you know.


I bought the wpweb woocommerce collections plugin a few days ago. It has nice features – however it does not work for Variable products. It has a bug where the Collection button does not show at all and only appears when the user selects the size and colour or whatever is in the lists. This is ridiculous because the consumer never even knows the option to add to collections exist if they cannot see the button. And they are idiots who have no idea how to provide support or communicate with paid users of their plugin, rude and arrogant, nor do they know what end users require, just what they as programmers want to deliver.

What I would like to know please is will your plugin work fine with variable products, in other words,

a) can I add to collections just visit a product without having to select all criteria first

b) can a logged in user have their own private collection list

c) can the site Editor view all customer collections just by selecting collections and seeing the various collection sets created by registered customers and also see who that collection belongs to.

d) can a register customer create multiple collections. Like the eBay collections process.


I bought this plugin and it doesn’t work with my theme The7: it displays a “Cat” icon instead of the Heart icon and a weird icon instead of the “X” icon. I also can’t place the icon on the product image as shown on the animated gif or on the plugin banner picture. Missing lots of settings too … If i don’t get help fast, i’ll ask for a refund!

Not sure how active WhoWP is right now as I’m seeing a lot of comments not being responded to but hoping I can get an answer for this. With the wishlist, are we able to see who’s got items on a wish list and run an email campaign for when we put those items on sale? Can the emails be exported or even synced with MailChimp?