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Hi! We’re interested in creating a gift registry function on a client site, but they have a few requests. I’m wondering if your plugin accommodates these:

Wishlist expiration: the way the client would like it to work is for the customer to set a “due date” for their wishlist (maybe their wedding date, or engagement date…). Whenever an item from that wishlist is purchased by one of their guests, it’s not shipped, but just held. Then, once that expiration date is reached, the store is notified and every item on their list that’s been purchased by other people are shipped together. That helps the store keep their shipping costs low (instead of shipping an item every time it’s purchased from the wishlist) and also allows the customer who created the list to receive everything at once.

No, we don’t have this type of option in this plugin.


I am interested in buying your plugin but I have a few questions first :

When the users are not connected to their account, and they click on the “add to wishlist button”, what will happen ?

Is it possible, in that case, to make appear a window asking people to log in first to be able to use this button ?

Thank you and have a good day.

Yes, a popup modal will show after clicking the wishlist icons if your are not logged in.


piglabs Purchased

where do i get the reuse plugin

from it’s free.

Looks great …

(a) Will the add to collection button display as purple or will it use my themes style sheet? Or can I change the color of the button easily?

(b) I use variable products – will the add to collection button still display in my shop? Not just on the product.

Also where can I get the wishlist plugin you are using in your demo?

Thank you!


Thanks for your interest,

Hope you are doing great,

a) we have used the Avada theme for our demo site so if you use this theme you will get the exact same color. but if you have a different theme you can change the color of the button easily using css code.

b) yes by using our plugin configuration it will add the collection button in your shop using the shortcode.

you will get the plugin that been used in our demo by purchasing our plugin.

let us know if you need more information



Nice plugin. I’m looking for similar function like your plugin. But I want it to be used to wishlist images and add images to collection.

Can this plugin work for it? Tq

Yes, this plugin support custom post type.

Have bought it. How do I configure the plugin? Nothing shows up on my site to add to wishlist I can only add collection from back end. Advise tq

open a support ticket:


Is it possible for users to make a ‘Wishlist’ and then send this wishlist via a contact form to a website admin?

We’re trying to do a ‘Request a quote’ for your wishlist.



Hi, This feature can be done via freelance work. Let us know about it in our profile message.


I’m considering buying this plugin but have a question:

Once you have added a product to a collection is there a way to mark on the product page that you already have this in a collection.

I am looking at developing a woocommerce site for collectors, and so want them to have a clear indicator on each product that they already own it.

I tried to use your live preview but am getting many 404 errors.

Yes, when you add any product in any collection lists the icon will change, also I have fixed the menu link issue for 404 errors. Check the demo now.


Hi I am interested in the purchase. I need to build a solution where i will have a customer to select from a number of pictures and generate one or more collections to be shared via mail . If i understand the plugin is able to manage any custom post type but what if my images are not a gallery or a custom post type ? will it work also with stnad alone images or standard wordpress galleries ?

Hi obimarketing,
Thanks for your inquiry. But sorry to inform that the procedure you have mentioned isn’t available.
Thanks RedQ Team

None of the said function works. Support does not reply. Already 2 weeks waiting.

Hi, I am checking your issues. I am trying to find the solution for that. I will keep you informed. Thanks.

Hello there,

Great plugin!

I’m interested if this plugin has this features:

1. Let’s say I want to put a product on a collection which I want to be public. A pop-up/modal should appear and ask me to login/register in order to add that product to a collection.

I guess for this I have to install another plugin for these capabilities like login/register with facebook/twitter on a modal/popup?

2. Is it possible to display on the product how many people added that product to a collection? Or retrieve their avatars?

To have a better understanding of what I’m looking for, here it’s a super nice example:

Thank you and good luck with sales!

Hi, We don’t have any social login plugin integration with this plugin. Have a nice day..

I am managing a business directory that requires wishlist functionality for businesses both in the category pages, and the detail pages.

Could your plugin offer this?

Hi, Our plugin works with post or any custom post. You can use the wishlist shortcode in your php template files. Thanks