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nice work, DCSF

Hello DCSF, Thanks a lot :)

Hello, Great Plugin! we are interested in purchasing a plugin for collections but are seeking these features to be possible. Please let us if these features are available and or will be available soon (in the next 30 days):

1. Role permissions – ability to select which users are allowed to create collections. Basically disable it globally and have ability to select if collections feature is shown to a specific user role(s).

2. the ability for admin to create collection categories. So for example we have a page where we just want public collections of a particular category type to show only. For sites that have more than 1 category type this is necessary for their visitors to see public collections pages of interest.

3. social sharing is very important for collections because they have to be shared. we tend not to be for adding more plugins to a e-commerce site which just adds more load to site. If you could add a social sharing, email, and print feature that would be great. Print is great so user create a pdf via print or print color for cataloging purposes.

4. ability to show in a horizontal grid and or slider. If the collections pages are made with categories as stated in #1 a admin can also just make a visual collection category slider(ex. fall collection, winter collection(s), etc.) using Visual composer or just a post grid each having a target url that points to a specific categories collection listing multiple collections in category page(ex. fashion collections) or just a specific collection page where you see the products in the specified collections as you have now. This feature is not as important as the other two but does now show the importance of why #1 must be done for our site.



Here is your answer for your following question.

1. Yes, it’s possible to add role base restriction for collections. We will add that in next update. 2. We didn’t think that way. Need some more details about this. 3. Social sharing is already implemented. See the bottom of the page. 4. Do you have any design ready? If not then could you show some example?

Thanks, RedQ Team

Nice item! GLWS :)

Thanks :)

very nice work :)

Thank you :)

i’m interested if i can present the wishlist into a separate page via shortcodes, not in My Account section.. actually i have this option on?

Currently its not possible but we’re making an update for this. We will push it soon. thanks

Interested in this plugin, but having concerns about compatibility with my theme. I’m using the WordPress theme “Savoy” from Themeforest.

Will there be any problems? (design, style, functionality…)

It should work, we will be there for the support. If anything comes up, we’ll try to fix asap. Thanks :)

Thanks for your answer.

Is it possible to give a single collection a description (text, just like a WooCommerce category description)? It would be great for SEO reasons to create collections and give them a description – you can create collections like “suitable shoes for wedding” and rank with them on Google.

yes, you can add some description in the collection.

Hi – Does the Wishlist extension support Affiliate Products? Many thanks

Yes. It will work with any product type for woocommerce. Thanks

Hi, I like your plugin!

it is a little bit challenging to imagine how the look and feel will be with my theme ( :-) What kind of customization is possible (icon, text, position, product page and/or catalogue page).

Is it possible to make the wish list available only for registered users? How is the client informed about that if he clicks on “wish list” and he is not logged in?

Thanks Serge

PS: I like the flip of product image on your catalogue page. Do you use a plugin for this? Thanks!

Hi, your support page is not working. I purchased the plugin and got a Key, but after loggin in with my envato account, I am not able to submit a ticket. It says “no product purchased”.

Hello, Try now, we have added the category.