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Hi, can i set difderent prices for different wholesalers depending on their login?

Hi there, I have a pre-sale question – I’ve tried a similar plugin and found that because of the theme I’m using, which has it’s own product grid that is different from the default Woocommerce page, non-wholesale items show on shop pages even though they should be hidden. If I buy this and have the same issue, would you be able to offer support to fix this?


Yes sure, we are more than happy to help. Thanks!

im selling configurable/bundle products only, this will work?

hello? will this work with “Product Bundles” from woocommerce?

Hi, i saw that the retail price will still show for logged out users? what is the solution to hide it? ONLY logged users will see regular price as well whole sale price

Hello I was running your’s demo but i really can’t find Wholesale things, i am interested in Plugin but i need plugin which make price per WHOLESALE account i want have 3 types of wholesale accounts and 3 different prices, also i want to not registered/registered normal users have normal prices, is your plugin have it ?

Hi I have a pre sale question – I have products in catalogue mode, can wholesale prices work and show to logged in wholesalers if Yith plugin catalogue mode is enabled?


Does this plugin allow me to show products only to logged in users?

Thanks in advance.


Yes of course :)


Thanks for the quick reply

I just went to your support system and tried to submit a support ticket and it seems I am forced to pay for “credits” to access your support despite paying through Theme Forrest to upgrade my support?

Hi, you are not “forced” just select the “no rush option”


Guys, fix your support system. It’s giving a blank white screen at the moment.


zlajo22 Purchased

This plugin does not work that well at all… Bugs and has a lot of issues. I would like a refund ASAP.

Example: I put 10 products that cost 19 each in to the basket -> go to check out -> total price = 180

Please, I wish a refund

Hi, Are you upto date with the latest plugin, woocommerce and wordpress?

Plugin is currently broken and causes a white screen when trying to activate. After woocommerce update we had to go through our plugins one by one to figure out which plugin was breaking things. Its definitely yours. Fix your plugin!!

Warning: Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=11782 in /var/www/vhosts/**OMITTED*.com/httpdocs/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1924

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi, We have tested and works perfectly fine with the latest version of WooCommerce. The warning you have provided is nothing to do with our plugin.


Hi, i bought your plugin several months ago and installed it on a customer new release site with no problem, this version has been populated and putten online this january.

Last week my customer asked me about a very high latecy time in page loading, in particular shop/category/product pages, so i investigated disabling and re-enabling all plugins.

I’ve noted that same pages has more than 6/8/10 seconds more TTFB waiting time if your plugin is installed, and cpu has a very high use before head is loaded

my customer catalogue has a lot of items with variations (all products or quite all) and i think this cause a lot of queries to db when the plugin is active

have you experienced something similar? if yes do you have a solution?

the plugins is the latest release wp is latest version woo is 2.5.5

server is linux based, dedicated, this site only hosted, Intel® Xeon® CPU E31220 3.10GHz 4 cores with 12gb ram, 2gb dedicated to php, 1,4 gb dedicated to wp – optimized in cache, nginx config etc… so i can exclude server performances problems

i need your plugin to manage some group discounts, it’s mandatory for us, but these load time are unacceptable for users, i need to find a solutions, even because my customer has already inserted all wholesale prices, so i prefer to mantain this plugin in action

the site is:

and these are two test of same page, with just your plugin activated or deactivated, see the TTFB time



in this moment the plugin is active on site

if you need i can create a clone of the site and grand you all accesses

please let me know, many many thanks

any news?


This should be ok now. Our plugin update script was down, hence the long page loading time.



Tassevem Purchased

I have same problem as gstrambi…..... Please inform as soon as there is a fix for this…


This should be ok now. Our plugin update script was down, hence the long page loading time.



Tassevem Purchased

Thank you.


I am so sick of going to Plugin demo sites just to see them give 404 or 500 or just not found.

Pathetic !!

That’s the issue when you have a popular plugin, people want to cause you issues by taking your site down. Thanks for pointing it out (Y)

Hello, The plugin get the site got unresponsive frequently. When I debugged, I found a reference to cause the issue.

Any permanent fix for that ?

I am not sure why the above url getting unresponsive and it is the 1st line of code in the plugin.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Sincerely, Chase

Hi, This should be fixed now :)


This Plugin don’t work and after contact support you need to wait if you dont pay more to solve the problem quickly. I want my money back…. No comment

You have never contacted us?

Hi, does it work with WP All Import Pro for variable products? I would like to set the wholesale pricing automatically.


As long as you can specify custom fields in the csv you upload, then it will work.