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Pre Purchase Question

Instead of Wholesale can we keep Our Price or anything ?


Yes you can change the label to anything from the plugin option page.

Yes, You can.

hi. is it possible to show wholesale price to non-wholesale customers so this audience can see the savings if they become wholesalers (or members in my case) – for simple & variable products. pretty much as you have it, but working in reverse for non-wholesalers. thanks

can i also provide wholesaler discounts at a product level, or only at a role level? sorry it’s not clear and the demo doesn’t work as far as i can tell.

Hi Abut to buy it so just want to confirm that this is module is visible to all customer not to wholesaler only right ?


The Wholesale pricing is only visible to those who logged in as wholesale customer (or any particular role that you choose from plugin option page).

Hi, What if i want to display to all customers ?

I can customize the plugin as per your requirement. Please contact me at ferozjaf@yahoo.co.uk

Hello, I am having the same issue as #paulluxford. Anytime I add the wholesale price in a product variation and save attributes the price disappears. I have version 1.2.0. Is there a newer version out there that fixes this problem? Thanks!

Hey, Does it mean the price is not saved or price just not showing in the input field after you save it? What version of woocommerce you are using? reply me at ferozjaf@yahoo.co.uk

What I need is just a way to show MSRP, my price and maybe percentage discount on a per-product basis.

Will this plugin handle that?



Can you apply it to multiple roles? Perhaps guest, subscriber, etc etc?

That way I’d be covered, right?

Never mind. I would have to have a role for every product doing it that way.

Ok so if you need any customization, contact me at ferozjaf@yahoo.co.uk

Does your plugin work with WooCommerce dynamic pricing?

No. If you need any custom wholesale plugin,we can discuss. thanks

before purchasing this plug ins just want to ask if there is a money back guarantee

Please check envato policy

Is it possible to show a product only to wholesale and not to other users?

To make it so we have to add some custom functions. Let me know if you need any customization. Thanks

“Hi Abut to buy it so just want to confirm that this is module is visible to all customer not to wholesaler only right ?”

Was this feature ever added to the plugin?

Yes, I was asking because you answered to someone here that you could customize it so it could be visible to all users. Did this ever happened? If not, how much would it cost to do so?

Can you please drop me an email that explains how exactly you need it to be functioned?

Hello and congratulations for the excellent plugin. Help me please. How did you get the “choose a field to bulk edit” in image 8? I need it to bulk edit the whole price in variable products but I cannot get it.. =/

Thanks! Do you want to bulk edit all the variation prices? drop me an email at ferozjaf@yahoo.co.uk

Presale Question:

I know the plugin offers minimum quantity. However, can it set it to show per dozen? I need the minimum to be 12 but they must purchase in sets of 12 to continue to get the fixed price (ie. 12, 24, 48 qty). If they do not get the sets of 12 qty, then they will be charged regular price.

Can your plugin do this?

Here is a better explanation:

The key is, they have to buy in quantities of 12 to receive the discount. Otherwise, their price is the same as my Retail customers (regular price). Keep in mind, their discount amount does not increase if they buy more dozen quantities…they have fixed pricing. The goal is that they buy in dozen quantities.

If they buy 13, they will get the discount price for the 12 and regular price for the one extra. If they buy one dozen at $52.00, the second dozen will also be $52.00.

This needs plugin customization. Please drop an email at ferozjaf@yahoo.co.uk

I’d like to report a bug. The minimum quantity per product does not work if the wholesale customer is using Safari on iPhone or iPad. Although the minimum quantity is set in the quantity text box as default, the customer can overwrite it with any number and it will be added to the basket.

Replied. Please check your mail. thanks

Pre-sales question. Can you add a role that is tax exempt?

I can customize it for you.

Hello, Does this plugin allow me to add an across the board discount of 30% to anyone who I choose for wholesale role? Or do I have to do each price individually?

Hey, The wholesale manager plugin doesn’t allow any kind of discounts but it provides an option to set wholesale price to each products. For role discount please check my other plugin (this is the link) https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-role-price-manager/10135760


This plugin does not appear to work with WooCommerce 2.6.4. Whenever we change a wholesale price in the product variations section and save it, the old wholesale price remains. Any upgrades coming soon?

Please check your email.

Hi, pre-sale question : Is it possible to hide prices for unconnected visitors but show them for connected visitors ? Thank you.

Do you mean hiding prices from non logged visitors?

Yes, exactly !

Yes it hide wholesale prices from non logged visitors.


epscomm Purchased

Feroz, you said this plugin was going to get an update more than a couple months ago. You haven’t replied to my email from October, and we still can’t use the plugin in our web store. Will the update be out soon?

Done it.

Is it possible to create groups / roles with unique discounts for each? For examples to offer better discounts for higher volume customers. Thank you.

I can customize the plugin for you. Please contact ferozjaf@yahoo.co.uk if you are interested. Thanks

is this item still supported I just purchased it and I can not get the tax exempt to work. I may need to request refund :)

Please check your email. Thanks