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Hello Adding orders manually for wholesale customers who are tax exempt customers still the tax is added to the total. after i chose the customer “wholesale role” then add products then hit calculate, It still adds tax to the total price.

Please provide me your email at ferozjaf@yahoo.co.uk, i will do a workaround. Thanks

Presale question: Does this plugin offer any kind of wholesaler registration where an admin can approve/reject a request to become a wholesaler?

This feature will be available on next update which will be released soon. Thanks

Presale question:

1) Can you create multiple wholesale roles? For example we have wholesale1, wholesale2 and wholesale3. Each has their own pricing structure.

2) Can a person register and then admin can approve or not approve and if approved assign one of the three tiers?

I can customize the plugin for you. Please drop me an email at ferozjaf@yahoo.co.uk and lets discuss. thanks


i would like to ask about demo, it’s showing 404.

Thank You.

Hi, The demo is temporarily unavailable due to site revamping. This will be available in 24 hours. Thanks

still no demo?

Hi there,

I am having 2 problems with this plugin and pricing.

1. I use an Essential Grid to display the Woocommerce shop on our wholesale site. When this plugin is activated, the prices displayed are all the same and not correct (one item is correct).

2. If I put an item in the cart and look at the cart, the Price shows correctly, but the Total does not (the total is showing the full price instead of the wholesale prices).

If I deactivate this plugin, everything works as it should.

Can you please provide some guidance?

1. On the Shop page, pricing is not displaying correctly. All items are displaying the pricing as the same and are incorrect for everything except one item ($13.99).

2. The Cart Totals are not correct. If I place an item in the Cart and view the Cart, the Price shows as correct, but the Total does not. The Total is totalling the full price, instead of the wholesale price.

Please check your email. thanks

My client just bought this plugin today and having an issue with it (I can get you license from them). The ADMIN > WOOCOMM > WHOLESALE MANAGER settings for “select roles” isnt saving. It says it saved, but doesnt and on page refresh whatever roles you saved are gone. Thus not working on front end either for “tax exempt”. Can you help? Thank you.

Hey, It seems like ajax conflict. Please drop me an email at ferozjaf@yahoo.co.uk

I bought the product, experienced installation difficulties, contacted the author, answered questions very quickly, now everything works great. Thank you

Thank you

My clients needs a wholesale price per each product but also a discount when they order 20, 30, 40…does this plugin offer price changes?

Are you gonna update this plugin? Thanks.