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Hi, if i set hide products without wholesale price for wholesale customer, then i have problem with variable products. Simple products are showing ok, but variable products not. If i unset “hide products”, then showing all products ok. Any ideas please?

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hmm ?

Hi, before purchase i need to make sure of few things please:

1- when a new wholesale customer send a request to be verified from the admin, is it like creating a form for that? or how?

2- I dont need to duplicate products for multiple wholesale customers? in the same product i can set many prices and it will be linked to roles that i create in admin?

3- if i dont want to show prices on the public site…prices will be shown only for whole sale? can be done?

4- i saw you have 3 plugins. this one will do the other 2 functionalities.. is it preferred to buy each alone or this one do the job: first approving the wholesale client then creating the many roles -prices whole sale

last question, if i use hide my wordpress plugin(which i can define a customized wordpress url) , if it the same url i should give client to access their whole sale prices or i can customize the URL?

thank you, waiting your answer


1. There is a drop down menu added to the default registration form with the option to select “Retail” or “Wholesale” customer.

2.No products need to be duplicated. Multiple prices can be added to each product assigned to a user role.

3.They is the option to hide products from retail customers if not retail price is set, but only when a wholesale price is.

4. The Wholesale Bundle should cover all of your needs.

5. No separate URL is needed. Products are listed in the default way with prices showing your the particular user role that is signed in.

I hope this helps?


hello, i have a pre-purchase question- im in need of the ability to set % off wholesale price, (instead of % off msrp/sale price) based on defined wholesale user roles. is this plugin able to accomplish this?


It looks like you need this plugin for what you need:


1, thank you for the quick response. 2, i tried using the demo to confirm the exact functionality (% off wholesale price vs. % off msrp/sale price), but the link provided on the page you sent is showing ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT. Has the link changed? (i noticed it’s your company’s plugin as well)


We will get a new demo up shortly.


Hi, still waiting on a reply from my support ticket since the 12/7? Can someone please help me resolve why the plugin is not working? -Thanks CDS-1250

Ticket Details: Just purchased – Not working | CDS-1250

Hi, Someone will reply to your ticket shortly.


Still waiting on a reply, my deadline was a week ago. Can I please get a refund? I cannot wait any longer for support.

Hello i just purchased the plugin, i would like to know please: 1- how to set registration form for the whole sale clients? 2- because i saw when enabling the wholesale prices it’s giving role for wordpress role (shop manager- administrator….)

i would like to understand how it works! how the wholesale client send the form as request? to be approved for specific role! then how they will have access??? thank you

i sent you 16 days ago…why you didnt answer! i purchased this plugin at least you need to show your clients how it works…

i sent you 16 days ago…why you didnt answer! i purchased this plugin at least you need to show your clients how it works…

can you please answer the message!!!!


izchel Purchased

Hi, I tried to login into support to look for help but it is not logging in, it just refreshes. Anyway, I have a question regarding the labels. I created roles and assigned the prices for those roles. I set up the settings to display prices options. When I login in my website with a user with that role, it is not displaying the labels RRP or Show Current User Role Price…. What might I be doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Izchel.

Can additional some additional registration field can be added ?

Does this Bundle Also include ” WooCommerce Invoice Payment Gateway” We want only invoice option availalbe to WholeSale customers… and have higher % basis price on all store products


Afraid not, this will need to be purchased separately.



anagam Purchased

Hi there I purchased your wholesale plugin over a year ago and it does not calculate correctly in the final tally. There is a not to upgrade to version 2.2 but the bundle I bought does not offer the update. Please advise!

HI, i purchased the plugin not long time ago, and i supposed due to theme forest regulation that am supported …

i opened a ticket on your website to help please in the plugin, about the registration form, if you can send me few screen shots! and about the access role?

please answer

Hello, I opened a support ticket on the website a few days ago and I have not received an answer so far. I tried to sign in again and I do not remember my password, and the website does not have a form of password recovery. Please answer my ticket urgently and send me a new password for my user. I need to solve the problems pointed out in the ticket to deliver this project. Please, I have a lot of urgency. Thanks!

Its hard to get a response from code_den. I have other projects that i like to use this plugin but i will ask for a refund. Bad support!

Hello, i have pre purchase question, its possible to SETUP 3 Groups of WHOLESALE Customers and make it different price for each group ? For example Good supplier will get X price a bit worst supplier Y price? and bad supplier Z price ?

Hi, Of course! You can create 3 different roles, and assign different prices to them.


please answer it’s very urgent: 1- does the plugin works for variable product price??? 2- if i want to disable the wholesale pricing in the Wholesale Bundle and just keep the whole sale register….please let me know how i disable it from cpanel.

i need refund for both my license i purchased…your plugin doesn’t work properly. the prices cant be set for variable products..which you didnt include in the plugin description. i saw comments from couple of years people asking why variable prices not working…till now you didnt fix. either you answer my ticket support…i need to remove the pricing from the plugin only keep the register.

OR please do refund otherwise i will escalate to Envato

Hi , im looking for a Pay in 12 months with no interest ( 12×100 ) button that can be used on the product page and cart.