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Hi, any live demo & screenshots?

Hello 2schaa,

you can read the documentation here:

there are also some screenshots, all of which are also on the product page here on codecanyon.


Hello, I bought your plugin and it works smoothly. Good job, just what I was looking for. One question though…it would be nice if all the products across the website would show the wholesale prices once the wholesaler is logged in and not just when the user views the shopping cart. Is there any plans in the future to have all the products across the board show the wholesale prices if the user is logged in and not just when the user views the cart?

Hello WDjoe,

yes, that is one of the first features we will add. Logged in wholesalers will see the discounted price on each product. It should be released in a couple of weeks at most.


Your plugin is now perfect with the last update you made(version 1.1). Excellent work.I highly recommend this plugin if you are selling items at wholesale to select customers.

Thank you!

Great plugin and from the screenshots it seems very simple but in order to be better it needs to have the option to set the price discount for each wholesaler.

Thank you for the suggestion bundyflavour,

we will take that into consideration for the future development!

Hi – pre-sales question. Do the members see that they are designated as wholesalers? or is that just on the back end? thank you!

Hello lassodmoon,

no a wholesaler does not see he is a wholesaler. The difference is that when logged in the prices are showing as discounted instead of having the original price.



I have a user role in my woostore called ‘professionals’. They get 15% discount in every product.

With your plugin is it possible to have a registration form (with the fields I require) and have it set up to the user role ‘professionals’. BUT the confirmation must be done manually

Hello mrcb,

the registration form is already implemented in our system and it can be a custom form by using contact form 7.

As for your question, do you want all professionals to have 15% discount? If so the plugin can be easily modified to assign the role professionals to the requesting user instead of the one we assign by default (wholesaler) and we can add the capability needed for our checks to the professionals role.


I am looking for a plugin like this and I wonder if your’s supports simple and variable products? What are the options for delivery charges as wholesale is different to regular online sales? Can each wholesale buyer be allocated different discounts off the wholesale prices for their account? Has the update been done to have each product across the website showing the wholesale prices once the wholesaler is logged in?

Hi niffty2016,

yes the plugin supports both simple and variable products. The plugin does not offer discounts for delivery. we just target products. Each wholesaler has the same discount applied. There is no “per user” discount. And yes the update does show the discounted prices on the frontend when the user is logged in.


1. Ok great it supports both simple and variable products. 2. Sorry for confusion, but I wasn’t wanting discounts on delivery, just need to be able to have a different delivery setup for wholesale customers to regular online sales? is this possible? 3. We have wholesale customers that receive different discounts than other wholesale customers, is this not possible? 4. That’s great the update does show the discounted prices on the frontend when the user is logged in.

Hello Niffty2016,

2) no it is not possible with our plugin because we do not touch the shipping part in any way. You might search for a role based shipping plugin, there is probably something out there :) 3) no at the moment the discount is the same for all wholesalers.


Hi – presales Q – is it possible to add a second user role on your plugin?

So we could have ‘Retailer’ and ‘Wholesaler’ who may get 20% and 40% discount respectively?


Hello Ourkid,

it is not possible at the moment, but is something we are considering for the future versions.


Is it have place to put min order? work with muilti vendor? How notification will go if work with muiti vendor (No notification to admin, vendor only)?

my web is muiti vendor, is it allow wholesale-vendor role?

Hello oanhtran1804,

no there is not minimum order, the plugin gives a discount to all wholesaler user type. What do you exactly mean by multi vendor? Multi site?


Hi Sir, Is this features able to show at the front store rather than show after click checkout? If yes, do you have demo for preview?

Glad you solved!

Hi Articnet, do you consider showing original price and wholesaler price in your next update?

Hello emilyong78,

yes we are considering that but we do not have an ETA for the product, yet.



we can’t comment the plugin sir ?

so, can we test a demo please ?

is it possible to assigne price min, price max and several discounts according to quantities


Hello litocom,

what do you mean by “we can’t comment”?

There is no demo available for the plugin. Also this wholesale plugin works so that wholesaler users have a different price compared to normal users, this does not offer bulk quantity discount.

Hope this helps! Thanks!


I’ve purchased your item. I hope you will implement next feature update (multiple wholesale roles) for example like this comment

Hello farahmawan,

thank you for the suggestion, we will consider that for the future release!


How to setup minimum order for wholesaler? I dont understand with this concept plugin. we need wholesaler can sell our product in our site (customer can buy our product from our wholesaler they know and shipping rate isn’t expensive) or wholesale need to buy minimum order for becoming wholesaler for they sell offline. if the normal price of every sale product we will change when it becomes a wholesaler, then all will be vying to become a wholesaler for a cheaper price for each product.

Hello farahmawan,

the concept of the plugin is to have wholesale users on your site. A wholesaler can become a wholesaler ONLY after approval of the administrator. Not everyone is allowed to. Hope that clarifies,


okay, how about minimum order? can we change restricted access some product for becoming wholesaler or specific products that can be bought by wholesaler?

Hello farahmawan,

we are soon gonna release an update with new features.


Pre-sale questions: Have you released an update since Oct 2016? Also I read through previous comments….So you are say the discount will work on variable products, but I can not create multiple variations of discounts per single product? Here’s an example of what I have on my employer’s website…. I have a vape juice product that has multiple sizes (ML) and multiple nicotine strengths (NIC%) for every individual flavor. I also have multiple wholesale pricing tiers. They are as follows with the % representing discount off the Wholesale Price… Wholesale | Bronze (5%) | Silver (10%) | Gold (15%) | Platinum (20%) For example I have my Strawberry juice with a variables of 15ml ($5.00) and 30ml ($10.00). Each size (ml) has 3 variables of (nic%). So on top of that I have my variables of User Roles. 15ml – Wholesale $5.00 Bronze $4.75 Silver $4.50 Gold $4.25 Platinum $4.00 30ml – Wholesale $10.00 Bronze $9.50 Silver $9.00 Gold $8.50 Platinum $8.00 *Will I be able to do this? Some products I have up to 5 ml variations per product as well as 5 nic% variations per ml size.

I forgot to mention I need there to be no sales tax for my wholesale customers. Is that doable?

Hello GraphicsKhaliVapors,

the plugin has no updates since october 2016, we have one planned soon but it will not cover the features that you want unfortunately.

That would require a custom modification or another plugin.


Hi, is it possible for visitors to fill out the form without being a customer first? I want visitors to use the form before adding them as a user.

Hello conjuncktionman,

no this feature is not possible with this plugin. But any registered user can request membership, regardless of their level.


I would like a refund for this. It doesn’t do what I require from it.


Hello conjunktionman,

what feature is missing from the features listed on the product page? Also, refunds have to be processed from the appropriate section, please consult envato guides on how to request them.



bawd Purchased

Contact Form 7 requests do not appear on the Requests page under Wholesale -> Requests. How can I resolve this?

Hello bawd,

thank you for pointing that out. We investigated the issue and was due to a change in the code of CF7. We are posting an update on codecanyon right now. If you need the version earlier please contact us from out profile.



bawd Purchased

Please send the earlier version. Thanks!

replied via mail, thanks!