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Not sure but I think the same functionality can be achieved using the Custom Checkout Options / Checkout field editor plugin.

Do you have any such differences in this plugin that can work over and above creating a custom checkout field for Where did you find us?

You can look in terms of percentage and numbers.

You can refer to the screenshots. You would get more clear idea what I am talking about.

I refer to the plugin you mentioned, positioning available only in PRO version. And do not see ant graphs/charts for analysis. If he enters Others, those also would be represented in Charts in separate Tab

I can tell this plugin serves its specified purpose better than Checkout field editor plugin

This plugin has the very common Other Option, where a text field appears to specify where, when you select other.. Not certain if the other plugin can do that.

Also, the primary reason I’m about to buy this is for the statistics data, I don’t want to look at each order to find out what the customer chose, I want data. and this plugin does that according to the Bar Graphs etc

I’m really surprised it took so long for this function to exist seeing as how many commerce websites use this type of thing

I like the idea behind this.

Is there a way you can add in the option to have whoever is checking out to Type In who referred them as opposed to choosing the drop down “Friend” ?

I’d like to purchase this, but the type of referral program I run is based off of specific names referring them as opposed to a generalization or affiliate link.

Let me know. Thanks!

Basically you need a free text box, am I right?

Correct. A text box that will allow the customer to type in the person who referred them or specific organization.

This is a great plugin, thank you!

BUT, is it or will it be available with wpml? :-)

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Thanks for your compliments. in a week’s time, I will make it.

Thats fab!! Will we get a note when its done? :-) Thank you so much!


Thanks for the plugin, seems to be doing the trick.

I looked on your forum and FAQ but I can’t work out how to change ‘WHERE DID YOU FIND US’ to something different.

Can you please let me know in simple terms?


I just want to change the text. Thanks.

Worked it out, thanks!

PS Anyone else reading, it’s in templates>custom-fields.php

Thanks Fridja for saying where it was once you found it! If everyone on the internet did that then it would be a far better place! Good job!


I am having a problem not seeing the form before the “Order Notes”. I have the plugin activated with the options that I want, but it still does not work. I do not understand about making sure it is in the Menu?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I want to get this plugin working ASAP for my customers. Also any help with a CSS code for a Dark Gray color for the border would be great as well.

Thank you!

can you please raise support ticket, so that we can take it further?

Hi, thank you for your response. Where do I submit a support ticket at? Thank you.

Works great! one of the few plugins that will actually display the data.

Thanks :)

Very Nice Work:)

Thank you :)