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How does the Warranty and Return display on the product page? I see no screenshot example

Hello gentechsci,

Warranties and Returns do not appear on the product page. When a customer makes an order, he is able to check how much time is left for each product on his own frontend order dashboard.


HI there, I sent you a support request via email – any chance you could have a look at it please? Thanks!

Hello nhs99v, we replied via mail :)

Hi, thanks but some reason my return email to your message are getting rejected with a ‘550 Blacklisted’ message. I will send you a message now via this site.

When I just checked the Order Items view for the order, I am seeing the Warranties & Returns column in the heading but there is no breakdown underneath with how many warranty and returns days are left. Could that be causing the problem?

Hi, is there any chance you could support this product please? I’ve sent you a few messages about the problem I am having – which suggests that your product doesn’t actually work – but other than you asking “have you set the days correctly”, nothing has materialised in terms of dealing with the issue.

Mail from the site received, we replied you back.

Any update on progress as yet????

Replied via mail. Thanks!

Hi. Pre sale cuestion : is the plugin translation ready ? Mean via a language folder included somewhere ? (I’m not using WPML, I’m using PoEdit)

Hello esquipulas,

yes from update 1.4 we added .po/.mo files for translations.


Does this plugin have chinese version?

Does this plugin have Chinese version ?

Hello shuaiegg,

there was a small incomprehension. The “mails” that are sent, are actually notifications that are sent by the system to notify that a message has been posted. To answer those mails, you have to login on the server and answer from the profile page if you are a user, from the order “chat” if you are an admin.

The mail you are referring to is either taken from the general wordpress email OR from the plugin settings that you can find under Settings -> Woocommerce warranties and returns.


Where’s the “chat” button?Because I thought I can just reply by replying the notification. Can I send you some pics to describe my problem better?

Hello shuaiegg,

the chat we are talking about is here:


and client:

With the plugin you cannot directly reply to the emails, you have to communicate with this. The emails are sent just for notification/archiving purpose.


Hello I installed the Warranty plugin but what I do not understand is when someone puts a request in for warranty and we finish responding back and resolve the warranty claim how do we close the case out so that it still does not look like there is a customer request on the order screen?

Also is there a way to have a admin dashboard screen that shows open warranty request. If orders start coming in I can see request not being responded to due to them getting lost in the list since I can not find a way to close the request out.


Hello wpoutlet,

at the moment those two features are not available in the plugin. We will release in the next couple of weeks a feature that allows the “closing” of a warranty/return request, so it will look different from the current one on the dashboard.


Hi, I wanted to say thank you. I see the update that allows us to close the request. I have updated the plugin. Any plans on the dashboard box view.


Hello wpoutlet,

it is in the schedule, we are dealing with other projects at the moment but we will get back on that as soon as we have more time.


Hi. This plugin is compatible with multisite? Thx

Hello pedrodeblass,

we have not tested this plugin with multisite so there is no guarantee that it will work.


Does the plugin work for exchanges? We offer discounts if a customer returns their old product for recycling. Once we receive the product then we credit their account. Can this be done with this plugin?

Hello gentechsci,

unfortunately no, the plugin is not made for exchanges.


Hi any demo page ?

Hello tstirto,

unfortunately we do not have a demo available.


Hello, Can this plugin be configured to be only used as a Returns function, and no ‘warranty’ wording to the customer using the site? I do not want warranties, only returns function. Many thanks

Hello dionwall,

by putting warranties to 0 days the only option in the user dashboard will be for returns. The “Ask for Warranty” button can be renamed so there is no problem on that either.


Does this work if the person checks out with paypal express and they haven’t already logged in?

Hello jezweb,

can the user access the customer dashboard by checking out with paypal express? If there is no access to the dashboard where an user can see his orders, then it is not possible to request a warranty/return.



We use woocommerce to display products on website. There is no price, shopping cart, order page etc…

We hope to provide RMA for customer to feedback and tracking product.

Can we use the RMA system on our situation?


Hello HeeHA,

unfortunately now, the plugin is based on the orders made on the site. So if there is no order done the plugin cannot function.



How can I modify the reply to emails? Right now it’s showing (same for seller and customer)

Hello osatoerebor,

we do not send any mail to the customer, all the mail we send are using the default woocommerce settings. So if all your mails are being sent with that address, I suggest you look into that.


hey hello, can i expect a paid customization ? i want to give different return days for C.O.D orders and prepaid orders. is it possible?

Hello classicparth,

yes we do offer that. You can contact us from our profile, thanks!

Hello nice plugin, but i don’t see how is it work when we add new product. is there only write by hand number in each add new product?

Is it will auto count down date of return/refund? What is the word after this time end ?

is this have report system about return/refund?

Hope to get your reply soon. Looking this product to use


Hello Juliaabra,

the plugin works for all the products of your shop, and will use the general setting UNLESS it is overridden by the setting inside the product.

The plugin will auto count down depending on the date of the purchase. After the date is expired, the option for return/warranty will not be available.

It does not feature a refund system, but can keep track of the conversations between the admin and the customer.


I see in the screenshots the possibility of picking a single item from one order. But is it possible to pick multiple items ? For example, a single order consists of 3 items and the client wants to return 2. Can he pick the 2 items at once and submit them for Return/Warranty (given it’s during the assigned period). Or does he have to submit one item, and then a second time follow the same procedure for the 2nd item ?

Hello cgelici,

you can pick multiple items but only one at a time. So basically you can submit a return for one item and right after you can do it for another item in the same order.


hello, I installed and set up the plug in and made a test order of the warranted item. however when I go to the account page the return button is not showing up there. Please help Thx.

Hello bootstrapfashion,

did your order complete? Also did you enable the warranty days globally or per product? Can you check that the product has a correctly set number of days for the warranty?


1) Is it work with auto expried date admin setting for not allow create request refund anymore. About admin setting period warranty time, can you update to make it work by catalog?
Example: service order catalog, i want set only 1 days, which mean they can cancel order within 24 hours, if no , they have to pay for order service. not allow change.
for normal product catalog , i will set 7 days.
some specical catalog, i want set 14 days. I don’t want handy to set days, i want auto, but set due to catalog, not whole of website like the plugin current working now. best thank if you can update , i will purchase.
2) Is it available reply/answer similar dispute for refund same this website?

Hello JuliaAbraham,

1)Yes they will automatically expire once the days are over. As for the days assignment, you can assign only one value that will be applied to all the site, and you can manually set any product to have a different number of days. Next month we will release an update that will have the bulk day assign by category.

2)If you mean if there is a chat between the site owner and the customer, then yes there is a chat :)


1) Nice , when the next update available update me know .
2) The answer/reply is available rich text editor? For easier write big size or blod text for easier explain.
3) Do you have plan to make your plugin even none limited buyer (who is owner of buddypress, dokan, wc vendor, multi vendor, marketplace?) i can send detail idea if you want this function update too

Hello JuliaAbraham,

1) yes, if you follow us you will be notified of the new releases! 2) No the answer is not in rich text. Only plain text supported 3) no plan at the moment but we might implement in the future!


Hi, when will you support Woocommerce 3.0.x Thnx

Hello drlmxc,

the current plugin already supports WooCommerce 3.0.X. We had a small bug in the packing slip that did not show the correct date, and we already have a version uploaded on envato that fixes that waiting for approval. We will add the compatibility tag as soon as it is approved!


Has the new version already been approved. I do not see the tag yet:-)

Yes! It was approved, we just forgot to put the tag ;)