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Is it possible to make Stock at one warehouse completely unavailable at shop?

Hello bling007,

Currently no, every warehouse created is available at front-end. You can however restrict warehouses to a given list of countries.

Best regards.

Plugin is not emailing a website when the client does a warehouse pick up, I read that in some of the comments it will not email a warehouse unless it is using stock from that warehouse. I’m trying to use the plugin with out stock control so no numbers have been added for certain products, but I really need an email to go out to the warehouse that the client has chosen regardless if they have stock or not.


I supose you have selected on our plugin settings, on email settings > Email Warehouse > All. Am I correct?

Best regards.

yes it is on All

Very strange. And you are receiving WooCommerce emails and other emails?

If so please send us ftp and backoffice accesses to hi@hellodev.us.

We will look into it.

Best regards.

Hi, can one update stock levels (specifically for variable products) via the woocommerce rest api?

Hello woutercouvaras,

Currently no, but on our next release in january you will be able to update stocks via csv.

Best regards.

WC Warehouses vs Multivendor

I´m interested in your plugin and I´d like to know if it works with a multivendor website.

My website has almost 4.500 products and I ask myself how your plugin will work if I have 5 or 10 sellers? Do I/they have to duplicate/mutiply by 5 or 10 (45.000 total)?

There´s no way they can share the same products, but the inventory be made separately for each seller?

How do I overcome this?

Hello mambo45,

Our plugin is not currently compatible with multivendor plugins.

Best regards.

Hello Dear Nuno.

Thanks for your reply.

My question is: how does your plugin manage the products data base on a website with multivendor in terms of stock management? Is it compatible?

Can it manage the stock of each seller individually?


Hello again,

Unfortunately no. We’ve performed some compatibility tests with multivendor plugins and our plugin in its current state is not compatible.

Best regards.


language translate of plugin not work!

I create woocommerce-inventorymanager-fa_IR.po and woocommerce-inventorymanager-fa_IR.mo files in folder /woocommerce-warehouses/assets/translations/

but in admin panel, plugin not translated!

please help me,What can I do for translation your plugin?

Hello siavanashmajidi,

Please send an email to hi@hellodev.us with the translation files and we will look into it.

Best regards.

Hi, do you offer customized solutions as well? I need one warehouse integrated with 3PL Central (3rd party plugin) and the other one notified via email (already set). Thanks.

Hello svtx,

We do perform custom development regarding our plugins or anything wordpress.

Please contact us at hi@hellodev.us with details on what you need.

Best regards.

Hi there and thanks. I am having trouble seing you the email:

An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded: Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable invalid DNS MX or A/AAAA resource record. Please check the message recipient “hi@hellodev.us” and try again.

Hello svtx,

We will take a look into what is happening, will inform you as soon as we know anything.

In the meanwhile you can try to contact me directly @ nuno.areias@hellodev.us.

So sorry for the inconvenience.


in mysql “wp_postmeta” table, warehouses data(stock=0) not updating!!!

for example: In phpmyadmin:
  • * SELECT * FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `post_id`=1411
_stock = 3 _stock_status = instock _warehouse_1 = 0 _warehouse_2 = 0 _warehouse_3 = 0
  • * where is stock?This is wrong.

Hello siavashmajidi,

Our plugin stock is not defined in the product postmeta.

The table that contains our stock info is: “wp_inventory_manager_product_warehouse”.

Best regards.

hi, i think This definition is causing the error in variations stock in products

When product variables sales by cashier in woocommerce point of sale if one of the variables out of stock,then product main stock is out of stock!!!

While the other variables of product have the stock.

please resolve problem,



so i noticed that in the scenario where

if one warehouse is out of stock, it may put the other warehouse out of stock.

warehouse1 is at qty 1 warehouse2 is at qty 1

1. when warehouse2 stock turns 0 – the products are now out of stock globally. when warehouse2 stock turns back to 1 – the products are now in stock globally.

2. when warehouse1 stock turns 0 – the products are still in stock globally. when warehouse1 stock turns back to 1 (when put out of stock) – the products are back in stock globally.

Is there a way to create different

in-stock and out-of-stock values

for different warehouses?

It seems as though, if one warehouse is out of stock, it may put the other warehouse out of stock.

I want it so that if a user is in a different role, they will see different stock values

Hello askjoo,

That seems to be caused by having an online warehouse, do you have the online warehouse feature on?

Best regards.

Hi there,

I see you integrated with the POS System sold on Envato,

We are using this WC POS: http://www.wcpos.com

are there plans to integrate with this one?



NunoAreias Author Team

Hello digital-bs,

Sorry for the late response, but we were a couple of days away on holidays.

For now there are no plans to integrate WC POS, since we already offer a POS integration solution.

Best regards.

Thanks for your reply,

I understand, We’ll have to look for other solutions unfortunately,



NunoAreias Author Team


We apologize for the late response, but we were a couple of days away on holidays.

You are correct, our plugin is compatible with ActualityExtentions POS.

Best regards.

hi! problem:when i created order to send stock of some product from main warehouse to destination warehouse in admin panel,total_sales for this products in database(talbe postmeta) changed!!! for example:

(product_1=10 stock in main warehouse)(product_2=8 stock in main warehouse) i creat order #1: (Warehouse destination:warehouse_2)(selected warehouse to all lines:main warehouse)(lines:product_1:5 stock , product_2: 4 stock)*Result: (product_1:mainwarehouse stock is 5,warehouse_2 stock is 5,total_sales in databese is 5!!!) product_2:mainwarehouse stock is 4,warehouse_2 stock is 4,total_sales in databese is 4!!!) total_sales should not change and remain constant!why changed?this is wrong!Not sold anything?


NunoAreias Author Team

Hello siavashmajidi,

We apologize for the late response, but we were a couple of days away on holidays.

Thank you so much for the bug report, you are absolutely correct that happens and it should not. We will work on it and we will implement a fix in our next release, that will be launched later this month.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your report.

hi, i have problem:

when cashier user(role=cashier) in point of sale plugin(POS) in register sale product variation that have one stock,product status changed to outofstock!!!(other variations for this product have stock!)


NunoAreias Author Team

Hello siavashmajidi,

Can you elaborate where the problem is?


Best regards.


I’m trying to find the problem and tell you



NunoAreias Author Team


Please do tell, thank you.

Best regards.

I have a restaurant having 3 branches. I want when ever customer order for any product the system will ask the branch. Is this plugin is helpful for this?


NunoAreias Author Team

Hello yasirzia,

What do you mean by asking a branch?

Our plugin manages stock from different stores/warehouses, is able to send emails on new orders and allows you to select warehouse by a priority level system, user country or a user defined pickup location.

Best regards.

so means order will only go to its location email instead of other locations.


NunoAreias Author Team

If you want to send an order email to the chosen warehouse on each order then yes, our plugin can do just that.

Best regards.

Pre-sale Question:

-> Is it possible to assign User automatically to a certain warehouse only, by Delivery address or by it’s Country/State?

Thank you.


NunoAreias Author Team

Hello LeoCe,

We have a feature that allows you to select warehouses based on user country, yes. New users will confirm their shipping country at cart so that we can validate if there is enough stock to fulfill his order and then stock will come out on the warehouse assigned to that specific country.

Best regards.

Presale question:

Would I be able to: 1) Create n warehouses 2) Allow customer to add products to cart 3) On cart page ask customer to select warehouse to ship from 4) If there is no such products in the warehouse, the system would display and suggest deleting product or choosing other warehouse?


NunoAreias Author Team

Hello ikorkin,

1) Yes.

2) Yes.

3) There are two ways to do this, users can only select warehouse directly when selecting it as a pickup location. For shipping currently it is only possible when selecting warehouses based on country, in this case a user will be required to select shipping country at cart and our plugin will check stock accordingly. Note: In our next release (end of january) you will also be able to allow users to select warehouse at product level.

4) On country warehouse mode we inform users when there is not enough stock for a given country, and will prevent them form continuing on the cart.

Hope I was clear enough.

Best regards.

Hi there! Very much interested in your plugin. I was wondering if it covers the following use case. My client (a flower shop) has around 20 shops in the country.

How I see the user flow: The user buys a product. On checkout the user fills in his delivery address and based on that delivery address one of the warehouses (the closest one to the delivery address) gets the confirmation email.

Is that an option?


NunoAreias Author Team

Hello studiotwist,

If you need a geo targeted solution the best we can offer right now with our product is country based warehouse selection.

If connect a warehouse to a list of countries and if a user from any of those countries makes a purchase then stock from that warehouse will be used and an email may be sent to that warehouse (if you select to do so).

Hope this helps.

Best regards.

Hi there

I am interested in this plugin but would like some clarity on some of it. In our case, we would use this to move stock to “dummy warehouses” which in effect will be people who take our stock in the hope that they sell it and at the same time can serve as a pickup point. Also to keep track of stock in a scenario where I may take 10 samples out of stock for a meeting. I would move them to “sample warehouse” and after my return move them back to the main warehouse. This is so that we keep proper stock of where stock goes.

Those warehouses are of course not real then and they should not be available for selection for online orders. They should however be available from the backend, For example:

I take 10 samples to “sample warehouse”. I sold 5 at my meeting. I will create an order from the backend to “generic customer” and will select the “sample warehouse” as the one whose stock should now be reduced. The remaining 5 I still keep on my for another meeting. If I don’t sell them, I transfer them back to the main warehouse.

Can it work like that?

Cheers Theo


NunoAreias Author Team

Hello nomvuyo,

We are here to help you get the clearest idea if our plugin suits your needs.

Some parts of what you need our plugin already covers, but there are somethings that are quite particular to your case. Please tell me somethings:

- How do you want warehouse selection to be made? By priority or by country?

Our plugin will need some adjustments to fit your particular case, but we can perform custom development if you wish to.

Best regards.


I think we would not want a warehouse selection to be made at all – it should always default to the main warehouse. Then only in rare cases would we want to change that to another warehouse, So the staff would be able to change the warehouse in the backend where necessary which should then increase stock in the main warehouse, and decrease it in the one it was changed to.

Or, like in the case I gave, there is no sale at all, we just need to keep track of stock that is taken out by a person to take to a meeting, so that we would just move to “peter took stock warehouse” and when it comes back “transfer back to main warehouse”

I am not sure if we are ready for custom development at this point – we have really just started in a very very small set up.

Cheers Nomvuyo


NunoAreias Author Team


I understand, let’s see if we can find a plugin configuration that suits your needs as it is:

One solution I find for your warehouse selection is:

- You change your stock reduction to order status completed.

- You activate our online warehouse feature. This way every purchase will use stock from the selected warehouse as default, and it will require that warehouse to have stock for each order.

- Stock will only change after you change order status to completed, this way you can complete the orders that do not require warehouse change, and update those that do and then change their status to completed afterwards.

What do you think about this?

Best regards.

Hi NunoAreias / hellodev,

What about split orders that come half from one warehouse half from another?

‘HardTuned’ asked this question 9 months ago, I haven’t seen any progress on this since then. Can you give this some more priority? This gives us a lot of issues now.

Thank you in advance!