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Hi there,

I was wondering if it is possible to apply discount based on the number of products in the cart? Here is a typical scenario.

1. Product is added to the cart (Any category or price) NO DISCOUNT!
2. 2nd products is added to the cart (Any category or price) 10% DISCOUNT AUTOMATICALLY APPLIED.
3. 3rd product added to the cart. (Any category or price) 15% DISCOUNT AUTOMATICALLY APPLIED.
4. 4th product is added to cart. (Any category or price) 20% AUTOMATICALLY APPLIED.

Some Info from my shop.
- Users are only able to add one of each product to their card at a time. Each product requires customization so this has been restricted.


You can have discounts that are applied based on the sum of quantities in the cart. So unless you have other restrictions or need the products to be different, what you describe is possible.

Relevant information from the documentation:

“Minimum and Maximum restrictions can be used to restrict coupons to a certain number of items in the cart, or to restrict it based on the quantity of a product or product category. If no product or category is set, the minimum and maximum (or both) conditions apply to the sum of quantities in the cart.” – please see more details on

Hello, I have submitted a forum topic, but I thought it might be well to post the topic here. I am trying to control the verbiage of the visible text output for the display of the coupon… Currently I am seeing the buy “X” of product “Y” and receive a discount on product “Y” it is really clunky looking and I would like to have full control over what is displayed on the website.. Please let me know how I can achieve this outcome!

Other than that, the plugin works as advertised.


Hi there, can i check this does what i require before purchase. I want it so if 2 products are brought the second product gets 50% off. But using a coupon, is this possible with your plugin? many thanks in advance.

This is any 2 products by the way.

Hi, it depends on whether you have any constraints related to the combination of products. For example, you could have it based on any two products in the cart and limit the discount to certain products or categories. But you can’t specify something like discount the second product in the cart or the lower priced. Please have a look at the documentation to see what’s possible in more details

Hi there! I’m thinking of purchasing this, however I have a question.

I need to create a coupon like this:

If a customer has 6 phones in their cart, they will use a coupon code like “phones4sale” which will take $15.00 off per phone.

I don’t want their discounts to happen automatically, I want the discounts to only be applied when they enter in a coupon code.

Is this possible with your plugin?


By category is possible, you could apply the minimum to products in a category (if you check on the documentation page under the heading “Volume Discount settings” you’ll see more about that and it is combined with the standard coupon restrictions to a certain category so that the discount is only applied to products in the cart of that category).

Thank you! Bought this and worked like a charm!

Great, many thanks!

Pre Sales Qtn if you dont mind:

I want to use the Plugin for ONLY a single purpose:

1. to show offers on Prod Catalog Page – possible ? 2. only for purposes of displaying offers on Catalog Page, not for computing final checkout figure.



The shortcode [volume_discount_coupon] can be used to display coupons but I think in your case it would probably be more convenient to use do_shortcode() to include it in your template? Also see details on please.


Hi, Does the plugin handle this:

I have two categories, with variable products in each.

Caps are 12.99 each or 3 for 25, 6 for 50, and 9 for 75, and 12 for 100 Shirts are 24.99 each, 3 for 60, 6 for 120, 9 for 180, and 12 for 240

However if 4 shirts are bought, the 3 for 60 offer must kick in + the individual price so the total would be 84.99

If 7 caps are bought, the 6 for 50 offer must kick in + the individual price, so the total would be 72.99

Same principle would have for 5 and 8 quantities. Offer price + individual price


Hi, thanks for asking but the conditions that you mention are not covered by the functionality of this extension. If you’d like to have a look at the documentation you’ll see to what extent it can handle volumes etc.

As an automatic update is unavailable for this plugin (Volume Discount Coupons) how do I update it please?

Simply replace the plugin, deactivate and delete the old version and upload and activate the new one.

I have a category where all products in the category are valid for the offer, which is £6.50 each or any 4 product for £22.50 – By adding a coupon to deduct £3.50 off any item within the category when a minimum of 4 is added works great.

However, I have a different category where some items are £2.50 each and some are £4.00 each, so I need to list the items eligible for the coupon not the whole category. I need to offer any 5 of the £2.50 products for £10. I tried applying the coupon so that £2.50 discount is applied when any 5 of the £2.50 items are added to the cart, however if I select any 5 items from the list the discount isn’t applied, but if i add 5 of one of these items listed, it does apply the discount. Is this a bug or am I missing something?


Hi Kento,

you’re correct, I could’ve sworn that it was enabled as I encountered the same issue with the categories, anyway, yes that is working great. Thank you.

On a similar note, the offer is £2.50 each or 5 for £10.00, which the rule i have applied is a cart discount of £2.50 when 5 items are added.

If a customer wants to purchase this offer more than once, so lets say they want to purchase 10 products, according to the offer they should get it for £20, but it only applies a fixed £2.50 discount over 5 items in the cart.

Is it possible to increment this so that for every 5 of any of these products they will get an additional £2.50 discount?



Hi Wayne,

For the case you mention, you could define several coupons with quantity breaks, e.g. one applies to up to 5, another from 6 to 10 if you want fixed discounts to be applied for each quantity range. Another solution could be to use coupons that grant a percentage discount. Would that work for you?

Cheers, Kento

Thanks Kento, I’ll have to have a think on this as there isn’t a maximum the customer can order, so that would accumulate to a large number of coupons :)

Thanks again.

Hi! Interested to buy.

Is it possible to make 50% off on the second product only. If there are 4 products only 2nd will be discounted. Do you have such feature?

Hi, thanks for your interest but it’s not possible to apply the discount on the second product added to the cart only. Also what if someone has 4 different products and adds the most expensive as the second one? Would that be valid? Maybe you could apply a combination of minimum purchase and volume discount?

Hi there, I’m trying to get some help/support from you. I went onto your website and on your Forums page, but I can’t figure out how to register to ask a question. How can I ask a question on this plugin?

Hi, you’re welcome to ask here :)

Hi there,

Thank you! I had a customer try to checkout with some items. For example, item A gets a $20.00 per item, but item B has no coupon. She wasn’t able to proceed with checking out because the coupon didn’t work. It only worked if she had item A in her shopping cart, not with both A and B items in her shopping cart.

How can I get so that she can have items A and B in cart, but the coupon only takes off of Item A?

Or perhaps would you like to take a look at my store?

Hi, You would use a coupon of type product discount and restrict it to be applied to the product A only, i.e. you need to indicate the product in the general coupon settings and also in the volume discount settings of the coupon. Please see for details on the settings. I hope that helps but please ask if you need further indications.

Hey guys,

I’d like to use your coupon code a different way. This is how I’d like to set it up.

I want to Create a Coupon. I want to set it up to be used 100 times. But with each product the user gets for free, it counts as one use. So it’s quantity based.

Meaning, say the user will put three items in their cart. When they input their coupon code it will make those items free. And on checkout those 3 items will count as the coupon being used 3 times. So now they only have 97 more uses. Is this possible with your plugin?



In this case this plugin won’t help you, as the quantity restrictions are conditional for the validity of a coupon, not the number of times that is has been applied to products. Thanks for asking, I wonder if there’s another plugin around that would cover your requirement, it might be interesting to have this.


Hi, how does this work with woo multi-currency plugin?

Hi there, Is it possible to ‘loop’ the discounts?

For example, I’d like it to be every 6th product gives a $2 discount. So once the cart hits 6 items, it’s $2 off – once it hits 12 products it’s $4 off – once it hits 18 products it’s $16 off.

I have the first bit set up but can’t figure out if looping like this is possible.

Let me know, thanks.


Many thanks for using the plugin. You can set this up by creating a coupon for each tranche. Just to clarify, it isn’t possible to do this with a single coupon, you will have to create one with quantity limits 6 to 11, another one with limits 12 to 17 and another one that uses a minimum quantity of 18.


Hi does this plugin works for 2×1, 3×2, etc promos?

I want to set this deal n a shop, but i need that the cusatomer is able to keep purchasing more items on the same cart.

Hi, thanks for asking. The plugin works with coupons, so please keep in mind that for any combination, you would have to create appropriate coupons which can be applied automatically based on the quantity conditions. Please also make sure to have a look at the documentation and I’d also recommend having a look at the demo site Cheers

Hi, I already purchased this product and have some questions. My minimum purchase quantity isn’t working properly. I have it set so that 3 each of 4 specific products have to be in the cart in order to receive the discount, but it applies the discount no matter how many are in there. Can you please email be back at, so I can receive direct support? As soon as possible would be very much appreciated. I have a client who wants to send out a promotion.

Thank You, Lindsay

Already done so a couple of days ago :)

Hi, I don’t see a direct email from you to my submerge account. My client is forwarding me all the emails that are going to her account Would you try again please?:) Thank You, Lindsay

Ok then it’s better you email us please, to support at itthinx dot com and please include a link to this comment so we know what it’s about

Hey, i was wondering if it is possible to apply a discount like this: If you buy two, you get 10% discount BUT our client would like to apply the 10% to the product with the lowest price. Can we realize that with your plugin? Greets, Marcel

Hi Marcel,

Sorry but currently it’s not possible to apply the discount to the product with the lowest price only, but I think it’s a good suggestion for a future improvement.

Cheers, Kento


I was wondering if it’s possible to make your plugin compatible with the free plugin “WooCommerce Price Based on Country”? It enables us to insert different currencies and prices for the customers. But to make it work with “WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons”, I’d need to have an option to insert different prices for the different countries that I chose.

Say: Germany: 10€, US: 12$. Now I need to say: Order 10 pieces and get the German price for 8€ and the US price for 10$.

Thanks for your help Daniel

PS: Unfortunately percentage discount is not an option at this case.

Hi Daniel,

Sorry for the late reply – in case you’re still interested … I haven’t thought about integrating these plugins, but I wonder if it’s even necessary to do anything special to make the two work together. If you just base your coupons on percentages, I suppose they should work for you.

Cheers, Kento

As I said: Percentage discount is NOT an option in this case.

So… I’m still interested, yes :)

I understand, so sorry but I just can’t offer you to integrate these two at the moment.

Hello, pre-sale question: I need to match that situations for coupons: Is this possible with this plugin?

1) €20 off any 2 16” pizzas (offer excludes Margheritta pizza, all “Half and Half” pizzas, all “Create your own” pizzas). (so size 16” is variable, those products to exclude are in same pizzas category)

2) Spend €50 get 20% off (offer excludes all "Sale" items, Deals, Tray, Combo products, Dinner time offers, all Drinks).

3) €2 off any 2 Curries (offer excludes all “Sale” items, Deals, Tray, Combo products). (need to exclude sale items, and some other categories)

4) €2 off any Sides order over €15 (offer excludes all “Sale” items, Deals, Tray, Combo products). (same as 3), but based on spend amount not product quantity)

My other tasks should be covered if all above covered €5 off any Eastern European order over €35 (offer excludes all “Sale” items). 3€ off any Burger or Burger Meal order over €20 (offer excludes all “Sale” items, Dinner time offers).

Hi, thanks for asking – some of these could be covered but for some cases I think this would be too complex for the plugin to handle. You could try it and ask for a refund if it doesn’t fit your requirements completely if that’s an option for you.