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Hello, there is a version 1.3 available, but I can only download it. However, the version I can download from codecanyon is the same as my original download nearly a year ago. How can I get version 1.3?


No, the new version is 1.3.0 and that is different than older releases. You should go to and get the latest release. Make sure to have a look at the extracted content’s changelog.txt and you will see that the files in it are from the latest release. Once you’ve assured that, you can replace the version you are running currently with the new one.


Hi – just a pre-sales question if I may!

My client needs to be able to create coupons for BOGO type offers, eg buy 1 get 1 free, buy 1 get 1 half price, buy 2 get 1 free etc. Is this possible with your plugin? I know this sort of thing can be done with dynamic pricing, but they need it to be coupon based. The offers need to be repeatable, eg on a buy 1 get 1 free, if they buy 2 they should get 2 free and so on.

Is there a way to try out the admin area on your demo store?



Sure, thanks for asking.

You could create coupons where the discount would be the equivalent or similar to BOGOF, keeping in mind that it’s still not the same thing, a discount isn’t just the same as a modified price. Anyhow … the proposed case where you basically get a 50% discount on any quantity you buy: this could be done by simply defining a coupon that grants a 50% product discount (and to be honest you could do that even without this plugin because in this case, the minimum quantity would be 1 and no maximum specified, so you’d just have a normal discount applied to a product).

Regarding the demo site we don’t grant back end access there, but if you’d just like to try out the plugin and see if it suits your requirements, you can just buy it and if it honestly doesn’t suit the site, then ask for a refund and we’d be happy to grant it.

I hope that helps but please feel free to ask further.


Hi, i search for a plugin, that generates bulk coupons and send it to a customer. we want to sell coupons to a reseller, that uses this coupons for advertising and send it to his customers. has your plugin this feature included? we use smart coupons, but it seems to be very buggy…so we need a solution for that.


Hi, sorry but this plugin doesn’t generate bulk coupons and it doesn’t forward them to customers. Thanks for asking!


d1git Purchased

Having an issue. Read through the docs. ...

Lets say I have a product. Inside that product are certain lengths (12” 14” 16” 18” 20” 22” 24” 26”) Lets say I want to have a coupon for 12, 14, and 16, but I also want to make coupons for other combinations of lenghts. How would I do this or can it be done. I have tried what I can and always get the first coupon coming up, even though I do not select the correct lengths. Here is a screenshot:

I have a second code set up but when I add those lengths to the cart, it still loads only the coupon code you see in the screenshot.

Thanks for any help!


Please see the following screenshots for an example. It’s a coupon that is restricted to two product variations (the product has three variations). A minimum of 1 is set, so that the coupon is applied when any quantity of any of those two variations is in the cart. In the example, there is one unit of each variation in the cart and the coupon is applied to each.

I hope that helps, please ask if you need further indications.



I want to give 5% discount if a customer buy two of the the same product, same singe product and same identical variable product.

Example if they buy two of a variable product ID: 1 and then they buy from the same variable product but with ID: 2 (or any other products) they still only get discount on the two products with ID: 1

Is this possible?


As you can see from :

“For product variations, if a variable product is chosen (i.e. the parent to its variations), the quantity in the cart used to check the minimum or maximum is the combined total of all variations in the cart. If a product variation is chosen (i.e. a product variation derived by attribute from its parent product), the quantity check is made for that variation only, independent of other variations in the cart. If both products and categories are indicated, one of the specified products or a product that belongs to one of the categories must meet the quantity restrictions.”

I think this should be in line with your requirements?


I dont now… you wright “combined total of all variations in the cart” So if they buy a yellow and one green shirt (variable product) they will get discount?, I only want to give them discount if the buy two or more of the identical same variable product ex. to green shirts

If you limit it to one variation it will only apply to that, if you limit it to the variable product, it should take the variations into account. So if you only want to give a discount on one variation (e.g. green shirt) then you should limit it to that specifically.

Hi, I just purchased this. I need to do this: 30% off if you buy 3 of items apples or oranges. OR a combo (so 2 orange +1 apples – discount should apply) – (2 apples +1 orange – discount should apply) I’m using Sum Categories (that is the only way it works) and I’ve EXCLUDED the other products in that category. However, If I have 3 items in my cart (from that category) – it’s giving me a discount on 1 apple in my cart. So 1 apple + 2 Bananas gives me a discount. But I’ve “excluded Bananas” even though they are in the same category. How do I have the discount apply, ONLY if a total of 3 apples and/or oranges are in the cart? Thanks

Hi, no problem – looks like you missed the email address mentioned previously for that purpose: support at itthinx dot com – please make sure to include a link to this comment

What am I doing wrong, I just emailed support (at symbol) itthinx . com (no spaces, regular email address) – and it bounced back?

Thanks, it’s probably a blacklist issue. Ok, no problem, please use this other email then: itthinx at gmail dot com

Hi, I am interested in buying your plugin, but first I would like to verify that I can do the following. I want to make discounts for volume of purchases (subtotal) with the following cases: - 10% discount if you buy €100 or less - 15% discount if you buy more than €100 and less than €150 - 20% discount if you buy more than €150

In addition, this must be calculated with the subtotal and only if the products belong to a specific category. That is, if there are 3 products in the cart and only 2 belong to the specific category, it is on these 2 that the discounts must be applied.



Hi David,

You can use under Usage Restriction > Minimum spend and Maximum spend to determine the range.

You can limit discounts to a category and have the products in that category discounted:

You will need to limit the discount to the category in two places: a) under Usage Restriction > Product Categories b) under Volume Discount > Product categories

See more details on

This is great, It’s just what I was looking for. I buy it now, Thanks for your answer

Great, thank you very much for supporting our work with your purchase!

I got the language translation problem, I translate and replace file in language catalogue and no changes.


You would not replace a file but rather add it in the languages folder. For example, if you had translated to German, you would add the .po and .mo files inside the plugin’s languages folder as woocommerce-volume-discount-coupons-de_DE.po and

Please check if you have done it that way.


Hi. Is this plugin WPML compatible? I would like to make sure it can work like a charm with WPML

Hi, thanks for asking. You can use it with WPML, there might be some strings that won’t be recognized but that should not affect the functionality. If anything like that comes up, please let us know so we can look into it.


I would like to set for each product its own ‘coupon discount’ but after the user insert his email at first.That’s the product block include email field, thus any user enter his email, a coupon will show to him.

could you help with this?

Hi, many thanks for asking but sorry this isn’t possible with the plugin.


Can one define a fixed price in the coupon instead of being forced to fill in with a %?

Hi, yes that is possible. You can use the usual coupon options including percentage and fixed amount.

hello. we are interested in this plugin for our woocommerce store, but we have one question. Can we have two separate discounts applied to the same products? for example:

If a customer buys 6 bottles of wine they receive 15% off, but if they buy 12 bottles of wine they receive 25% off.

your help appreciated. thank you!