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queenb123 Purchased

Hi i really dont know what’s going on with the updates:

Got this message: You have version 2.3.8 installed. Update to 2.3.9. View version 2.3.9 details.

I downloaded and updated – yet the above message still remains – what EXACT update uploaded to codecanyon?

That’s strange. Looks like you may be experiencing a conflict with another plugin. Can you open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com so we can take a look?


miogoogle Purchased

Hi, it is possible add in the customizing product page a text field where insert notes relative to customization of the product?

Not natively but we offer a customization service to our client. If you’re interested in a quote, please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com

Is it possible to upload images to place on a product?

Nope unless we customize the plugin (charged service). Have you seen our other plugin http://demos.orionorigin.com/wpc_demo/customize-your-product/design/182/?

Hi there , before buying the product , I want to know, do you have the controllers samples included ? I saw it on the demo link you sent me, and It would come handy.

No they are not. These are just for display, not redistribution sorry.

“Looks like you’re trying to access the configuration page directly. This page can only be accessed by clicking on the Build your own button from the product or the shop page.” Still not able to configure it!! ... I added a new page and added the code inside but get this on page. Is posible to have this option on products description or page ?

the shortcut used is [wpb_builder]

The customization page should only be accessed from a configurable product page using the “build your own” button. If you try to access that page directly, the parameters used by the plugin and included in the URL will be missing.


I just opened another ticket for the same exact issue that I had prior to your tech not only closing out the ticket, but not fixing the issue.

I need a resolution to the checkout page not tabulating the correct price for the products once build with the plugin.

Digital Chica

Closing the ticket? That’s strange. Let me take a look and i promise we’ll find a solution today.

I just checked the ticket 368 and you sent the final answer before we close it which was “Thank You Very Much!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!”. So i’m not sure which ticket has been closed without a resolution of the issue…

Quick question. Is it possible to link to a product with options already selected? So the user can customise from a starting point?

I’m sorry i’m not sure I understand. What do you mean?

Hello There,

Nice plugin, however, I am having issues on checkout page. The configurator not tabulating the correct price for the products once build with the plugin.

How can i resolve that issue? thanks

Please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com so we can take a look.

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This is what my client received from you:

1-We can add the specific fields you want directly so you can’t later add new fields without editing the source code: $200 2-We can use a form builder such as ninja forms (https://srd.wordpress.org/plugins/ninja-forms/) which can let you build any form with any number or type of field and link it to a configuration. That way you can manage the fields yourself without getting back to us: $600

Yes but i’m not sure what the issue is. These are indeed our prices for that extension. This is our code. We’re more than allowed to use it as we please. There is not a single author here that give away his source code for free. You’re are free to buy or not. We don’t force anyone to use our plugin or add-ons. The cost (time and money) to develop this from scratch would be very high. Our plugin is stable, fast and reliable. This comes with a cost. All authors understand that. All companies that provide SAAS and make you pay on monthly basis higher prices and without half of the support we provide also understand that.

Exactly, you’re not seeing what the issue is. Yes, it’s your code, use it as you please. I’m not saying give it away for free. But don’t tell people that it will be part of the package in a couple of weeks & then sell the same thing over and over again for $200. And you’re not developing it from scratch, you’re adding it to something as you’ve done before. I’m pretty sure you would sell even more if you made it PART of the plugin and raise the price by $5. You’ll get your $200 a lot more often. But instead you’re giving people an idea that something they want is going to be part of functionality and then you don’t & charge a LOAD of money for it.