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[Pre Order Question] I have download your free trial to have some test. In my configuration I have 9 features but in front only 6 appears. Is this a bug or a voluntary limit for the trial version? If it’s a bug, do you have any idea where it might come from? Otherwise in the full version you confirm me that there is no limit of number of options? Regards

No the loading speed is variable depending on the network or the server itself. There is no way to predict.

Thanks for your answer, I had solve it with a bit jquery in my template footer (I transformed the < in [ to be able to post the code in this comment) :

[script] $( ”.vpc-single-option-wrap” ).click(function() { $( ”#vpc-preview” ).finish(); $( ”#vpc-preview” ).fadeOut( 1, function() { $( ”#vpc-preview” ).fadeIn( 2500 ); }); }); [/script]

now waiting feedback from my client befor purchase


welight Purchased

can you assist me to get this working with your All Discounts product as I dont understand the relationship between all discounts and configurator in terms of applying a volume price break for configured products


Please start a live chat on our site https://configuratorsuiteforwp.com/ to get help from one of our agents.

Hi, I have bought all the addons of plugin:”Visual Products Configurator” also the “Request a quote” addon and “Form Builder” Addon, and now on the menu “Product Builder” I have a new item: “Quote Form Datas”, please, what is this? How it’s work? If I add a new “it write in the title “New vpc form”? Please, what is it for? Thank you and best regards. Robert


We have no Quote Form Datas. Where is it coming from?

Your addon ” Woocommerce Visual Product Configurator – Request A Quote Addon” add this item “Quote Form Datas” to your menu “Product Builder”, between “New configuration” and “Settings” https://imageshack.com/a/img921/2427/8g31zW.jpg https://imageshack.com/a/img923/4350/xlIO0g.jpg Best regards

Ok please start a live chat on our site to learn more about it from our support agents

Hello, i am interested in your plugin. but i have a question. I want to use this plugin so my customers can built an ’ items box’ containing different kind of products that are in my store. so the color options at the sunglasses become my products. is that possible with this plugin? Also, my products are variable, is that a problem? Thanks

Look, i have now another product builder on my website, check: https://www.thebeardclub.nl/product/bouw-zelf-je-beard-box/#baard-olie

Now, what i want is components. 1. beard oil 2. beard wash 3. beard balm 4. beard wax. inside these components i need those specific variable products as the options. for example. at step 1 my customers choose a beard oil. lets say this one; https://www.thebeardclub.nl/product/lumberjack-pipet/ BUT.. they also need to have the option to select 10ml 30ml or 50ml.

and from now on i want to use your product builder instead of the one i am using now. but only if my customers can build the same way they do now. Why i want to use yours? simply because it looks alotttttttt better.

The only to make it happen as you described is by customizing the plugin a bit to add the quantity per option. If you’re interested, please start a live chat on our site https://configuratorsuiteforwp.com/ to get a quote from the dev team for that type of customization

ok thanks. just started live chat. but all are offline so i guess ill wait for them to reply me by email


I have more than 3000 customizable products with around 150 customizations per product; I like to know if any way to import the customizable products in batch with a plugin like WP All Import?

Thanks in advance :)

No sorry…