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Hi, is it possible to increase the price of the product by width? For example a field to enter the width of product. And have a conditional rule to give more options if a certain width is exceeded?

Not currently sorry.

i want to creat an table with different Dimensions. (Width and length) Example: The customer chosse 5 meter x 3 meter or other dimensions.. At end they should it show the exactly price about the table. Its possible?

Are the dimensions predefined values the customer can choose from?

Yes i mean as example 1m – 5 m (length ) and (0,5 -2m) width. The Customer should be change the value about dimensions. The end price must be different. The dimensions are decisive about the total amount.

Yes that’s possible using the same options. Each dimension can be an option with a price.

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this, but have a couple questions:

We are wanting to use it as a car builder, but we don’t want to do ecommerce. I understand that this is for woocommerce, but is there a workaround that allows for instead of purchasing, it sends an email to me that says what the customer has built? Thank you!

If you’re referring to a request a quote system, we can develop that for a fee because the plugin itself does not include that feature.

How much would that cost?

Please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com to talk about it with one of our agents. You can put anything in fields like purchase code and others.

Hi please help me with this problem, thanks!


Fatal error: Call to undefined function wc_get_product() in /home/wacksnack/public_html/wp-content/plugins/visual-product-configurator/includes/functions.php on line 303

Please make sure you’re using the latest version of woocommerce.

I just updated, but the problem persists

I already resolved it, thanks


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Hi, i’m currently using this plugin, i have problem which is when i select configure on 1 of my product which has woman category, why all product that have woman category get affected by configurator? Because after i select configure on 1 of my product all of the product which has same categories missing add to cart button..



jusjeruk Purchased

sorry, already fix it

I would like to buy your product but before I want to be sure that we can upload some patterns. We need to customize our dresses with fabric patterns and also colours. Is that possible with your plugging?

Of course. You can generate a private demo here to play with the tool a bit and see how it works https://www.orionorigin.com/plugins/woo-visual-product-configurator/?generation_mode=1

Thank you so much. I’m trying it but… how can you link the customization to the products? Don’t know how to do it… Is the plugging comming with some instructions? Thank you

Hello, if I was to have different options for a configuration, would there be any way to show how much of an increase or decrease that option would have on the overall performance of the item?



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Hi, How I can let the customer to fill out several fields with the vaules he wants ? I mean I have several fields like “body lenght” etc where client should fill out the field not choose from predefined vaules, how I can do it ?


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can you tell me how much ? Cos I must judge is it worth it cos there are many plugins on codecanyon which allows that.

Please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com so we can talk about it.


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Hello, your product looks perfect. How easy is it to set up? I am been driving myself crazy with woocommerce-custom-product-designer plugin. I am simply trying to let my user customize with predefined logos, designs and fonts that they can lay over (the woocommerce-custom-product-designer plugin allows users to include anything on the design) and their is no option to add custom fonts or to restrict customers to predefined designs.

Hello, What’s your ticket ID so i can check it’s status?

Hello, Is it possible to add customized text from input to image?

Yes but only after customizing the plugin a bit. If interested in a quote, please open a ticket here https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com (you can put anything in the fields).