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Hello, I looked at other comments of people asking about the ability to add customized text to a product. What is your ETA on this? I need this option for a project I am working on right now.

It’s ready, but not approved yet on codecanyon. But you can request it via our support system here https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com.

Support system does not work. https://snag.gy/ukMpv2.jpg

Can you try again? I just did here https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com/ and it went fine.

Hello, I’ve installed your Lite version to try the plugin. I’ve added 4 components, but only 2 appears. Can you please confirm it is a limitation of the Lite version or is there something wrong? Thank you!


Neo3 Purchased

Great, thanks! My other question: does it work like I need to uplad a base (background) producti mage, and then PNG files for each option? I’ll have 30 products each with at least 100 options (variations). Is there a wy to do it quickly – like copying options or so? Thanks!

Sorry no you’ll have to create everything.


Neo3 Purchased

I’ve noticed there is a “Duplicate” option for every customizer, that should help, thanks a lot!

cant i get sample for furniture product?


We don’t have any sample but we have a case study of a client who used this plugin to build his custom furniture business here https://www.woocommerceproductconfigurator.com/case-studies/sololibrerie-enhancing-custom-furniture/

I can’t download the version 3.7, clicking on download link the version is the 3.6, can you help me?

Yes please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com to get the version 3.7.

Is it possible to allow a Rear View or a Side View in addition to the default (Front) View?

We have an add-on that is currently under validation on codecanyon. So within the next few days it will be available for purchase. Can you wait until then?

I have a problem: The image on mail order not work fine I see an image with black background (png) and only one layer

Please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com so the dev team will take a look.

Great plugin. Just found you via the addition of your new plugins. I have an immediate need for a woocommerce configurator, but for templates, plugins and custom development.

Does your configurator support building options for, as an example, website design package with optional services? look forward to your response.


Yes it can be used that way too.

Why can’t i update the plugin directly from the backend?

Did you set the purchase code ? what happens when you try to ugrade?

Yes i did, but t says that automatic update is not possible i have to download the plugin from here to update it

Ok please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com so the dev team can take a look.

Hello, the most recent update (4.0) looks broken in the backend. Have tried to update the plugin twice through FTP, deactivating the plugin before updating and then activating it again. But it looks the same. Icons have been misplaced, and links can not be clicked. Using Mac/High Sierra and the most recent Chrome.

Can you empty your browser cache and refresh the page?

Fixed! Thanks!


thk1976 Purchased

I bought an extra license for the configurator for another project – is it possible to transfer this license and product another themeforrest account?

Oh that’s a question for the envato team since they manage the licences…

I need your help! Is it possible to use the woocommerce-shortcode and configure the product on an other page? The variable product is shown but it isnt possible to select an other option.

I bought this plugin


but it still not work too, with your plugin. Thank you so much! (I bought this awesome plugin with an other account and have no license for support.)

Yes we have a shortcode [vpc]

can i make a windows/fenster configurator with your plugin?

It’s possible to achieve that by customizing the plugin a bit, not in the standard version.

ok that’s great to hear, but can you do that costumizations?

It’s best to talk with the dev team about that by opening a ticket here https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com/helpdesk.


Poul65 Purchased

Hi, how do I change the text on the button “build your own” it would be better in our country language

You can use loco translate. Here is a beginner guide https://localise.biz/wordpress/plugin/beginners


Poul65 Purchased

Hi, that is a bit much. All I need is to change the Button from “Build your own” to Design din udstødning. Nothing else.

Yes I understand and that’s the best way to make it happen.

Hi, is there an option to ‘share’ or download your design? Would be a great feature for getting products onto social media channels.

Not currently but it will come later.

Thanks for getting back to me. That’s great news. Do you have an idea of timescale on this? :)

No sorry…

Hey wonderful plugin you have here. 2 questions: 1/ Do you have any examples of fashion, as in having layers of several clothing pieces (shirts, trousers, vests, jackets, etc) to create an entire look? 2/ Could we have the first option to be selecting a male or female mannequin?

1-Not currently but it can be used for that too.

2-Yes of course and you can also use our conditional rules to make some options available or not depending on the selected mannequin.

I am going to create a site to customize T-Shirt and all other products, but main focus is T-Shirt, I want to be able to let people input pictures, text and any artworks into visual T-Shirt front and back with perhaps side if possible,

The problem I have with another system is that the drawable area, is fixed by machine which is A3 size, which should be fix in all sizes ranged from S to XXL, but in S should looks bigger and in XXL should look smaller, this is not successful yet with another plugin I tried,

Could you achieve that?

No sorry. Not automatically. Unless each variation has a different configurations with different drawing areas set.

so I can have drawing area for Variation of S as sizes and different drawing area for another sizes, am I right?

Yes you can.


sharasyn Purchased

Hello, all option images arent showing, when i look at the source, there is some duplication and it shows it as:


do you know a fix for this please?

1-In your site general settings, do the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) contain the exact same values?

2-If not, did you make some changes to wordpress upload directory?

Please can you put on your development a feature to clone options with all their variations, considering you may have several colour options for example, colour 1, colour 2, colour 3 for different parts, all may have the same colours but refer to different parts of the product, it would be a great idea to be able to clone the thumbnails at least, this would save a lot of time and would be a good feature.


Yes we have an add-on like that in the works.

Can you tell me the timeframe for this, is it happening soon? I have the visual products configurator and this will save me a lot of time to clone the options

Within february.

Hello, I am selling Sign letters, and want to turn my website into an ecommerce. Mostly, people buy letters. Can your plugin support any type of letters, or we need to set it up upstream (which would be impossible in my scenario, too many variations in term of fonts, size, arabic / roman/ Chinese characters…)?

We never tried. I suggest you try first and if that does not work out, we have a full refund within 7 days policy.