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Hello. Question: Build Your Qwn button has a shortcode? There is a chance to make this button floating on sidebar? Thanks

I would like that Build Your Own button to float on right sidebar, as long as the length of the product description…

You can add the button using your own code, just make sure it contains the same link as our native buttons.

:)). I know that, but I have over 400 products that means I have create manually over 400 links… Anyway, thanks for the answer

How do I set the default image for a product? Your demo displays an all-white version of the product in the configurator with the configuration options as PNGs of just that specific component change. How do I assign a base image to a product before any configurations are selected?

You cannot. But instead you can set default options for each component which will be selected when the page loads and produce a preview before anything is modified by the visitor.


is your plugin wpml compatible or what´s the best to translate the attributes? I would like to translate the product options / attributes in different languages, because the products will be available in two languages.


Yes the plugin is wpml compatible. You can create different configurations (one per language) and assign each of them to the different products in different languages.


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Wordpress Version 4.9.5 – When installing and activating I get the following Fatal error: Call to undefined function WC() in /kunden/318128_8001/web/1525790/A1525790/thinkmakker.com/wp-content/plugins/visual-product-configurator/admin/class-vpc-admin.php on line 79

1-Is WooCommerce installed and active?

2-Are both plugin (woocommerce and our woocommerce product configurator) are updated to their last versions?


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Okay, that was the problem. Works again

Hello, is it possible to select in one step more colors (for example)? In your example to select all colors Outer strap. Is this possible? We have a product, where more items have to be add. Thanks!

Yes you can select multiple options for each components. It’s a behavior to enable in the configuration.


Hi we use your plugin with WooCommerce Currency Switcher.

Please look at:

When you hover on “knob material” > dark ash (last one) the price is still in Euro’s in the tooltip text.

Thx for your help,


Please open a ticket https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new so the support team can take a look.

hello is possible to use google remarketing for a single product selection pre sale? thank you


What do you mean?

Hi, Can you tell me how I might get a price for an option. On your video it shows a Price panel in the ‘manage options’ button, but on the version I have (Free download), this is not available that I can see, is this just for the Purchased version?

Yes probably. Once you purchase, our dev team can fix it for you using a custom css code based on the theme you’re using.

great, does this cost additional?

Nope it will be free if it’s simply a css code.

Presale Query :

What If I need 360 Degree with this live configuration ?

Unfortunately we currently don’t have that feature…

Pre Sales Query: This product is 99% perfect for what I need, but my only concern is about the image upload options. From what I can see, uploaded images can only be positioned in predefined locations and sizes. I know that your Woocommerce Products Designer plugin can do this, but I don’t really like any of the other features and functions of Woocommerce Products Designer.

Is there any way to add the positioning and scaling of multiple uploaded images to this plugin?

Not in the current state. That may be possible with customization but you’ll need to talk to the dev team first by opening a ticket here https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new


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Hi, can I build with it something like this ? http://www.oknanawymiar.pl/?c=mdKonfiguratorOkien&t=okno

Yes that’s planned but we work based on the popular requests. That specific request is not popular at the moment.


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I am not sure about that (:, there is no ready to use solution on the market right now so all of such clients have to pay for coding it, even in my country I have many requests for such functionality so, there is a market for it, not that small as you may think. People now just dont have a choice and must pay several thousands for coding for them something like this.

Got it. This month is already tied up and half of the next one too. I’ve already added it to the requests list.