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After the plugin is successfully activated, for some reason after several days, it asks again to activate the plugin. And it will do this all the time. Can you guys fix this license activation issue?

Yes updated to 3.5 … but now with the latest plugin version, the Variable Products do not show on the product page. The 3.5 version conflicts with it, and I tested it out by deactivating the Visual Configurator plugin which then allows the Variable Product to display normally. Is there anyway for me to download and revert back to 3.4 til you guys fix this conflict issue with 3.5 on variable products?

I found the root issue, for Variable Products, when the plugin has “Hide woocommerce add to cart button” as “Yes” ... then the product options don’t display. Can you guys advise how to fix this conflict?

Our plugin hooks into the add to cart code to display the buttons. So if the add to cart is not displayed, the hooks won’t be triggered and the buttons won’t show up. We have a setting that allows to hide the add to cart button for custom products. Will that work for you?


I sell products which come in 117 sizes (different heights and widths) and 6 colors.

I have images of all 117 sizes with a transparent layer. Can your plugin colorize my product images with only 6 color masks? Does your plugin work like this? ->


Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

Hi, I’m using this plugin on my dog-collar-shop and it works fine! The only thing that bothers me is that there is no text-field area. I tried to combine it with WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options, so the customer can fill in the embroidery text for the collar, but the text never shows in the cart. I don’t need this plugin to show the text on the product directly, but I need a field, where the customer can type in the text and the size of the dog’s neck.

Please open a ticket to talk witht the dev team directly here https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com. We’ll upload some extensions next week or the week after to take care of these needs.

hi, after the last update of the plugin, I do not see the quantity buttons. why?

PLUS and MINUS class

this is link: https://www.panificioamata.it/configuratore/configure/257/

many thanks

I’m not sure. Looks like the server prints a character that is not recognized as plus or minus. Can you open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com so the dev team can look into it?

I want to sell custom shirts, can tis product be set to lead the user step by step from choose the fabric, chose type of buttons, type of collar, lenght of sleeve, and so on?

Of course. But it won’t be step by step unless we customize it a bit to make it happen.


dadido Purchased

Hello, thank you for your great plugin.

I have a few questions:

1) How can i change the text from the buttons: “ADD TO CART” and “BUILD YOUR OWN”?

2) How to change the color from the total amount – above the big image?

3) How can change the color from the quantity field?

I do not know the exactly css-lines. And i have already installed a simple-css plugin.

One last question:

I have variatons of ca. 30 colors. Is it possible to range them in 2 columns?

Thanks you very much.

Best regards.

1-You can use loco translate to edit each string in the plugin. I know you’re not looking to translate but you can still use it to rename a string in your site language. Here is a quick quide https://localise.biz/wordpress/plugin/beginners.

2-You can add this css code to your wordpress site:
#vpc-price-container {
    color: #0099cc;

where #0099cc is the new hex color code.

3-VPC button css
background-color: #ebe9eb;
color: #ebe9eb;

dadido Purchased

Thank you for your reply.

1)I have edited this:

vpc-price-container {

color: #0099cc; }

(with you custom color)

but the color has not changed.

2) what is the code for the “add to cart” button and the “quantity” field?

Thank you.

Please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com so our team can take care of it for you if you’re having hard time to make it work.

Hi, when you are answering AsukaLionera’s questions about text for your next release. Are you talking about adding changable text in the product area? Like moddedzone example of your product? If that is your product configurator will be the best far away …

Yes that’s correct :). The text will be added to the preview area depending on the position and angle set by the shop admin.

Hi great plugin, I have one issue where I have size as a variation on the product page but this is not being displayed after the product title in the basket, checkout, order confirmation or email confirmation. Also when I choose a size S for example and checkout and follow the order to the woo commerce back end it comes through as variation size L

Please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com so the dev team can take a look.

Hi I raised a ticket only to be told I have to pay for support. If the plugin supports variations then they should work completely on the front end. I should not be required to pay again just to be told you don’t support it or what ever, it needs someone to take a look and advise.

Hello please feel free to use my site as a casestudy. We are using you plugin for configurable saddlepads and ridding helmets https://prohorse.dk/configurator/configure/13449/ https://prohorse.dk/mattes-saddelunderlag/

Hello, I wonder if there is any chance of using the visual configurator to create downloadables, for example, a piece of art from a set of components? Or is it only applicable for simple and variable products?