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Cam we show image swatches in some popup?

For eg. customer click on ‘select color’ and it opens popup of images for color selection.

Not currently sorry.

Hi we have a problem with the tooltips on iphone, because we have to do double click to choose the item, how can i fix that?

Are you sure you’re using the latest version? Can you check and get back to me?

Hi, now we have the last version, but is not fixed

Hello I am interested in purchasing this plugin. Is the “color swatch picker” supported in category sidebar filter, to show swatches of color instead of text for filtering?

And if yes, is it compatible with Flatsome without breaking breadcrumbs etc?

Hello, No it won’t work in the categories sidebars sorry.

Hello, I have pre-sales question: will this plugin work for all the product attributes or only the ones used for variations? I would like to show icons/images for product attributes that are visible but not used for variations – also in single products.

Only the ones used for variations. It replaces the default woocommerce dropdown.

OK thank you, I’ll keep looking.

Hello, A pre-sales question. I am just starting a new WordPress site with Woocommerce. Is this plugin tested and working with WP 4.8.x and Woo 3.1.x? Thank you.


Yes it is.

Can your extension be used to set up global ATTRIBUTES which will save product information such as Price, Weight & Dimensions and make it possible be able to apply these to new and existing products on our site? We want to avoid filling out product information in attributes one by one. Thanks

No but we have a bulk definition feature which can help you achieve it automatically.

If it’s automatic that sounds good. Can you supply link to details on how that works?

No automatic, it’s a bulk definition. So you’ll have to go into the bulk definition screen and configure what attributes you want to overwrite…

Hallo, is this plugin compatible with wpml? Thanks

Yes it is.

Sales question. Will the attribute image show on the product page (not attribute tab) for simple products? I need multiple attribute small icons but not in a variable product.

Also I am using BuddyBosyy OneSocial Marketplace (WV Vendor Pro). Will this also show on the Vendor front end page as well?


Sorry the plugin works for variable products only.

About the vendor pro plugin, I don’t know we never heard of that plugin before.

does this work with composite products? more specifically: will the image thumbnail variation options show when the product is a component of a composite product?

I’m not sure, we never tried. I suggest you try with our free version https://wordpress.org/plugins/visual-products-configurator-for-woocommerce/ first to figure out.

Hello, after clicking on one selection, there is no “clear selection” button and the like. How to add that “clear selection” button?

Best, Ryan

Unfortunately we don’t have that feature…

Hey there!

I like your variable product attributes plugin and want to buy it, however had one question. On selecting a different color variation on product page, instead of just changing the image on the page, can we redirect visitor to that color product page with all the images. This makes product / inventory management a lot easier.

Check this site for example: https://biink.com/products/biink-athleisure-hoodie-black?variant=18585063301 On choosing different color it actually redirects visitor to that page. Which is perfect! Please advise.


No sorry…

Hi there – hopefully quick pre-sales question…

Does your plug-in store the swatch information as serialized data (which causes an issue with many import/export plug ins) or is the data (eg. file paths to images) stored as individual records? And if so, which tables/fields in the database does it use?

With many thanks in advance Nik

Ah I understand now… I asked does your plug in do X or Y, and you replied “Yes it does”! I thought you were saying the data is stored as individual records, whereas you were actually saying it was serialized which may indeed make things more complicated with WP All Import (though not necessarily impossible).

As for the WEC, I went here – https://www.orionorigin.com/plugins/woo-visual-attributes-swatches/ as suggested to another enquirer and then clicked on “Request Private Demo” and received a link to an installation featuring WEC but no sign of an attributes/swatches plug-in – although I’d still be interested in such a demo if it exists ;-)

Let me check and get back to you.


I apologize for the delay but we currently don’t have an admin demo for that plugin..