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ww2kwok Purchased

Hi, is it possible to have attributes filtering? For example, if I only have “Red” for design pattern 1, after I select design pattern 1, I would only see “Red” in the next attribute and “Blue” and “Yellow” are hidden. Thanks!

No but the plugin will only show the options available for the other attributes everytime you select an option. Just like woocommerce.

Your Live Preview link is broken…


Sorry we made some DNS changes today due to the low visits on sundays. It should be back in few hours (if it’s not already). Can you check and let me know?

How does this plugin fair with import/export extensions? How is the data stored? Is there a backend usage demo I can see? I am looking to purchase an advanced variations plugin much like this one but I want to make sure it will work the way I need it to with WP All Import/Export.

No it does not work with WP All Import. But we have a bulk definition feature.

Do you have a back end demo so I can see how that feature works?

Yes you can head here https://www.orionorigin.com/plugins/woo-visual-attributes-swatches/ and click on the private demo link.

I have products with Color and Size variations. I’d like the following 2 effects:

1) A new image in the MAIN image area if the user selects a COLOR but has not yet selected a size (Woo’s default functionality requires selecting both before it changes the main image).

2) Graying out color or size combinations that are out of stock or un-enabled (so if you select RED, sizes that aren’t available in red are grayed out… similarly, if you select size 10, colors not available in size 10 are grayed out).

Can you do those?

No sorry our plugin works exactly like woocommerce except the replacement of the attributes.

Pre sale question: does the plugin support both color switch and size switch in the same product? For example, a shirt that has both the choice of color and the size in format S,X,XL


Yes it does.

How’s Woo 3.0 update looking with this plugin? Had it been tested. Are we safe?

No we’re currently working on the compatibility issues. We already sent a mailing campaign to warn our subscribers about it.

Didn’t receive the email. Ok, will hold off on update. Thank you.


bsoliv Purchased

Didn’t receive the mail too and have problems with Woocommerce 3.0. Thank you in advance for your work on issues.


8stein Purchased

Hello,can you help me with some problem: i want to hide unavailable variation (i have only size) — sometimes i haven’t some size on stock, so i want it to be hidden. Usual woocommerce option doesn’t work.

Please open a ticket to get a new version of the plugin we’ve been working on.

Just bought you plugin, and it works well except for when you link to a specific variation from a different page( http://gemmapaper.com/shop/wrapping-paper/?attribute_patterns=Slice%20Of%20Summer ), woocommerce accurately selects the right variation, but the first variation in the list is still selected by your plugin (has class selected_wvas) and has the border around it. Woocommerece has the correct variant selected, if you just add it to the cart it will add the correct variant originally linked to, even though your plugin has highlighted the wrong(first in the list) variation.

Please open a ticket so the dev team can take a look https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com

Is it possible to change the price for each type or color?

Not directly from our plugin but if the variation has an increased price, it will follow.


I want you to be able to select the attribute (size or color) of the products and to be added to the cart without leaving the product page


Yes our plugin can allow you to select the attributes. But the addition to the cart is handled by the theme, not us.

ok, thanks!

For the skin 7, if we have more than 4 options and if the description is a long sentence not just a word, what will that looks like. Do we have a demo to preview (for pre-purchase test front and back end). And in your demo, there is only one attribute for skin 7. When we have more than one attribute, what will that looks like

Our dev team is able to make minor ajustements if you want.

thanks for prompt reply. will decide next Monday. thanks again. Have a nice weekend

No worries.

Pre-Sale Question! Looks like this plug in may be just what we need but I want to make sure first:

Currently we have lots of dog collar types, but they are offered in the same colors, from reading the comments, we can group the collar colors? However can they select multiple colors? Is this an option available?

We are switching from one platform to another: here is an example of our current site, and it would be great if with this plug in we can do it like this so they can pick 3 colors and then the price increases or that they don’t have to add each color individually. And it would hopefully look much better as well.

The theme we are using is Xtheme

http://www.outdoordogsupply.com/3-4-dog-collar-straps-solid-d-ring/ http://www.outdoordogsupply.com/garmin-tt15-tracking-training-dog-gps-collar/

See how you can select multiple color options? Is this possible with this plug in? (and look nicer lol)

No our plugin does not allow you to select more than 2 options at the same time sorry, but this may be a better alternative https://www.woocommerceproductconfigurator.com/

Hi, is it possible to have the color swatches show on the homepage and when the user clicks on a color swatch, it would go to that product page with that color?

Not currently sorry.


Really like the look of this plugin. I have a client who wants to offer lots of different options as a sort of ‘pick n mix’ within a product. For example, the product could have red, blue, and white options but you need to be able to pick say 2 x red and 1 x blue and THEN add to your cart.

I’m not sure if this would be possible with your plugin as it looks as though you can only select one attribute at a time rather than being able to combine attributes into one purchase. Do you have any suggestions to achieve this?

Hi, i have a presale question.

Is it possible to use images as radio buttons to select a variation? Like this example: https://shop.ect-cpg.com/product/pogo-25/


Not quite like the link but yes.

Okay. Is there a possibility to try it out before buying? Another important thing would be to import the “links” between images and variations. How will the links be stored in the database? serialized? It would be nice if we could import the data with WP Import. Cheers

No but if you’re unhappy with the purchase, we’ll proceed to a refund and cancel your licence.

Yes the plugin data are stored as serialized product metas..

Hey guys. Using this plugin and just wonder, are you working on making it compatible with the new Woocommerce Facebook shop sync extension. All our products are synced but where we have visual options it doesn’t work on Facebook.

I’m not sure. Our plugin does not modify woocommerce structure, it simply changes the display. So I’m not sure how it can alter the sync with facebook…

Maybe I’m wrong? Could be a coincidence, perhaps?

Can you check if there are similarities between all the products for which the synchronization does not work?

1-Are all the attributes created directly on the product page or are they attributes created in Products > Attributes?

2-Are the all variation created and attributes set specifically for each product or is it automatically handled by woocommerce?

Hi, the plugin never worked on my site. Can i get a refund? im not trying to use it anymore

7 days ago, our agent replied that the issue was fixed and we got no feedback since.

If it was really fixed i wouldn’t be asking for a refund. The plugin never worked at all. Now i see you closed the ticket. You should check if your plugin works with Avada theme. I want a refund please, i’m not using a plugin that doesn’t works.