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I have a before purchasing question. We sell fish that come from different areas, are different colors and sizes. The variations are all handled by drop-down today, We want to create this look: https://i.gyazo.com/f4968917fcfd30913866579b11448ef1.png

Can this be achieved with your plugin?

No but you can request that from the dev team as special custom request (charged) at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com.

Does this work with Woocommerce Visual Products Configurator? Can the options that this offers be incorporated in to the configurator?

No these are two different plugins. This one only work on the variable product page.


Can one decide which variable products show the Swatches?

Of course.

Can one show the swatches on the catalogue/archive/category pages?

No that’s a theme feature, not the plugin’s.

Presale question – Smart Ajax swatches – smart ajax dropdown attributes plugin

Hi, I want know if your plugin can make the following configuration such as this example in the following link: https://www.bertosalotti.it/divano-letto-uso-quotidiano-gulliver.html.

So I would need to populate the ajax attributes based on the programmed combinations within the product with a select ajax made up of smart swatches.

Is it possible? Thanks in advance.


I get a page not found error when trying to access the provided url. Can you provide the right url please?

Oh sorry we don’t have anything that behaves like that but maybe our product configurator can help https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-visual-products-configurator/9058551

Hi, is it possible to have images instead of solid colours? we have a site where we want the user to choose the textile by visual selection.

Yes of course.

I Just bought the plugin but i need to now how to configure it the way that when a customer choose a color option the image gallery change and show photos just for that variation i think that’s a swatch function. Please let me know how.

Thanks in Advance!


sorry our plugin does not have that feature for now unless it’s triggered by woocommerce itself after selecting a variation…

Skin-11 only seems to work with the first variation that has this skin selected, all others default to skin-1 on the front-end. No theme, no additional plug-in besides woocommerce.

Please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com/helpdesk so the dev team can take a look.

I don’t need support, I’ve updated the code to fix this issue myself. Just wanted to let you know, for your next update.

Ok but it’s best to talk with the dev team about it so they can see what the issue is and check what you’ve done about it.

Plugin works after a bit of mucking about with the settings.

However, it has broken my (many) links direct to variations (eg http://samplesite.com/product/eyebrow/?attribute_treatment=Threading%20First%20Consultation ). How do I fix this or create new direct links?

No woocommerce core select are still in the page. Our plugin simply hides it and triggers all events on it. When our plugin is disabled, does the same URL work?

Yes the url works fine when the plugin is disabled.

Please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com/helpdesk/ so the dev team can take a look.


I can’t enable visual attribute, also can’t seem to save my skin selections under the Visual attributes bulk definition page…

Please help urgent.


If you change the skin on this, even if you have already uploaded all the images, it wipes them all! Watch out

That’s normal because the skins don’t have the same fields and settings.

its not smart though, you have categories, images, radio, drop down, colour, they should be set at all times, you should hide those that arent in use for a particular skin. Say I have a hundred images and I look at one skin.. then want to see how they look in another skin, I have to re-set the whole lot! Really you guys have some great little plugins that are reasonably priced, but you need to sort out these basic issues, its the same with not being able to clone your visual products configurator options!

Additionally, only assigned attributes show up, when all attributes should show

Hello, I have put two types of variations (measures and color) but they do not show well…..


Enable visual attributes desactivate view


Activate view….


Yes but that will require custom css

How do you get this to actually work…. “Assign a picture to every variation and let Woo Visual Attributes Swatches change your product picture easily on the product page”. It does not seem compatible with the FLATSOME Theme. Please point me to the documentation that explains how to do this. Thanks Mark

Please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new so the dev team can take a look.

Hi, This plugin looks interesting! But before I proceed to purchase, will this plugin able to fit my requirement:

My product will have 3 attributes, color & types where the selection will be image in radio button form,ad last is the size that will be in dropdown form.

Looking forward for your reply.

Yes that’s possible

Dear Support, I have a similiar plugin that bug with last version of my theme and woo. Iw oukd like to be sure that yours will work fine. Is there a possibility to test on my dev site ? or is there a withdrawal test period in case it does not work ?


Yes you can request a refund if it does not work as expected or is broken.

thank you very much I’ll try soon

This plugin is a lifesaver. Thanks again!

Question before possible purchase, I’m looking for a function that can show a swatch inside a dropdown list, see example, ignore the red markings.