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Good job! Best of luck :)

Will definitely be buying this in the next month or to! Looks awesome

There is no mention or the types of output from you module. Will it output vector graphics and text required for commercial printing? And will you be bringing this one over to OpenCart?

It will give the Output as SVG Vector Output and also 300 DPI.

Yes, we have the similar extension to OpenCart, please email us to get more info about that, thanks

The demo is broken, images can’t be moved and image previews from the cart are broken image. I need a plugin like this now, but the demo is not 100% working so am not sure if its ready for commercial use. Is the final output a pdf? Can it offer a set colour palette? Can it preview the text live as its being typed? Can you select multiple design for that one particular sticker?

These are just some of the questions i need answered.

the Demo is working now, please check and also we have updated the plugin to add some features along with final output as SVG facility.

We can perform custom to development to offer certain color pallete and now it has feature to add live text.

Please reply to my Ticket #377971

hi James, we do not see any Ticket with that number, can you please email us at developers@solvercircle.com ?

How can I delete the text which I added to the sticker by mistake?

Thanks for the information, we shall add this feature. Please expect the update by this Tuesday.

hello, some presale questions: can i add more fonts can i restrict the print to only black can i disable upload image Can i translate all text to another language

We can provide custom development service to offer all your need at additional cost.

hello, just baught the product, will test it and let you know what we would like to develop thanks

Please email us at developers@solvercircle.com for customization discussion and quote.

Hi guys .. few questions. We need options for customer to pick up custom dimension and also customer to set background of the sticker. Is this possible?

Hi there, Maybe you can check the following item then:

WooCommerce Business Card & Flyer Design



Can the customer change background color and size of the stickers and can i have one product with the circle, and product 2 is the square etc. Last question if the customer change the size can the price change aswell?

Best Regard Daniel

Hi Daniel,

you can upload your own background image from admin panel and design it according to your own wish. And if you want we can perform custom development to implement the woocommerce variation (size) at the front end. Feel free to email us for a quote please.

Hello Wpproducts, I am considering purchasing your plugin but I have a few questions before:

1 – Can I offer the costumer the possibility to change the sticker background? 2 – Can I lock the possibility the costumer has to move text and let it locked in a specific place of the sticker? 3 – Is it possible to change font of all texts/names in a sticker all together (on live preview I have to change all texts/names separately)? 4 – If the any of the questions above can not be solved by myself inside the plugin configuration is it possible for you to improve it for me (as a payed custom development)?

Can we discuss these issues by e-mail? (my contact: victor@estudiocaete.com.br)

Thank you in advance.

demo isnt working cant resize on page

Please click on a Text and you can resize then.

The plugin does not work with the latest version of WooCommerce. If I add the customized product to the cart, it does nothing. The AJAX loader just keeps revolving.

Our team has resolved the issue for your site already. Please check and confirm. Thanks.

Yes, the issue is resolved. Thanks.

You are most welcome and we will be really happy to help you more in future if you can please rate this item 5 Star here.

i have activated your plugin ( WooCommerce Vinyl Stickers Labels Design) but it is not showing in live website beside this others plugins is working please help ?

Please submit your access information in a Ticket at support.solvercircle.com, so that our team can help you quickly. Thanks

i already did that

Our team has already replied to your ticket. Please check in there.