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From pain points to product ideas! I like where this is going. Well done :)

Thanks Typps :)

I bought this hoping that the customer email will also have this link but no… What’s the $8 for really?

Sorry for the confusion. This adds the link to emails sent to the store admin. If you message me through my profile, ill send you a version that also adds the link to customer emails.

I just submitted an update that also adds the link to the customer email. It should be approved within 48 hours. Thanks!

Very well.. Thanks for the update, this is a little tweak but a very important one! Good luck with sales.

Hi… does this plugin adds a link to an email of guest customers? (guest means who didn’t create a profile and bought as guest)

Yes. This would help encourage them to register to your store.

thanks.. i do not let create accounts in store.. they buy shoes twice in a year and dont rememeber login or password :)

Ok, that makes sense. I can make it only add the link for non guests if you’d like.

Hi WebSmacker,

Presale question, can I add this plugin to the processing order and/or customer invoice email?

Thanks, Felix

Yes, I can modify for you. Please message me through my profile page after purchasing. Thanks!

Already purchased the item. Please help me set it up :)

For anyone else reading this, it looks like the current version of the plugin already does this (see screenshot). Any email that includes the order information will have the link above it.

How can I make the plugin restrict the “View Order Online” to only non-guests, even when sending them an invoice?

Thank you, in advance for your help.

Thanks for purchasing. Please message me through my profile page. I can modify the plugin to fit your needs and send you a new version.

I sent a message in on your profile page, just wondered if it had gone through?

Hi Chloe – it must have went to my junk folder. I’ll take a look this evening and get the new version sent to you soon. Thanks!

Cool plugin, but its not working right on my site. I am getting a 404 page doesnt exist when I click the link….

any ideas?



Hi Aaron – please message me through my profile page and we can discuss. Thanks!

sent you a message to your email listed in the documentation…thanks!

replied, thanks

Waste of money, this functionality is already builtin to the existing new order email template.

You are 100% right. I just noticed that woocommerce added this feature. I’ll note the description to only buy if using an older version of woocommerce. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

is it possible to get a refund?

Not through codecanyon, but message me through my profile page and we’ll work something out. Sorry for the hassle.

i purchased this plugin just an hour ago. i successfully installed woo commerce then this plugin, im facing problem with this plugin. no email is sent when order received. neither to customer nor to the admin. please help.. i really very disappointed after purchasing this. :(

Hello – the issue you are describing is not caused by this plugin as it just adds a link to the email. It doesn’t actually control the email being sent so there is another underlying issue. You may want to try disabling all other plugins except woocommerce and investigate from there. Let me know if you need help and I’ll be happy to assist.

Oops.. this is builtin to the new order email template. Its mean i just wasted my money :/

but dear, i appreciate your work. :)

I´m with a problem, & wanna know if your pulign solves it. When the costumer get the e-mail for download the virtual file/download file, they only get a file with some numbers, not the zip file that i host at Box. com. I mean: whith your plugin, can the costumer get the direct download link at Ty

Oh yes, the costumer gets the e-mail with this strange file for download. The numbers of my file host on (that goes for last before of file host on box….

We can create a plugin for you. Please PM me through my profile page and we can discuss details. Thanks!

Hello Plugin District, i´ve already fix the issue with Woocommerce support. But thanks a lot! I see many people are having the same problem i was….But i think could be a great idea to have a plugin for this! Cause i have to change all my links to Dropbox & install a plugin either….I fave some plugins of yours! I´ll PM you. Ty again.

Does this link back to the order details page for the admin emails?

Does this plugin still works with new Woocommerce v2.5? It looks like it hasn’t been updated for last few years.

First off, sorry for the late reply. I’ve been away for a couple of months for personal reasons (moving/holidays/new baby/etc…).

Yes, this plugin works with the latest version of wordpress/woocommerce. It has not needed to be updated because it just works :)

Hi there, I was wondering if I could use your plugin with affiliate products.The customer would receive the view order online link but I would like if the admin could get a link pointing to the ‘original’ affiliate product’s link (for example amazon). Do you think it is possible? Thank you.

Ps. Congratulations on your new baby! :)

Hi smelinda. Thanks for the message. Yes, with some customization this could be accomplished. If you would like a quote, please message me via my profile page and we can talk more detail.

Order Link will bring customer to the order page? Will this require any login since order is tied to a particular customer. Possible to make it public where everyone can view the order as long as they have the link.

The order link will take you to the order details for that order. If the customer is not logged in, it will prompt for username/password. This functionality is default by woocommerce. If you want the order details available to anyone it would require some custom coding. I would be happy to give you a quote for this work, just PM me via my profile page. Thanks!

Will this work for customers who ordered through guest checkout? Does this allow a non-user to receive an email with a link they can view view without having an account? Thanks

It adds the link to the order email

I just purchased the plugin and was expecting to see the link to the order email for guest users. But, it seems to be requiring log in. I asked earlier if this would work and it does not do this. What I was hoping was a link that looked like this: [domain]/checkout/order-received/[order_number]/key=[wc-order-key]. Can you support this or help with this? That way, guests can view their order details.

Where can I translate the link “view order online” ?

Where can I translate the link “view order online” ?

The author does not support – I do not recommend it


How can I translate button Continue Shopping by WPML?