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I am looking for a plugin with inline video player in photo gallery of product page. Could you please comment on the compatibility of this plugin with Shopkeeper theme?


The VideoLinks plugin is not compatible with the Shopkeeper theme. what you are looking for is here – Good luck, -Nolan

Got it. Thanks for the details. Is it responsive? Any possible demo for a hands on?

It is responsive. No demo. It works by entering embed code into the product page editor and that embed code replaces a image slide etc. If you need more info you can email me at Thanks, -Nolan

No sorry. I could create a custom plugin to work with it though. If you are interested you can contact me at -Nolan

Hi I just purchased this plugin for my site and it’s not working at all.. Can you possibly help.

Sure, please send me an email to I need to know your theme and url you are using it on. Thanks, -Nolan

Hi I have installed it on this page On page load you can see the thumbnail but disappears when page loaded. I want to click the image then it opens lightbox with video like your demo site. Any ideas whats going on please?

I have also messaged your inbox, thanks.

Please see email response. Thanks, -Nolan

Hello, my theme is “Ferado” from Woorockets. Does this plugin works with Ferado? Thank you.

No sorry it uses custom woocommerce templates for an image slider and zoom function. I could attempt a custom plugin option for you. Send me an email at if you wish to discuss it. Thanks, -Nolan

Hi there, I just bought the plugin but it doesn’t seem to work with the Enfold theme. Am I right? Is there a solution?

It does not work with the Enfold theme as listed on the product page and unfortunately this is the one of the themes that I do not have a custom option for either. Sorry. -Nolan

Hi, Can you please tell if this plugin is compatible with the WOOW Theme?

Thank you in advance

No sorry, this theme is using custom woocommerce templates to create the product page carousel. I could perhaps come up with a custom option for you if needed. Please email me at if you wish to discuss this. Thanks, -Nolan

I would say it will work with both. Unicode has custom woocommerce image templates and the plugins would overwrite these but the result looks the same so it shouldn’t effect anything. The Daisho theme does not have a demo shop page so I would assume they do not use custom woocommerce templates. If not a full refund will be approved. Thanks, -Nolan

To followup for anyone else, the VideoLinks plugin is not compatible with the Daisho theme since it uses a custom carousel for the images. I can create a custom video option for anyone interested. -Nolan

Ideas are great, demos are bad designed. Sorry.

Is this plugin compatible with full width gallery in Flatsome theme

You need –

Hi there!

We are using Flatsome theme and using following product slider as demonstrated over here;

With your plugin can we add video to this product slider as well?

Kindly let us know as soon as possible.


You need the custom plugin that works specifically with the Flatsome theme – With this plugin yes you can add video to the slider. Thanks, -Nolan

hey, i purchased the plugin – i need to embed an iframe from a 360 image link: <iframe src=”” width=”500” height=”800” frameBorder=”0”></iframe> what do i need to do? putting the link doesn’t work… thanks! ido

It supports Youtube, Vimeo and Wistia embeds as stated on the plugin product description. -Nolan

yes, but it also says to contact you for other options. i’m of course willing to pay :)

Please contact me via email to and we can discuss it. Thanks, -Nolan

Just wanted to say that the support I’ve received from this plugin author is exceptional. A breath of fresh air, in fact. He’s prompt, knowlegable and helpful. The plugin does what I need it to, but it’s the support that’s really impressed me.

My pleasure. Thank you for the kind words and rating. It is people like you that appreciate my work and support that makes creating plugins worth it. Thanks again, -Nolan

can you please add an option to embded facebook video? then i can buy it? and sure other clients will like that.

You already can. :) Click the last gallery image at – to see a Facebook video. To get the src link for the video simply click on the facebook posts down arrow at the top right hand corner of the post. The last option in the menu will be an embed option. Click on this then copy the src=”...” link. That will be the link you insert into the product picture VideLink field in Wordpress. Thanks, -Nolan

is this plugin compatible with themes, specifically the Elegant theme?

Based on the structure of the Elegant themes demo product page the answer is yes.

does this work with avada theme?

No sorry – there is a custom option to add video to the Avada theme here – -Nolan