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Hello. Is this Plugin compatible with Dokan Pro and WC Vendors Pro Plugins running the Marketica, GON and Flatastic Themes?

Is this Plugin compatible with The7, Total, X, Armada, UnPress, Oshine and 3Clicks Themes?

I also have the Avada and Flatsome Themes which as you mention need special versions, is this still the case with WC 3.x?

Thank you.

1) Marketica – No

GON – No, would require custom plugin.

Flatastic – No

They all have custom sliders that would require custom code.

2)It usually takes a day or two for a custom plugin.

3)The Flatsome theme has not changed its image structure so the custom option should work with WC 3.x

Thanks, -Nolan

Thanks Nolan.

I asked:

Why isn’t your Woocommerce Pay Per View Content Plugin available on CodeCanyon? And what version is it on?

I purchased the Flatsome version of this Plugin back in 2015, I just downloaded it from your site. Is this the current version?

How do I purchase the different versions of this Plugin?

Thank you, Craig.

Sometimes Codecanyon does not think certain plugins are the right fit for their marketplace. They have the final decision what plugins are accepted. As far as the Flatsome plugin goes it should be the latest version on the site but if you send me an email to and I will make sure you get the latest version. -Nolan

i did not see the custom option of needing to purchase for avada can i get a refund and i will purchase the need custom one please.

Refund request approved. Thanks, -Nolan

Hi ! Is this plugin compatible with StoreFront Theme ? Also, i removed gallery-zoom and gallery-slider from the new woocommerce version (3.0.6). Will this plugin work with only lighbox enable ? Thanks you ! Simon.

It seems store from is not using the new 3.0 product gallery slider so no it will not work. If you use the templates provided in the old(2.5) version of VideoLinks it should work but only as inline video. No lightbox video. -Nolan

Hello, I like so much your plugin, but in your demo I saw an issue, when you start a video and you change to another thumbnail, the video doesn’t stop automatically.

And then is it possible make start automatically the video when I click on the video thumbnail?

Last question is your plugin compatible with BASEL theme?

Thanks for your help


That is because it works with a number of different embed video services some of which do not have api methods to stop and start video programmatically.

No, the BASEL theme is not compatible with Videolinks since it uses a custom slider for the product images. I could look into creating a custom plugin for you though. Just send me an email to



I saw some other plugins that has video like yours (with YouTube, Vimeo and hosted videos) that they stop when you change the thumbnail, so if you could fix this, your plugin could be much more interesting, don’t you?

Another questions:

1 – is it possible start the video when I click on the thumbnail instead to click on the video player after I clicked on the thumbnail?

2 – Are the video responsive ?

3 – About the dimension of the video, is it possible insert a video (probably hosted, because YouTube has its resolution) that fill all the dimension of the product image, instead the wide size like in your demo? Like this website:

4 – Is it possible, if the video is in the first thumbnail have an auto-play of the video?

Thank you for all information