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Hello. Is this Plugin compatible with Dokan Pro and WC Vendors Pro Plugins running the Marketica, GON and Flatastic Themes?

Is this Plugin compatible with The7, Total, X, Armada, UnPress, Oshine and 3Clicks Themes?

I also have the Avada and Flatsome Themes which as you mention need special versions, is this still the case with WC 3.x?

Thank you.

1) Marketica – No

GON – No, would require custom plugin.

Flatastic – No

They all have custom sliders that would require custom code.

2)It usually takes a day or two for a custom plugin.

3)The Flatsome theme has not changed its image structure so the custom option should work with WC 3.x

Thanks, -Nolan

Thanks Nolan.

I asked:

Why isn’t your Woocommerce Pay Per View Content Plugin available on CodeCanyon? And what version is it on?

I purchased the Flatsome version of this Plugin back in 2015, I just downloaded it from your site. Is this the current version?

How do I purchase the different versions of this Plugin?

Thank you, Craig.

Sometimes Codecanyon does not think certain plugins are the right fit for their marketplace. They have the final decision what plugins are accepted. As far as the Flatsome plugin goes it should be the latest version on the site but if you send me an email to and I will make sure you get the latest version. -Nolan

i did not see the custom option of needing to purchase for avada can i get a refund and i will purchase the need custom one please.

Refund request approved. Thanks, -Nolan

Hi ! Is this plugin compatible with StoreFront Theme ? Also, i removed gallery-zoom and gallery-slider from the new woocommerce version (3.0.6). Will this plugin work with only lighbox enable ? Thanks you ! Simon.

It seems store from is not using the new 3.0 product gallery slider so no it will not work. If you use the templates provided in the old(2.5) version of VideoLinks it should work but only as inline video. No lightbox video. -Nolan

Hello, I like so much your plugin, but in your demo I saw an issue, when you start a video and you change to another thumbnail, the video doesn’t stop automatically.

And then is it possible make start automatically the video when I click on the video thumbnail?

Last question is your plugin compatible with BASEL theme?

Thanks for your help


1) A user can stop and start a video if they wish. In browsers when you click to a new tab the video doesn’t stop. Perhaps people wish to listen to a video as they scroll through the rest of the images. While it is possible to reset all embed values thus stopping the video on thumbnail click I made the decision not to.

2)It is responsive depending on the theme. The videos have a 100% width so they would change width based on the responsiveness of the theme styling.

3)The size of the video should fill the space but this could be changed in the CSS.

4)Code would have to be added to th js to add an autoplay attribute to the first video embed.

Thanks for all your information


No problem. Good luck! -Nolan


pf62 Purchased

will this work with the latest version of woo, storefront and galleria child theme?

This is the second wootheme theme(and child theme) that is still using the old woocommerce 2.6 product page image structure. It should work with the old VideoLinks version. Send me an email to and I will hook you up with the old version. -Nolan


pf62 Purchased

hi, have purchased, will this work now with the latest versions of these themes? I cant seem to get it to work… Will I need the old version of the plugin still?

Are they using the woocommerce 3.0 image gallery slider? Please send me an email to with a link to your site.

Hey guys Can you let me know if your plugin is compatible with my theme, it is the Collective theme by KubiStudio. Have had issue withe the YITH plugin.


It is not compatible with VideoLinks but I can create a custom plugin to allow videos to be inserted into this theme image slider. Send me an email at to discuss it.


Hi NuvuScripts i was wondering if you think your plugin would be compatible with

Also you last thumbnail demo, is that self-hosted video?

1) No sorry, it will not work with this theme. I do see that in the theme demo they have an option for a video. 2) Yes, Videolinks can play self-hosted videos. Thanks for asking, -Nolan


pasky Purchased

Does your plugin work with kallyas theme?

I think so but to be sure you can send the url to your site to and I will check your setup to make sure. Thanks, -Nolan


pasky Purchased

I have uploaded your woocommerce folder to the theme folder. But the video still not showing…. I sent an email to you….

Please help…


Yes, I have responded to your email. Thanks, -Nolan

I have a special plugin for that theme:

Thanks, -Nolan

Are updates included in the purchase price? If so for how long and how do I receive notice?

Please email me at regarding this. Thank you, -Nolan

Hello, how I can check that this plugin is compatible with my theme? I’m interested in a buy it.

This would require a custom plugin. Please email me at to discuss. Thank you, -Nolan


aNjOiD Purchased

HI, I’m using Bridge Theme and when I place the woocommerce folder into the theme folder it breaks the product page. Any suggestions or know issues with this theme and plugin?

This theme is NOT compatible with the New Woocommerce Video Links. They are still using the old woocommerce image structure. You can try the old version of VideoLinks. Send me an email to and I will give you access to the files. -Nolan


aNjOiD Purchased

Cool thanks I’ll shoot you an email now.

Will This Plugin Work On The Shop Page (ie. The Alll Products Page) I need the Video to play inline or as a pop on the All Products & Category Pages

No, this is for the product page gallery. If you need a custom plugin creation you can contact me at


Does the video goes together with product images or… so I have a market place and i want that the administrator is the only one who can put videos for each vendor poduct. Is that possible? Now i can disable attributes, galleries, SKU etc. I’m using ’’WC vendors pro’’ plugin.

It goes with the slide number in the image gallery. Only admins of that product page can add videos to the page’s image slider. What theme are you using? I could give you a better answer about compatibility if you send me a link to your site. My email is -Nolan

Input type Short code for my own player ?!Please important because this plugin not work for me ?Free1video LTD Best regards.

Please email me at with your support questions. Thanks, -Nolan

I bought plugin and installed, added theme woocommerce directory. Using Divi Theme. The image gallery slider buttons are showing, but not the video. Any ideas?

Looks like part of the problem was Yith Zoom Magnifyer plugin, which made the video link show up, but the video still does not play.

Yith Zoom Magnifyer is not compatible. please send me a link to your page. My email is Thanks Nolan

Pre sale question: Will it work with Kallyas theme ? Thanks in advance.

It should work if the lightbox is turned off and the woocommerce 3 carousel is working. -Nolan