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I’ve been so much patient for this author. No response at all. He promised to send me file of the modification to Make/Model/Year .. and two weeks passed. No any single word received from this guy.

Not recommended!! losing money and no support!

Hi, I have just purchased this plugin, but i have notice its not in the correct order. I need it to be MAKE/MODEL/YEAR can you send me the correct solution ideally new files as cant give out admin details of my clients website.

u can use it for both purpose no problem just change text thanks :)

please can it work with joomla.and does it come with the names,make,model and images of parts?

not it not work with joomla thanks :)

ok,but does it come with product images also or i have to add manually?

is not compatible with WooCommerce 2.6 yet?

yes it is thanks :)

do it work on all themes and is it compatible with the latest version of woocommerce???

yes of-course 100% thanks :)

Hi, the “Year Make Model” checkbox allows only a certain amount of checkboxes to be ticked. i have 1328 checkboxes and will have more soon. Everytime i check all the checkboxes and save, some of the checkboxes will uncheck itself. I tried unchecking 10 checkboxes and then check 10 new checkboxes and it works. How do i override the quota. I need to check alot more checkboxes

Hi, i’ve sent you an email yesterday to show you the issue. May i know if u received it and how long it would take to fix the issue?

Also, if you could acknowledge, that would be great..

i sent you reply :)


I have site Please check it Year, Make, Model and category.

Currently site have 30,000 products with lots of Make, Model and Years. So i want to use your plugin. We are continuing uploading products and we assume that site will have more then 5,00,000 products in coming days.

Here are requirements:

Shall plugin works well with 5 lacks products and its attributes?

Site have already loaded Make, Model and years and category.

Shall plugin pick autometically Make, Model and years and category from the database to display in the dropdown?

The year make model functions should be exclusive, and dependent on the next option.

The make, then model should only show models for the previous definition “the make”.

However the current set up still does not perform this function. Furthermore it’s much, much too slow. The make/model/year selections need a script or a table search done before it starts actually searching the database. To show what I’m talking about I will link to BBK once again.

Example site:

The first field in the search is the Make. You cannot select the next option until this is selected and it’s fast. The next option is the Model, it’s immediate and only the models relational to the make are shown. Then the year, it’s immediate. Then the engine size, immediate no delay. Lastly the you select a category, then it goes out and searches the database.

Our search function needs to perform like this. Fast, efficient and targeted. If you switch the category as stated before it should hold the year/model selections. Other websites will even show recent searches down at the bottom of the search window, so you don’t have to input the year/make/model every time.

Is it possible to all above requirements are fulfill with the plugin?

Please give us your feedback/comments so we can plan to purchase the plugin.

Thank You!

sent u reply thanks :)

I put the required shortcode on the search page, but the search results gave a “no product” warning. I do not know exactly what you did, but the problem is solved. Simple and functional plugin

thanks for support. regards

Serkan Alemdar

welcome :)


I have my products assigned to default product category tree. Can I easily clone and assing categories tree in your Year/Make/Model taxonomy? Or can i just move the product categories to your Year/Make/Model taxonomy?

Because i have almost 8000 categories.

my friend you don’t need to clone anything filter automatically grab all woocommerce category and if u already assign category with product that is perfect you don’t need to do anything thanks :)

Is it possible to filter more in results from your shortcode? I use that in my homepage, i get some results but then I need to filter more using product attributes or custom taxonomies. Is that possible?

no not possible but if you need customization you can contact with me skype bigboss_opu from Bangladesh thanks :)

I am looking at your plugin and can this be used for tires only. I have a project and would like an option to search for tires?

Hello how are you We are a Wheel and Tyre Store. We want to use this plugin to do multiple searches Search 1 Tyres Width – Profile – Diameter

Wheel Diameter – Width – PCD

Wheel Packages Make – Model – Year

Can we use the same plugin 3 times? or can we have multiple plugin changes


that will no effect my friend becz data is same but if u need any customization we can do that for u contact with me my email address thanks :)

Does any one have a ready made list ? i need to import All cars Make and models from 2001 to 2015.

I have sent you email check and contact via email thanks :)


I have a YMM csv with 68,000 lines (about 4mb).

I cannot upload using the importer. I’ve tried splitting the file to 15,000, then 5,000, 1,000, and then finally at 500 and it still does not import consistently.

I’ve tried it on two different servers and i still encounter the same problem.

Can you assist?

Why not my friend kindly send me your 500 CSV file with admin access to my email address thanks :)


Ivilla Purchased

Guys, please contact me for some customization work. I received an email from you guys but since then, there has been no response.

Dear sir already i have done your work and sent you email customization job done have u sent me payment ? thanks :)


Ivilla Purchased

The payment has been made. I have been testing and found out that since you did the customization work on the YMM plug-in, the plug-in has been mal-functioning. No matter what I select, it brings up all the the products on the shop page automatically. It doesn’t function right.

Please get back to me to discuss this.

Sent u reply :)


I have tried contacting you through email and skype.

I want to change from Year, Make, Model To Make, Model, Year

Can you help?


sure my friend why not send me admin panel access to my email address thanks :)


dazdaza Purchased

Hi there, ok I have tried everything and I cn not get you plugin to work.

When importing it goes to a blank screen.

When I check the import, it has not imported all of the information From the csv file.

I would like a full refund please.

Send me admin and ftp access let me check my email thanks.

Hello, Can your module be set to manage 3 filters like this:
Vehicle, Tire, Wheel


No u can use it only for vehicle year make and model if u need we can make one for u but you need to pay me for that knock me via email thanks :)

i have woocommerce 2.6.1. can i use this plugin ?

Yes you can thanks :)