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Hi, I just purchase this plugin and try setup into our website. but It show only 3 of dropdown Brand, Model, Year and Search box for product name.

It’s not show Engine and Product category. Please suggest where and how to config it please. Thank you in advance.

It works with latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce so there is something else which stops it to work. I would be able to say more only once I get FTP and Admin details for the website. Thanks!

Hi there, now your plugin working perfect. it’s awesome plugin and very useful.

Great! Please leave 5 star ratings if you like our support too. Thank you!

I’ve been buy woo commerce Vehicle Parts Finder – Make/Model/Year

I can’t install in my website

(The package can not be installed. No valid extensions found.

Failed to install extension.)

Then where do you save this CSV file? Using any text editor for the purpose?

Can not modify the CSS format I do not agree I can not return the hosting, because I actually have the same from bagboss

I assume that there you mean from CSV format and not from CSS format. If no way to add Arabic words in CSV then I have to do some custom work so it supports excel file. There it will cost you additional USD’s for this work.

Please email me on wpinstinct@gmail.com if it sounds okay to you and we can discuss it further there. Thanks!

Purchased your VPF. Wondering if there is any way to increase the size of the fields? I have a couple 2 word models that will not fit into the existing fields.

For this you have to enable “Remember Search” option form plugin’s settings panel. Therefor, it will maintain user search whole over the website and will show only filtered products for all pages/categories/shop. Does it make sense?

Got it. Thank you.

You are welcome mate!

Found an issue: Server side tech – tell them it’s breaking the theme editor and creating long-running processes for no clear reason which are ultimately resulting in 502 errors. That plugin looks old and not updated in a while. The readme file says: “Tested up to: 4.7.x” 11:23 am 4.7.x is from years ago. WP is up to 4.9.x now. We went one by one plugin wise and this was the culprit. Great plugin!!!! we love it but maybe need to update it.

Hi there,

Thanks for bringing this in my notice that I have mentioned wrong version in readme file. If you are running latest version 2.8 of my plugin then it should work with latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce without any problem. If you are facing speed slow down issue then please share your website FTP and Admin details with me along with the URL’s where I can see slow speed. You can email me these details on my Email ID wpinstinct@gmail.com. I would be happy to help you on this.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

Hi, I have your plugin installed and all is working fine. is there an option change the sort order for make and model etc? by default is sorting alphabetically only.

Hi there, thanks for purchasing my plugin.

There is no way to change the default sort order of VPF terms. There are few plugins available to sort custom taxonomies but in case if you have too many VPF Terms then it wouldn’t be easy to manually set order of each term one by one.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

Hi, Can you tell me what your filter plugin looks at within my website to capture the chosen options? Does the filter request the information be exact to search on backend? We’re working on a wheel bolt pattern scenario, you put the year, make model and only the wheels with correct bolt pattern should pull up. We also do suspension lifts and need only the parts to show within the filter. What are we doing wrong?

Example: 2015 Honda Accord should reflect all wheels that have 5×114.3 pattern with high offset.

Hi there, thanks for purchasing my plugin.

For frontend search, It uses the backend assigned retaions of Makes/Models/Years/Engines per product from product edit screen or assigned through CSV Imported Tool. If it doesn’t work for you that way then please share your website details with me and I will troubleshoot the reason for you. You have to provide me your website FTP and admin details. Email me these details on wpinstinct@gmail.com

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

Hello I am trying to install the vehicle part finder Plugin to my site.. can you assiste.. i also want the same thing as this guy on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTn3GPmIwLo

Thanks That would be much appreciated


Hi Kirk,

I would be more than happy to assist you. Please share your contact ID so that we can discuss it further. Here you find my contact details:

Hangout: wpinstinct@gmail.com
Skype: wpinstinct

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

Hi wpinstinct, Very interested in adding this part finder to our store… just a couple of quick questions: - Is it possible to create SEO friendly pages from the filter results? Like your demo uses parameters (?make=6&model=47&year_id=52&engine=&category=&s=&post_type=product&action=vpf-search) – could pages be created visually like /audi/a3-cabriolet/2008/ instead?

- Are you able to help us create a persistent garage much like the comment above? Where the selected vehicle remains throughout the site…


Hi there, thanks for showing interest in my plugin.

1. It wouldn’t be easy to change the URL structure and will require a lot of custom work. I can help you on this but it will cost you additional USD’s for this custom work. Email me on wpinstinct@gmail.com if you want to discuss further on this.

2. It already provides an option to maintain the search whole over the website until customer rsets the search from garage.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team


rozaeta2 Purchased

Hi I just purchased your plugin and when I try to install zip file it reads no zip file found.

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing my plugin. I would be happy to help you.

You have to extract/unzip the downloaded archive file first and then find another zip file within extracted directory. Try installing this and let me know if you still face any issue.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team


anshad4u Purchased

sir, I have installed and activated filter plugin in my woocommerce website, but not showing in the site. Kindly help

HI there, thanks for purchasing my plugin.

Please make sure that you have installed and activated WooCommerce plugin too. If my plugin still doesn’t show anywhere in dashboard then please email your website FTP and Admin details on wpinstinct@gmail.com.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team


Poul65 Purchased

Hi, I just bought the VPF plugin, but i don not understand how I add my products to it? I have 4600 products and in time it will be more like 8000. For now they are in product categories, can i use these as the levels of entry in the VPF plugin? I sell motocycle exhausts. My categorfies for one bike, could be FX Honda > CBR600RR > 03-06 – the same three levels of info I would like in the VPF. But how to add them easiest?

Hope you understand, thx Poul

Please share your gmail ID with me.

Sent you an email


Poul65 Purchased

Hi, I have worked with this plugin all day, but cannot make it work. It is like the products won´t attach to the choosen vehicle. I have tried importingvia CSV, made like your example but it does not work. Please help. Mayby you have a guide somewhere?

Please share your Skype/Hangouts ID so that we can do a quick chat while I guide you for plugin’s basics. Thanks!


Poul65 Purchased

Hi, Sorry don´t have any of them. Is it possible through facebook messenger?

Sorry, I don’t use Facebook for professional purpose. Do you have a gmail account?


PRIM/2 FANS are the two fields with the parts on the site.

Are you able to add fields to yours and can you do a YEAR RANGE or is it SINGLE YEAR only?

Hi there, thanks for showing interest in my plugin.

As I see you need around 12 levels and year start/end ranges too which wouldn’t be possible with my plugin. It would require a lot of custom work and I wouldn’t be available for that much work.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

I have 2 questions: 1). Will you be updating soon as woocommerce did have some updates? 2). Would this plugin accommodate products feed from xml feed or an api? Just curious as I have a site i am working on currently that would require a lot of products to be added

Hi there, thanks for showing interest in my plugin.

1. I have already tested it with latest version of WooCommerce and it works fine without any issue.

2. This plugins comes with a built-in importer which allows you to import Makes/Models/Years/Engines quickly and creates their relations with products at the same time without requiring much manual work.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team


circle101 Purchased

i bought your plugin and it is a good plugin.. please how can i create pages for each “Make” that i will create. I look forward to hearing from you soon as this is very important.. thank you very much

Hi there, thanks for showing interest in my plugin.

I would be happy to guide you on this. Please share your contact ID ( Skype / Hangouts ) where we can do some chat. OR you can send me contact request on: Skype: wpinstinct, Hangouts: wpinstinct@gmail.com

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

i have sent you message on Hangouts: wpinstinct@gmail.com. i look forward to hearing from you soon.. thank you

I have accepted your hangout request. Let’s do further chat there. Thanks!


I purchased and installed the plugin, and as i see i can set the terms for the “make”, manually from the admin panel -> VPR -> Terms.

In this page, i only see the make “item”. Where can i set manually the terms for the other items (for example: Model, Year, Engine etc). I guess there will be a way except the csv import.

Thank you.

Hi there, thanks for purchasing my plugin.

1. If you take your mouse over make name, you will see a quick option saying ‘View Models’. Click on it and you will see a list of models relevant to this particular make. Same way you can see Years by taking your mouse over model name.

2. You can add VPF terms ( Makes, Models and Years ) using plugin’s built in CSV import tool also. Go to Admin Panel -> VPF -> Import CSV and you will find an option to upload CSV file there. For manually add the terms, you can use top left form from the same page where you see Makes/Models/Years/Engines through Admin Panel -> VPF -> Terms.

Please let me know if you have any questions for me.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

Is there any way for VPF to filter products on pages with category shortcodes? We’ve implemented VPF and it filters the standard WooCommerce page beautifully, but we can’t seem to get it to work on pages using WooCommerce shortcodes with WPBakery PageBuilder. The standard product page doesn’t have enough customization – can you provide any insight?

Hi there, thanks for purchasing my plugin.

As per I understand you want search results page to be customizable through WP Bakery Page Builder where my plugin uses default search page layout so its not possible. Still if you provide me your website details ( including FTP and Admin access ) then I can try to find out a solution for you. You can email me your website details on wpinstinct@gmail.com.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team