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I would like to test this plugin. If it works as expect I may use it on up to 10 different sites. Here are my questions;

Will an imported CSV file update associations to products? That is, if a particular part is associated to a vehicle can this be updated with a new csv file? If now, how is that association removed. As new models come out, many existing products will fit that vehicle. How does your app handle that? Should we have in import file for each vehicle, to keep things streamlined?

If this all works out, can I get a volume discount? If youd like, we can take this offline. Email me at c.wilson@intercityweb.com to do so.

Thanks, Cody

Hi there,

Thanks for showing interest in my plugin. I would be happy to help you.

1. Currently uploading a new CSV and it doesn’t update product associations. It only adds new associations. In case if you need it then I can make it so everytime you upload a new CSV file, it will first delete all the associations and will create new associations. That way you have to make sure that your new CSV file contains all the terms everytime you upload it including previous imported terms too.

2. Currently if you upload a new CSV it doesn’t duplicate already existing terms and relations but will create new associations if it doesn’t exist.

3. CodeCanyon doesn’t allow me to provide any discount for multiple licenses and I can’t see it outside of CodeCanyon.

I have sent you an email too. Please check and let me know if you have any question.

Thanksd, WP Instinct Team

Hello How can I export my CSV file with all associations to products? Kind regards

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing my plugin. I would be happy to answer for your questions.

Regarding CSV Importer tool, first download a sample CSV file from VPF Import screen/page and ready another file in exactly same format with your live Makes/Models/Years….

Give it a try with small CSV file first ( including 3-4 rows only ) and play with it so that you can get an idea about the features and flow. Once it works fine then go ahead with complete CSV file. In case you upload same CSV file again and again, it wouldn’t duplicate already imported data and will upload new terms only from each import so don’t worry if you have to upload same CSV again and again.

Now, how it creates associations in VPF terms and WooCommerce terms, if you look into sample CSV file there is a column on fifth position called item_product. This column does the magic you are asking about. Add comma separated multiple product SKU’s there and CSV IMPORTER tool will auto assign whole row with those products. Please make sure that item_product column is always on fifth position. In case you don’t have engines to add on fouth position then simply add a header item_engine on fourth position and leave it empty for all rows.

Let me know if you have any further question for me.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team