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Any documentation in this ?, cannot find anything in file

Hi mrterje,

there is a readme.txt included in the plugin folder walking you through the plugin’s options. Sorry if this was unclear for you.

looking for manual how to use it, not to install it, that is ok..

Sure thing – but the readme.txt also contains the chapters GENERAL USAGE and FURTHER OPTIONS so I am unsure why there seems to be something missing?

hello, just want to know if your plugin works in this conditions:

to resume my situation: I sell Wool

- All my product are variable product. - Only one attribut: the color. But not only few colors still the same for all product.

- Each product has his own panel of color. (custom attribut)

exemple: one product has 5 colors, another has 35 colors.

all this colors are setting with a thumbnail in each variable product data

in this condition, is your plugin could be works for me?

Thanks by advance.

Hi Sylvain,

-> “Where can i see on my theme if there is “variable php template” ? i look on preference/edit but i don’t see that.”

You have to check the theme folder / files, this unfortunately is nothing you can make out by looking at the dashboard / backend. This is the file we are talking about: https://github.com/woocommerce/woocommerce/blob/master/templates/single-product/add-to-cart/variable.php

See the plugin FAQ:

You can do this by navigating to the theme-folder and opening/accessing the woocommerce subfolder. From there you have to go to single-product / add-to-cart and if there is a file called variable.php then WooCommerce Variations Images will not be able to work since we have to make use of our own template in order to render the image variations.

-> “Something important: i upload about 5000 pic in variation product tab. (about 100 variable product with 50 variation). So is your product use variation pic to display thumbnail swatch pic on front end ? Or is it attribute pic needing to reupload all the pic? In this case, is it possible to have a check box to keeping the same picture upload in variation tab?”

Yes, the plugin makes use of the images in the product’s variable tab. If you have uploaded / assigned an image to a variation there then it will be displayed on the frontend.

-> “Hope there is a solution, because i wait for many month to lunch this site waiting the good plugin.”

I understand. Having said this I feel like I cannot offer more insights here whether the plugin will fit your needs or not. In the end I guess you might have to take a risk and buy it to try it out.


OK, thanks for this complete reply (i just see it now). So in my theme folder i have only that: /www/wp-content/themes/extinct/woocommerce/single-product/tabs

So i don’t find add to card folder in this arborescence. (it seem ok for your plugin)

But i find variable.php in plugin folder here:


Is that mean that i can’t use your plugin ?

or is it normal that there is variable.php file in woocommerce folder of plugin folder?


Hi Sylvain,

you only have to check your theme-folder – the WooCommerce plugin-folder is not relevant, since this is the standard and it will be overwritten by our plugin.

So you would technically be able to make use of the plugin!


Question 1: Hi there are you able to add an example to the demo site where it has multiple variations e.g: Product: Hoodie Variation 1: Size “Small, Medium, Large” Variation 2: Color “Black, Blue, Green”

Question 2: are you able to set the default selection? e.g. set the default Variations to “Large, Black”

I am wanting to know as I need to show multiple variations for all my products. thanks

Hi there,

I just tested the behaviour for multiple / combined attributes and although it basically works there are some flaws which make the plugin not useable for more then one attribute at this point…

My question would be how you’d expect or like to display multiple attributes at all – drop-downs for both attributes and then show the image of the variation underneath? Or select one attribute (f.ex. color) and then see the image variations? Maybe you can post the link to your shop?

The whole functionality seems to be quite complex in terms of what one wants to achieve and how things are handleed across different shop-environments which makes me very sceptical in terms of extending the plugin for such needs.

Setting a default variations is possible.

Thansk for your interest!

I just got the plugin and activated checkbox ” Display variation images If this is checked, then the product variations will be displayed as images instead of using the default dropbox.”

But nothing is working

Hi there,

thanks for purchasing the plugin and I am sorry to hear that you are having issues using it.

As stated in the item details, this plugin only works in correspondance with your website/theme if the theme doesn’t make use of a customized “variable.php”-template.

Please check the FAQ for more information.

If this is cleared then I’d advise you to check if the variation you have activated the variations image display for has an image assigned – if the variation’s image is “empty” then the plugin naturally cannot work.


Im facing a problem with the Variation Images plugin. The “variations per row” setting does not affect how many variations to be displayed per row. Some of my products have about 30 variations. The variation images is stacked in a way that they will not be displayed, way too compact. In some Products the plugin stack up to 10 images in width, so the images dont have space to fit. For Products with 3 variations only, the plugin is working smooth and correctly.

Hi dybalit,

I have already replied to your private message and will try to solve your problem asap. In any case I’d kindly ask you to provide some further info regarding the display issues, screenshots and direct links to the products in question are desirable.

Thanks + regards

Looks Great! Best of luck with sales

I have a couple of types of variations: weight, pattern, size for each product but I would like to only use your plugin for the pattern variation… is there a way to disable it for the other variations so they just show the default dropdown? As it is, if a variation type doesn’t have images, it just doesn’t show.

In playing around with it, I figured a workaround would be to just create images for the weight and size options so that the person would click on an image for each variation type, but since it doesn’t show an outline or any visible confirmation for the image that was clicked on, this won’t really work since people won’t know for sure which option is selected… and I’d rather just use the dropdowns anyway.

Hope you can help :) Thanks!

Hi there,

this sounds like you are using multiple / combined variations for your products? If so then the plugin won’t work, see the item description:

“At the moment the plugin only works for single product attributes – multiple attributes (f.ex. size & color combined) are not supported”

If you are having single products with different variation types (but only one attribute used as variation) then the easiest way would be to enable the variations images on a per-product basis.

Please elaborate and/or send a link to your page, that way I can quickly take a look and see how it is set up. Additionally, a screenshot of the variations tab from the backend would prove helpful.

Regards, Henning

Oh darn, I figured there would be an option to select which variation type would use the plugin functionality… and the rest would just work as normal drop-downs. I guess if there’s not a way to do that, it won’t work for my needs :(

Sorry to hear that.

The despription & the screenshots of the admin-panel are trying to clearly state what is possible and what isn’t – pre-sales questions are always encouraged.

Why are images blurry? They were not before installing your plugin https://swing-life.com/product/not-swingers/

Hi there,

the site / product you are pointing towards doesn’t make use of the plugin, thus I cannot really tell you what is going on…?

The plugin settings allow for a selection of the image size to be used so in any case you are free to choose which resolution / dimension should be applied.

Regards, Henning

Hi, what happens if I have multiple variations per product.

E.g. Fabric 1, Fabric 2, Wood Colour, Height.

Not supported at the moment, sorry… See plugin description for more details.

Hello! If I have more than one variation per item, only one variation will work or none?

Tu parles Français?

Un petit peu mais c’est pas assez pour avoir un propre conversation…

Ok :) Maybe my english is better than your french :D Thanks for your time. Hope to see new dev from you. Have a nice day.

My Theme has that file variable.php. The plugin does not work for me. I can return it. I’m not good for the project?

The description clearly states what the plugin requirements are – you should check before purchasing.

In the search for compatibility does not indicate anything. I do not have to read when in search they indicate that it is compatible

I do expect everyone interested in the plugin to carefully read the description since a general compatability notice does not serve as a “wildcard” for the use of custom plugins. I will send you a refund but do urge you to put more time into selecting the appropriate plugin for your ventures…


thenet Purchased

Can this happen under the main image instead ?

Hi thenet,

thanks for purchasing the plugin.

In theory you can place the image variations underneath your main image (or anywhere else you would like depending on the theme you are using) but this would require editing the core template files and isn’t available without further customizations that are out of scope of this plugin’s offering.

Regards, Henning


thenet Purchased

ok so one of the woocommerce template files is calling this plugin. thanks a mill. I can try and find out

Does this plugin support with a Flatsome theme and 1 more question can we resize the variation size of the display because right now in the demo version the variation display sizes are bit large I want them to be a little bit smaller.

Hi asmaalkhair,

—> “Does this plugin support with a Flatsome theme”

You have to check if the Flatsome theme makes use of a customized “variable.php”-template or not – if it does then this plugin won’t work… Se the item details / FAQ for more info.

—> “can we resize the variation size of the display”

Sure, the plugin recognizes all the image sizes that are already set up with your theme and you can choose which one to use. In addition you can register a new image size and use that specifically for your variations (make sure to re-generate your image thumbnails though).

Regards, Henning

Pre-sale question here -

Does this plugin support changing the product image and gallery images for EACH OPTION COMBINATION?

My client lets users design their own dresses and needs a solution that shows the user the dress based on their option selections.

Hi there,

I don’t think it’ll be supported since multiple attributes are not possible but if I could take a look I can say for sure… Would you send me a link to the client’s page?

Regards, Henning

Do you know of a way to layer the product variations using PNG images to stack on top of each other?

Example: 1) Object (base) – Shows a bottom image 2) Detail 1 – Layers an image on top of the Base image 3) Detail 2 – Layers an additional image atop the previous 4) so on…

I’m asking about this because the amount of images I need to create without stacking PNG’s is over 1 billion. So, I’m looking for a better solution.

Hi WeirdMike,

not sure I fully understand what you’re trying to achieve… You want to have a variation picture consiting of multiple PNG files so you can animate these? Any demos of that? Can you send me a link to your shop?

That being said I doubt that the plugin will be of good use for you – for one I’m highly uncertain that it is fully compatible and also it hasn’t been tested on such large sites / databases so the performance might hinge a bit.

I am getting the following error when trying to install the plugin:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class WC_Radio_Buttons in wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-variations-images/woocommerce-variations-images.php on line 18

How do I fix the issue?

Hi supportskins,

thanks for purchasing the plugin.

I’ll gladly take a look at the issue, please use the support-tab to send me an email with a link to your website and further debug information if available.

Regards, Henning



miaa_09 Purchased

Hi, ive installed the plugin, but could not load more picture, also now main picture for variable product wont change, and the description would not appear. Pls help. Regards, Mia

Hi Mia,

sorry to hear that you are having issues using the plugin. Please send me a message via the support tab where you can include the following infos:

- Did you successfully check for theme compatability (see plugin description)?

- Send me a link to your website / product page

- Include login details for your WordPress-backend so I can take a look

Thanks & regards