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We have a question, will the plugin affect and work with our existing attribute we have for products in our store that have COLOR available? We want to add the plugin for different pricing based on SIZE but we want to know if the existing COLOR attribute will affect it?

Hi christiandtang,

the plugin can be configured to only display prices on attribute dropdowns that affect the final price. If the color attribute does not produce additional charges the plugin should display prices only on your other attribute dropdowns.

If you have any problems with your individual use case please do not hesitate to let me know – I am sure that we will find a solution ;) .

Kind regards wisslogic


I want to buy this plugin for digital print shop site. now i want know, can i set Measurement Price for large format print?

can i set a field for “number of pages” and a field for “copies” in one form? And calculator could gather “number of pages” field and other cost fields (for example “binding”,”cover”). and Total costs multiply the number of copies and the total amount to be displayed?

could i set this plugin with other plugin?(for example persian calendar, each bank gateway, delivery date, discount codes and …)

Thank You

If i want specialized plugin, can you do it for me?

Hi borna123,

sure that is possible ;) . But you should know that I am quite sure there are plugins out there that will do the job for a fraction of the money (of a custom development) and have been tested on a lot of websites already.

It might also be an option to use the WooCommerce Product Addons plugin that can add form logic to your product pages and is compatible with Variation Price Hints. I updated the demo page: http://variation-price-hints.wissmann-media.de/product/printing-service/ .

Kind regards wisslogic


(FOR digital print

The cost of printing per page is NOT fixed. And by selecting options such as “color or black and white,” “type of paper” and etc,The cost of printing per page must be changed.)


We should be able costs for large format based on measurement units like centimeter determine.

Of course, costs are not fixed and by selecting options such as “type of paper,” “coverage” by the customer, the price must be changed.

And the client by entering the length and width dimensions of his project in order to display the total amount for him.)

(FOR more information

Sign-in page order for customers need a box to write a more detailed description.)

(SET plugin with other plugins

i want a plugin that i could set it with other WooCommerce plugins such as “each bank gateway, delivery date, discount codes, file upload and and etc.”)

Now if you know a plugin that can do these things for me, please introduce it to me. If you think you can customize the plugin for me, to say the cost of doing it.

Kind regards


Hi again! Thanks for the reply. Here is the web: https://www.anturuca.net/anturuca/wp-login.php then: user: anturucaprueba, pass: anturucaprueba!

And, finally, go to: https://www.anturuca.net/anturuca/index.php/producto/jamon-crudo-tradicional-campo-austral-5-kg-aprox/

There you can see the product with the select and prices, but the price in the select it is not the same as I config in the woocommerce as you explain before.

Thanks a lot

Hi anacapossio,

thank you for the additional information. Could you please send me a private message or write to my email address (it can be found in your documentation). This way I can send you an updated version of the plugin if necessary.

Can you please have a look at what version of the plugin you are using at the moment?

Thank you and with kind regards wisslogic

Hi, I don’t have the documentation in this computer, If you want I can give you my email : anita.capossio@gmail.com or wait till this week. The version I have right now is 1.0.6

Thanks a lot.

Hello, can you please tell if the plugin is compatible with Woocommerce 3.0?

Hi bbrain123,

yes the current version of the plugin has been tested with WooCommerce 3.

In any case, if you encounter any problems please do not hesitate to let me know ;) .

Kind regards wisslogic


EetuH Purchased


Thank you for awesome plugin! It easily fixed the most annoying thing in WooCommerce.

The only problem I have with it that it shows the price difference in dollars but my site uses euros. How can I change this?

Hi EetuH,

thank you for your kind words ;) .

Please have a look at the plugin’s settings page that can be accessed using following links: “WooCommerce” -> “Settings” -> “Products” -> “Variation Price Hints”.

On this page you should find an option “Define a custom currency sign” that will override all WooCommerce currency settings for the Variation Price Hints plugin.

If you have any troubles finding the settings page or if the proposed solution does not work, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind regards wisslogic


EetuH Purchased

Thank you! I didn’t realise the plugin had made a whole new area under WooCommerce. I was trying to find it elsewhere.

Hi EetuH,

that is great news and I wish you good luck with your project ;) .

Kind regards wisslogic

Hi sir, as the product here: https://goo.gl/4pG28V You will see the product have two variant, one for color with four colors, and the other with the size of the mobile ram with three choices. Please, You will see when i will click on any color then the product image will be changed, and also when i will click on the size(32G,128G,256G) then the price will be changed and the device colors. Please, is your plugin can do the same job?

Hi ashraf79,

thank you for your interest in this plugin. I will try to answer your questions ;) .

You do not need a plugin for the functionality you describe as WooCommerce by itself is able to display a different product image and price for every variation. To set a new image (or price) for a variation please login as admin user and do the following:

- Klick on menu entry “Products”

- Choose Variable Product in List and click on it’s name

- Click on “Variations”

- Click on the Variation you want to change

- Click on the little blue image in the top left of your variation

- Change the variation price as you wish

This plugin only allows you to display the prices of the variations in the dropdown fields. Note however that it will only work with default dropdown fields and not with color or image fields as can be seen in your example link.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.

Kind regards wisslogic

Thanks a lot for your time and support. You are so kind.

Hello, a pleasure to greet you, or greet you in case there are several.

I would like to process a full refund on a purchased item called “WooCommerce Variation Price Hints”.

Reason: It was not the function that I expected the pluggin to do.

I bought the item but in truth it is not what I needed, I am very sorry that it did not work for me, but I mightI hurried on the purchase.

Hi Wisslogic

I have 50 images with 4 size variations. Each variation is a different price.

I am wondering if your product is required to be able to do this or if i have missed something in the variation setup in woocommerce?

Thanks so much


Hi again wisslogic – just letting you know that it worked. dreadfully time consuming having to go in and do every one – but at least it works. I am wondering if you – as a wordpress guru – know where in the dashboard is the place where I can edit the footer of the theme (Stockholm)? I’ve looked everywhere and googled – no luck – I can’t believe it isn’t readily available. I am happy to pay for this info as you have helped me out with the products already very kindly. thanks Carrie

Hi Carry,

this really is something you should talk to the creators of the stockholm theme about, since I can only guess how that theme needs to be configured (and you probably paid for their support). Usually you can go to “Appearance”->”Widgets” and set the widgets you would like to be visible in your footer. As an alternative most modern themes can be configured using the “Customizer”. To use the customizer login as an admin user and go back to your homepage. You should see an “Customize” link on the top bar. Click it and the customizer opens. Find a link “Footer” or “Widgets” something like it – depending on your theme.

Kind regards, wisslogic

Thanks so much – I never thought to contact the Stockholm people for advice! I will try your other suggestions first and if that doesnt work I will contact them. Thanks I really appreciate your advice and quick response. Carrie


yazeus Purchased


do you have tutorial video example on how to input the pricing and the guideline? I don’t quite understand with the terms on the forum.


Hi yazeus,

I am not quite sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish. You should not need to input anything for this plugin to work. It will automatically display prices that you entered for your variations.

For example: If you have a product with variable attribute “size” and options “Large”, “Small”, “Medium” and you have set prices for those options to “10”,”5” and “7” Dollars the plugin will display those prices in the dropdown on your product details page.

If this does not help you at all, please help me by explaining exactly what your goal is ;) .

Kind regards, wisslogic

Hey, all I want is the price of a product to show next to the option on the product.

For example a T- Shirt has no cost and then the options are Small – £10 Medium -£20 Large – £30

Can you advise how to set this up?

Thanks, Jamie

No it’s still not working sorry :(

Hi Jamie,

might it be possible to send me a link to your webshop via private message (I do not need admin access, a link to a product page would be fine). If it is not possible, could you please send me a list of all plugins you have installed and the name of your theme so I can investigate and compatibility issues?

Kind regards wisslogic

Sent :)

Hi Jamie,

thank you very much. I just had a look at your installation and your shop can not find a script.min.js – file that it needs to operate. Could you please try uninstalling and installing the plugin again so we can rule out installation problems? Also please try enabling “display from prices” in the plugin settings so the plugin will display prices even before a selection has been made.

Kind regards wisslogic

Hello. So sorry to bother you, but an issue just came up with our WooCommerce Variation Price Hints (license: 74cacaad-d103-4fba-9858-4ea3936c83b8). We have both retail and wholesale prices. The retail prices display properly in our size select box, but when wholesale users are logged in they no longer display, and they used to. In fact, I think it was for us that you added the checkbox for “Enable compatibility with Plugin WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing.” Would it be possible for you to check if something has changed that makes these two plugins no longer playing nicely together? We have a test wholesale account you can use to check this:

Username: testwholesale Password: wholesalepass

Thank you! Dana

Hi Dana,

I am sorry you are experiencing compatibility problems and you are not bothering me at all ;) . It seems that the author of “WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing” has updated his or her plugin. The new version should – in theory – be more compatible than the version before. If I am not mistaken it should now play nicely with “Variation Price Hints” without checking “Enable compatibility with Plugin WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing” (the problem that caused the incompatibility in the first place should have been removed). Could you please try disabling the compatibility checkbox and see if the prices appear?

Kind regards wisslogic

Thank you so much for the reply. I unchecked the box, but sadly it did not solve the issue. One possible clue to this is we also noticed that the strike through regular price on sale items disappeared about the same time the wholesale prices disappeared for wholesale users. Could this be related?

Thank you, Dana

Hi Dana,

I just sent you a e-mail message so we can investigate further ;) .

Kind regards wisslogic


thank you for this wonderful plugin which seems to work here on a new product for which I use variations on but not on existing product variations.

I tried to make a copy of a product and tried with this one – failed. I even created a new version of an existing product but still – prices don’t show up.

Here are 2 links: non-working: http://www.weedywhizz.com/buchla-cases-and-parts/buchla-diy-parts/ working: http://www.weedywhizz.com/buchla-cases-and-parts/buchla-cables-knobs/ (on the park in the middle / only one with variation).

Can you please enligten me how to get the plugin working on the other parts ?

Thank you very much.

Cheers Steffen

Hi, well – ouch. Attched is the code I found on the web to make get those variations displayed on the shop page. Anything I can do here to make it work with my setup ? Also found a free code snipped on the web that shows prices but unfortunately it doesn’t work with VAT calculations. Here is the code:

// Display variations dropdowns on shop page for variable products add_filter( ‘woocommerce_loop_add_to_cart_link’, ‘woo_display_variation_dropdown_on_shop_page’ );

function woo_display_variation_dropdown_on_shop_page() {
global $product;
if( $product->is_type( 'variable' )) {
$attribute_keys = array_keys( $product->get_variation_attributes() );
<form class="variations_form cart" method="post" enctype='multipart/form-data' data-product_id="<?php echo absint( $product->id ); ?>" data-product_variations="<?php echo htmlspecialchars( json_encode( $product->get_available_variations() ) ) ?>">
    <?php do_action( 'woocommerce_before_variations_form' ); ?>
<?php if ( empty( $product->get_available_variations() ) && false !== $product->get_available_variations() ) : ?>

<?php _e( 'This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.', 'woocommerce' ); ?>

<?php else : ?> <tbody> <?php foreach ( $product->get_variation_attributes() as $attribute_name => $options ) : ?> <?php endforeach;?> </tbody>
<label for="<?php echo sanitize_title( $attribute_name ); ?>"><?php echo wc_attribute_label( $attribute_name ); ?></label> <?php $selected = isset( $REQUEST[ 'attribute' . sanitize_title( $attribute_name ) ] ) ? wc_clean( urldecode( $REQUEST[ 'attribute' . sanitize_title( $attribute_name ) ] ) ) : $product->get_variation_default_attribute( $attribute_name ); wc_dropdown_variation_attribute_options( array( 'options' => $options, 'attribute' => $attribute_name, 'product' => $product, 'selected' => $selected ) ); echo end( $attribute_keys ) === $attribute_name ? apply_filters( 'woocommerce_reset_variations_link', '' . __( 'Clear', 'woocommerce' ) . '' ) : ''; ?>
<?php endif; ?>
<?php do_action( 'woocommerce_before_add_to_cart_button' ); ?>
<?php /* * woocommerce_before_single_variation Hook. */ do_action( ‘woocommerce_before_single_variation’ ); /* * woocommerce_single_variation hook. Used to output the cart button and placeholder for variation data. * @since 2.4.0 * @hooked woocommerce_single_variation – 10 Empty div for variation data. * @hooked woocommerce_single_variation_add_to_cart_button – 20 Qty and cart button. / do_action( ‘woocommerce_single_variation’ ); /* * woocommerce_after_single_variation Hook. */ do_action( ‘woocommerce_after_single_variation’ ); ?>
<?php do_action( 'woocommerce_after_add_to_cart_button' ); ?>
<?php do_action( 'woocommerce_after_variations_form' ); ?>
<?php } else {
echo sprintf( '%s',
        esc_url( $product->add_to_cart_url() ),
        esc_attr( isset( $quantity ) ? $quantity : 1 ),
        esc_attr( $product->id ),
        esc_attr( $product->get_sku() ),
        esc_attr( isset( $class ) ? $class : 'button' ),
        esc_html( $product->add_to_cart_text() )


Ok, no interest to supply a solution ?

Hi weedywhizz,

I am very sorry for the late reply. I have been sick for some time but now I will be able to answer all questions – hopefully ;) .

This plugin can only work on standard WooCommerce shops as it has some structural requirements that need to be fulfilled. Sadly one of those requirements is that there can only be one configuration page with variable dropdown fields visible at any time. Changing this behavior would therefore be a very hard task.

This being said, you might just get your free code snippet to work. This plugin is special because it can work with multiple variable dropdown fields on a product page (as long as they belong to the same product) and is able to calculate product prices on-the-fly. If you will only have one variable dropdown field per product you can use a free snippet without problems.

Maybe I can help you with adding VAT calculations to your snippet, if you post it here or send it via a private message.

Kind regards wisslogic

Is it possible for the plugin to display subscription sign-up fee + subscription price?

Also, can this work on Bundled Products? It currently doesn’t appear to be working. Thanks for your help.

Hi Lewiswinthorp,

I am very sorry for the late reply. I have been sick for some time but now I will be able to answer all questions – hopefully ;) .

The plugin should display subscription and all other fees as long as they are displayed in a dropdown field on the product page. If this is not the case for your setup, please send me a link to your shop so I can investigate further (you can send a private message if you do not want to publish your information publicly).

With “bundled products” do you mean “grouped products” or do you use the plugin “Bundled Products” on top of WooCommerce? If this is the case I would have to check if those plugins are compatible.

Kind regards wisslogic

Hi there. Just purchased your plugin and getting an error when installing it to my Wordpress site. “no valid plugins were found” Please get back to me if this is a recurring problem people are having. Thanks


Nevermind sorry. Did not realize it was multiple files heh cheers!


I have just purchased, installed , and activated ‘Price Variation Hints’.

It does not appear under the ‘PRODUCTS’ tab.

Can you help

Hi Allanfalconer,

thank you for your purchase and I am sorry you are experiencing difficulties using the plugin. After the installation and activation of the plugin it should appear in your WooCommerce settings.

Please login as admin and click “WooCommerce” -> “Settings” -> “Products” -> “Variation Price Hints” (it is a simple link in line with “General”, “Display”,... ).

If there is no “Variation Price Hints” link in your WooCommerce settings something must be very wrong. Could you please tell me your WooCommerce and Wordpress version numbers? If you send me a link to your store I can have a look at what might be wrong from the outside (no need to get access to the admin area). You can send me a private message if you do not want to disclose this information publicly.

Thank you and with kind regards wisslogic

Hi, I have installed the plugin but I am not sure how to get it to work. I have set the settings in woocomerce settings but nothing is changing on the front end. I have two variations, size and add tin. Right now the wordpress is randomly choosing a price to show next to my yes and no option for add tin. I do not want it to show the price next to these options. How do I get it to work?

Hi KWilliams10,

I am sorry you are experiencing difficulties using this plugin.

Would it be at all possible to send me a link to your shop or testing environment so I can have a look at your specific use case? I do not need to have access to your admin area, a link to your shop should suffice (you can send me your link via a private message if you do not want to publish it publicly).

If it is not possible to send a link, it would be very helpful to know the name of your theme and what plugins you use (most problems tend to be the result of conflicts with other plugins).

This plugin will display prices on all variation dropdown fields that have an impact on the overall price.

Example: - 2 Options: Add tin and size. - Add tin adds +5 Dollars to the overall price - Every color is included for free

In this scenario the plugin should display “+5 Dollar” in your “add tin” dropdown and no prices in your color dropdown (if color changes the price and add tin does not, it should be the other way around).

Hopefully I did not raise more questions than I answered and I am looking forward to your response.

Kind regards wisslogic

Hello, Thank you for your response. Here is a link to one of my pages – http://noveltea.co/shop/tea/turmeric-cider/. You will see that there are prices next to size drop downs, which are fine, but also prices next to the yes and no add tin drop downs. I would like to remove those or at least have the dropdown display the right price next to the yes option. I hope this makes sense. The theme I am using is called magnium.

Hello kwilliams10,

thank you for the additional information. I had a look at your shop but I could not find any indication that the variation price hints plugin is installed or activated (it would then include a small javascript-file). Are you sure that the plugin is indeed activated and can you see the settings tab in your WooCommerce settings?

The theme you are using seems to add the prices in the dropdown fields, as you can see using following link of a demo page: http://wp.magnium-themes.com/magnium/magnium-1/shop/accessories/leather-sleek-kettle-bag/ . If you want our plugin to show prices you would need to deactivate this functionality from your theme settings (if at all possible – I do not have any experience using this theme, yet) and activate our plugin.

If things still do not work as intended after doing so, please do not hesitate to contact me again!

Kind regards wisslogic

Hi! I need the variations to show both prices when a variation is on sale. So, I’d want the variation to say the original price (with a strikethrough) and the sale price next to it.

How would I do that?

I own two licences to your plugin, and need this feature on both.

Thanks, Lisa

Hi lisagrayarea,

thank you for using our plugin. Sadly I have to say that what you are trying to achieve is not possible. Mainly this is because of limitations with standard dropdown fields. Those fields do not render html and therefore can not be styled.

Example: If you have a dropdown field that has the following elements

“Variation 1: 10$ (< del >15$< /del >)” “Variation 2: 11$ (< del >17$< /del >)”

In plain html this would result in a strikethrough of the former price. In your dropdown fields it will always display your html code (including del-tags) but never a strikethrough. As a result of not being able to use html-code in standard dropdown fields there is no way to style single elements of your text using css as well. You might be able to achieve your goal by using styled dropdown fields like “select2” fields but this will likely conflict with other plugins or your theme.

Kind regards wisslogic

Would we be able to do this if we use radio buttons instead of a drop down menu?

Also…when I updated this plugin to the newest version it stopped working. I couldn’t figure out the problem. It didn’t didn’t throw any errors, but did not display the price in the menus. So I restored the older version and it’s working again. Thought you might want to know.