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Does it work with subscriptions?

Hi, the plugin should work with any third party plugin that uses WooCommerce variations and has been tested with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. We just submitted an update (v1.0.1) that improves compatibility and it should be reviewed / released within the next 48 hours. If you run into any problems using our plugin, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Hi again. I just wanted to be precise and let you know that compatibility can not be guaranteed with plugins that modify variation dropdowns in any way (e.g. plugins that replace the standard WooCommerce dropdowns with their own). So it might have been exaggerated to say it is compatible with “any third party” plugin ;) . Let us know if you have any further questions.

nicely done, very good job ! wish you big sales ;)

Thank you very much indeed ;) .

Does this work with simply with one variation?

For Example

Size 1 ($10) Size 2 ($20) Size 3 ($30) Size 4 ($40)

I don’t need the +/- or the ‘from’. I want just the actual price on the variation listed.

Ok, thank you. If you need any info from me please let me know!

Hi shawnlimata, I think that the problem has been found. I tested the current version with FlatSome theme and it worked as expected. It seems that there are two versions of the plugin available right now (v1.0.0 and v1.0.1 – please do not ask me how this is possible but we will fix it right away). Could you please try installing the version within the full zip file (not the one that contains the Wordpress files only). If I am right, the full zip file should contain the correct version. If you feel this is not the answer, please send me your email address via private message and I will send you the correct version.

I am running Version 1.0.1 from the start. I am following the guide step by step. I wonder if I am not setting it up properly?

I have a product that has tier pricing based on weight example below.

Does your plugin help me show this? I just checked it out and I may have purchased this under the wrong pretense.

1lbs – $5 2lbs – $20 3lbs – $50

Hi kennethw, that depends on your setup, I guess. If your products weight is defined as a variation attribute (e.g. variation defined as “weight” and values as “1 lbs |2 lbs |3 lbs”) and you set prices manually per variation you should be able to do what you plan to do. I just configured the product “Casual Blue Skirt” on the preview page to show what I mean: http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-variation-price-hints/full_screen_preview/18772255 . The plugin also recognizes sale prices (of variations) and should display them in the select options. If you want to use the predefined property “weight” of WooCommerce variations and use a third party plugin to define tier based pricing, however, the plugin will not automatically populate dropdown boxes with those rules and still display your variations with stock prices and no knowledge of reductions based on quantity. If I can help you inspect your setup, just send me a private message with some more information (e.g. your test site) and let me know.


kikexa Purchased

I think the plugin have a problem with the last update, beacuase it works fine a couple weeks ago. Now if u visit my website, the user have to click in the “Clear selection” button to see the hints. Can u help me?


Hi kekexa, please excuse my late answer. Of course I would like to help you. I will have a look at your setup and let you know what I find.

Alright, the problem has been found. It is a conflict with your theme “bazar” that replaces variation dropdown elements with lists that look like dropdown elements. Some themes do this because standard dropdown elements can not be styled via css. Luckily your problem could be fixed because your theme uses proper hooks that can be triggered in order to force a refresh of variation lists. I will contact you on a private channel and send you a new version of the plugin right away.


ABCP Purchased

Pre-Sales Question.. Is this compatible with ‘Woocommerce Product Addons’ ? Some of our variations include options used from that extension. Will the price differences still show in those drop-downs?


ABCP Purchased

Hi, Wow, Yes, that would be great – Certainly interested in purchasing, as we need the functions that your plugin offers. I appreciate obviously it’s the holiday season, so more than happy to wait a good bit of time for you to test. (will tap you up at a later date if you prefer).

Hi ABCP, that is very kind of you, thank you very much. Nonetheless I already have installed the WooCommerce Product Addons Extension on my plugin preview page and you can have a look: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-variation-price-hints/18772255 (Please have a look at the product “Casual Blue Skirt”). The preview page uses a slightly newer version of the plugin that is not yet available on codecanyon (the review process should begin soon, though). Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any more questions and I wish you happy holidays.


ABCP Purchased

Well I couldn’t ask for better support than that. Thank you very Much! – Just purchased.

Hi, is there a way to make the variations in the drop down appear in order by price? For example order them low to high.

Hi shawnlimata, as far as I know, there is no way to automatically order variations by price. I may seem strange but it is a hard problem to order variations by price when there are dependencies between the drop downs. An example: It is quite possible that the order of items in a second drop down menu would have to change if you select an item in the first drop down menu because the price of the variation depends on both drop down menus. This being said it is of course possible to manually order the variation drop down menus. In order to do so you would have to do the following:

1. Login to Wordpress Admin 2. Click on „Products“ menu entry 3. Click on the product you want to edit 4. In the area „Product Data“ click on tab „Attributes“ 5. Click on the attribute that you want to change order of 6. Change the order of attribute entries. For example change „Black | Blue | Red | Yellow“ to „Blue | Black | Red | Yellow“ if you want „Blue“ to appear as first entry in your drop down menus 7. Repeat step 6 for all relevant attributes

If this is not what you were looking for and I can be of any more help, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind regards.

Nice, bookmarked.

Hi st1s, thank you. I am looking forward to working with you in the (near) future ;) .


Im having an issue, Its working, But when you change an option the text/item disappears from all variation boxes.

Can you give me an insight into the issue please? http://www.ideaboxcomputers.com.au/product/hermes/ Thanks

Hi philliplakis1, I am sorry you are having issues with the plugin. I had a look at your setup and it seems that the drop down menus are rebuild after the initialization of the plugin. This is a problem because the plugin stores the initial text values of the drop down menus right after the page has loaded and those values are overwritten by whatever script is causing the problem. I just built a custom version of the plugin that should solve your individual problem and will send it to you in a private message. Nonetheless I will investigate further to figure out which third party plugins might cause the issue and hopefully I will be able to increase compatibility for next versions.

I forgot to mention: Could you please send me a private message (just click on my name and send a few words using the “email wisslogic” form). This way I can see your email address and send you the new version. Thanks! ;)

Pre-sale question: Is it possible to pick which attributes the price shows on? I only want it to appear on the last option.

Also do the attributes have to be global attributes?


That sounds like it will do the trick… I’ll try it out later on.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yeah – It actually makes more sense that way, now I have seen it in action on the website.


That’s great, thank you very much. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask ;) .


we’re very interested on your plugin. Before we can buy this item we have two questions.

We get prices from our manufacturer. On these prices we would like a Surcharge, not a discount. Is it possible with this plugin?

Second question.. we have the pro-version of all import for wordpress/woocommerce. Is it compatible with this plugin?

regards, minz

Hi minzblatt,

the plugin displays prices the same way WooCommerce does. This means, that any calculations (surcharges or discounts) should be reflected (fingers crossed ;) ). There might however be plugins out there that do not “play by the rules” and do not use the Wordpress filter/ hook system properly. So, to answer your question: It should work, but it always depends on your setup.

The “All Import” plugin should not be a problem. If your WooCommerce shop displays prices correctly, so should this plugin.

In any case do not hesitate to ask, if you run into any problems. Most conflicts can be resolved quickly ;) .

Kind regards, wisslogic

Hi, is it possible to display the options as image swatches?

Hi smaa,

I am sorry, but the plugin only works with standard WooCommerce dropdown fields and modifies the output of those dropdowns. If you install plugins that replace the dropdown fields with image swatches the plugin will (most likely) not work.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind regards, wisslogic

ok thank you

Hi, great Plugin. I thought that the plugin also can change the prices in the way it put together the custom prices. In my way the plugin was not doing what I expected. I used another plugin. But anyway a great plugin. I´d like to ask for a refund. But therefor I will give you 5 stars rating, is this a deal? Thank you, David

Hi kathan88, I am glad you like the plugin and I am sorry it did not fit your specific needs. Please use the official form to request a refund https://codecanyon.net/refund_requests/new and I will approve it. Of course you do not have to give the plugin a 5 star rating in order to get a refund but I will not insist on you not doing so ;) .

Kind regards and good luck with your project!

Can the “From” Prices be added to simple products?

Hi drimendo,

I am not sure I understand correctly. “From prices” should imply that there are ways to change the price of a product. Simple products can only have one price, as far as I know (please correct me if I am wrong). There might be exceptions if you have installed plugins like “Product Addons” that can have an effect on the final price of a product based on addon selections.

To answer your question based on what I can gather: The plugin is meant to be used for variable products only and changes the output of the dropdowns in product detail pages. It can be used in conjunction with the plugin “Product Addons” but has an effect only when used with variable products.

If you do not feel that your question has been answered to your satisfaction please do not hesitate to ask some more ;) .

It seems that wooCommerce 3.0 breaks this plugin. Is there anything special or workaround that I need to do to get this working again with 3.0? Thanks!

Hi kahlodesign, I am sorry if the plugin does not work for you at the moment. It has been tested with WooCommerce 3 and from what I could gather, there should not be any problems. However, since WooCommerce 3 is quite new, it is possible that some settings (that I have not tested) might affect the functionality of the plugin. Is there any way, you could send me a link to your website so I can see the problem first hand? I do not need to login, just a link to a shop with WooCommerce Variation Price Hints enabled and not working on WooCommerce 3 should suffice ;) . Of course, you can send me a private message if you prefer.

If you should not be able to provide a link, I would love to get to know your setup a little better: What plugins are installed, what is your current WooCommerce version,... . This is, so I can replicate your setup to see if there are any conflicts with third party plugins.

I am looking forward to your response and hope to be able to solve the problem soon.

Kind regards, wisslogic

I was able to get it to work if an actual item was select by default, and not “please select an item below”

Hi kahlodesign, I am happy to hear that ;) .

If you have any more questions or should any problems arise, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

Good luck with your project!

Kind regards, wisslogic