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I need to show my variable product with several products on the homepage. Example: if I have a shoe with a range of three colors, it should appear in the store as three products each with its color. It is possible with your plugin?

Hi, it will not show variations on the homepage. It will show variations as individual product; of a Variable product within its respective page.

Does it support, color, size, and add-on options? If one is selling food IE Sandwich in a restaurant, it would require Size, Bread Type(white, wheat, full grain), butter, mayonaise, turkey, ham, tomatoes, more cheese, less cheese, no oil, more olive oil, etc…. Discount, Coupon, etc…

Does your product have this flexibility? Thanks in advance.

Yes, it supports all attributes. Make sure you add image for each variation.Good Luck!

Thank you and best wishes.

good job! Yes I Do! This is what many have been waiting for

Thanks, I hope you enjoy the release. Lemme know if you have further suggestions, i will make sure to include that in next update.

Nice work, GLWS! :)

When I activate the plugin, stop working display options for pages and posts. I am using Wordpress 4.1. Also I have incompatibilities with Visual Composer 4.3.5. Thanks

Hi, Your issue is resolved and everything is working fine now. You were using old version of Jquery thats why it was conflicting.

Thank you very much. You’ve solved the issue very quickly and efficiently.

You are most welcome. If you liked the plugin, please don’t forget to rate it :-)

Hi, I’m considering your plugin – I just want to make sure that it’s compatible with the latest WooCommerce 2.3.3

updating my question, is it compatible with WooCommerce 2.3.5

Yes, it will work fine.

crashed the categories!

ok, its working. Please, explain, how i can show all variants like single products in categories, but when i came in the category – i see all variants as usual? thx for answer

categories doesn’t work when you activate the plugin.

Oops! That page can’t be found.

It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?

So, if I used this, would I have to use it on all variable products, or could I activate it on a product by product basis? I would like to use the plugin, but don’t necessarily need to display all of my variable products that way.

Thank you!

You can always use shortcode included in the plugin to display all variations of a single product inside a page itself. Otherwise you can enable it globally to make all products to display all variations.


Woo Commerce and Wordpess – I am looking for some way to display all the variable attributes of our products in a tabular form across the page and have one add to cart button to collect all the data and put it in the shopping cart. For example. Product Name, Product Sku, Product Size, Poduct Weight, Plus and Minus Counter, Custom Column, Custom Column 2. The standard amount of variations of products is 68 but there can be more (kitchen Door Sizes). We would also have custom fields for off standard sizes that the customer will fill in and a price will be calculated in the total field(custom column 2). Is this something that your plugin could handle. Please let us know by return. I can send you an image of our html if you want to see the layout.

your plugin’s javascript does not play well with the woocommerce backend. after installation i could not expand/collapse widgets in my dashboard, nor could i add notes to orders. after i removed the plugin everything worked just fine. please address this issue.

The images on your Item Details page are broken/missing for Product For this reason, I moved on. Thought you would want to know.

Hello, i just baught your plugin and noway to install it. The archive zip seems invalide for wordpress

OK it was just because i tryed to upload the total package instead only

I really agree to find your plugin for my shop.

But somme problems:

- i have bug on cart page. If i click on thumbnails of products on carts page. It make infinity page reload.

- secondly: when i select only variable product layout it make a very big featured pic. So big then the short description text of product have no marge with the pic.

- thridly: When the plugin is active, it block many fonction of backend. For exemple, it’s impossible to select in modify product the product data.

Apart this troubleshhoting, i am very glad of this plugin, so i hope you will make very quickly an update for the differents bug.

Last question: is it possible to display product thumbnails in 4 column instead 3 ? and changing the size of thumbnails ? (when i change the size in display parameter of woocommerce, it make nothing)

Thanks by advance for your answers.


Hello, Actually this plugin is outdated and it needs a revamp. I will upgrade it sometime to make it fit and will roll out an update really soon!

Hello, thanks for your reply, could you give me an idea of the delay for the update ? Because we wait it to open our online website. Is the update plan about one week, or many Month?

Can your plugin do this:

Need user to select code from a table and enter how much (quantity) he/she needs to place an order for.

Can this display in a table format as shown in above link.

No it doesn’t.


I am wondering if you can help me I am looking for a variations plugin that will allow for two variations in clothing website First variation is fine – chose color The second is size – for example the product i.e. T-Shirt has 6 sizes (xs, sm, med, lg, xl, 2xl) what i need if for the customer to be able to put their own quantity for the amount of small, large, medium into a text fiel themselves and that this calculates in the cart i.e. the customer choses their color and put in 5 small, 4, large and 10, extra large – do you think this is possible with your plugin?


Unfortunately its not possible to do with this plugin.



Is there a live preview? Because I think this plugin solves my problem.


Hi there, will this plug in allow a shortcode, or display of the variations table on the product category shop page? I’m trying to get the table I have on single products page: to display on the archive page: I’m using a different plug in to display the table on the single product page, which I’m happy with, I just need to get it to display rather than the drop down on the product categeory shop page…. will your plug in do this, as I’m happy to switch to it if needed. This is the last step before I can look at going live, I need a solution and I’m hoping your plug in can help with that

This didnot work for me, completly screwed up my site – seeing as the plugin has not been updated for 2 years – please send me a refund!

Hi, I am sorry to hear that, please open Refund Request so I may issue you refund against it. Sorry for inconvenience. Thanks!