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That’s an awesome idea! Good luck.:)

Thanks !!!

Good luck with sales !

yeah, looking for nice feedback by customers

Hello, can you apply sale prices to categories ? THX


yes we are working on adding product categories too. also, adding some new shortcodes like ‘deal of the day’ and ‘upcoming deals’.

first we are implementing and testing these shortcodes. kindly give your suggestions for being a full featured plugin to this plugin.



we have updated plugin to apply sale prices to categories.

this is just for your notifications.



I am looking for a solution to list different products with dynamic rentals and variable time frame. For example: rent a car on a daily, weekly, monthly , 6 monthly basis and the respective pricing adjusts accordingly.


can u make a plugin where the price reduces based on the total inventory of a product in stock

please email in private message. thanks

Would you develop the latest version?

Hi I would like to use this plug in to automatically double my prices between the hours of 12am and 8am UK time every day. Is this possible with this plug in? Is there anything I should know about integration. Your reply will be much appreciated Regards


right now it does not do like just double the prices or like this for products.

as this is so called variable pricing. your comment is appriciated and we will look into this feature in next version.


Ok so there is no way I can set a price for my products to change to between these hours. Instead of doubling them.i could just set a value?

yes you can set new prices for products between these hours.

see this, http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-variable-pricing-time-based/screenshots/11540123


Is is possible to set multiple times/prices for a single product e.g. so its one price from 9-10 am and another from 10-11 am etc?

yes, its possible to set multiple prices for different time slots.

Thanks Mindlogixtech


As part of an escape game, I would like to be able to set prices according to the day and hour (full time / off time).

I bought the Booked plugin (https://getbooked.io/booked-woocommerce/) but I can not find the way to do it with WooCommerce.

Does your solution allow you to have a price based on the day and time chosen in a calendar (https://getbooked.io/booked-woocommerce/)?

Thank you in advance,

Hi, After installing the plugin I try to open the configuration and I get a blank page, The first time I was allowed to set my time zone, then it did not work anymore. I need a solution thanks.

can you send detail on our profile email? we will need to know your wordpress version and the error you are facing. Thanks


in the right sidebar, there is a contact form.

Ok The info has been sent.

any chance what it will be work with wp 3.9x and wc 2.0x?


well i have checked the plugin with wc 2.0.20 and wp 3.9.19. and it worked well at our end.


Hi . Great Plugin and Im happy with it so far. Just a quick question/comment. I see that to set up products that i want variations on, i have to go to the Settings tab. The challenge is that i have Users whose roles are set to “Shop Manager” whom i would want to gain access to the plugin. Is there a way that this can be done?

well, this option is not present in current plugin.

i will have to update the plugin for gain access specific for some users.

this feature can be available in next revision of plugin.


Pre buy question. Let say I have a product that cost $2. Now no matter if the customer buys 60 or 80 or 100 items he must pay $200. If he order 110 items he will pay $220. Is it possible to set this rule with your plugin ? Thank You.

yes exactly. if product price = 2 and quantity = 100 then total will be $200

in the plugin, have some settings, that admin can reset prices dynamically for every hour or number of hours.

sometimes product price could be set as 2.5 or 3 and some other time when there are low visitors or no visitors, then it can actual price , $2 or less than.

Hi. Pre sale question.

The site is a Restaurant which has an online menu. Lunch products need to be available for purchase only between specific hours. Can your plugin handle that?

Thank you.



well, yes it is possible in this plugin. but customer must finish with payment between that specific hours.

if plugin not worked as your need, it can be refund anytime, between 7days around.

thanks for asking questions.