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Hi, your plugin works perfect. I just have one problem. for my woocommerce template, I use Checkout method: Clasic Single Step instead of Multi-step checkout. I created a new coupon and made it valid once per registration. If user registers and then places the order, the discount works perfect. If user add information to register and places their order same time, the user does not get the discount on his first order but on his second. is there anyway upon placing an order, if user email is not registerd, to provide discount before order is placed? thank you

Sorry, this plugin does not provide that functionality for unregistered emails.

Hi, thank you for the quick reply, but the arent exactly unregistered emails, they are being registered the same time as they place their first order. If an unregistered email is entered, can it automatically update the shopping cart with the initial discount?


If a user is unregistered & they proceed to the checkout & register on the checkout page the discount wont automatically show in this scenario. the customer has to register then go to the checkout before the discount wil show. is it possible to show on the checkout once the user has filled in the registration fields?

Thanks for your plugin but i have a problem
i check box “Allow user to use this coupon only once after registration.” and it work for Infinity order.
Please advise

Have you got around the problem?

For now i will update my themes and i will reply to you

Hi, I have the same problem as

charbel_haddad90 above, when user registers, they receive discount, but then every time the order, they receive the discount again! Has this been fixed?

Thank you for replying. The problem occures when you want to add another coupon that is not for all user and should be applied only for users in which enter the coupon code. For this scenario, they also receive a discount automatically. Have you seen this issue before?

Hi, what is the update about? what did you change?

Added compability with WooCommerce 2.1.x and WordPress 3.9

Hi there, i have two pre purchase question 1. i want to give customer some certain discount like10% on first order (first time transaction) only when they placed order by registering the account ( not Guest ) 2. when registered customers make 8th time order is it possible to give 50% discount on next order. Amount two question please let me know whether 1 is only possible or both. thanks

Hello. Unfortunately only first option is possible with this plugin.


I am interested in this product but the live preview doesn’t work. Whenever I add to cart it says it is still empty. Could you please fix this so I can see the plug in in action?


Hello. I just tried it and it works great.

Hi, I want create my own code with coupon, is that plugin notice can be remove ?

Hello. This plugin works only with the code it wants you to create. You can still create your own coupons and use them alongside the plugins code. If you do not use the plugin, disable it.

There is no possibility to turn off the notice.

Hi, i installed the plugins and it giving the customer discount after delivery fee. i mean it adding delivery fee with total products cost and then it giving discount to customer, Actually i don’t want that, i want customer to give discount before any extra charge is added i.e. delivery fee or discount should allow after the products total price not after including delivery. is there any way i can setup? Thanks

Hi, sorry i fix my above problem but got another query about naming the cupoun, i.e. by default on cart page i can see the Cupon with long number which i don’t want to show to my customer so is it possible to display with some meaning full name like FIRST TIME USER DISCOUNT instead of long code number ??? hope that you will reply asap. Thanks

Hello. That is good to hear. Unfortunately the coupon name has to be the long number, for security reasons.

Hello. Good Plugin and fuctions.

I´m experiencing one little issue , hope you can help me.

When i create the coupon (pasting the code sugested..) , works perfect but, the client sees in the cart, the coupon named as 3432423dsf35453rewdfcs3453453 that is horrible… i want to give a name to the coupon…

What can i do to fix this? i filled the description field with a name but it still showing the large code 3432423dsf35453rewdfcs3453453.

Hi. Unfortunately the coupon name can not be changed.

Ok thanks. If i cant change the name of the coupon i cant use it really….. How i can get my money back? Regards

Hi. I do not know how – I can not do anything about that.

Hi. So this plugin will automatically add discount for registered users, right? Is there any limit time for the discount? I want every time they place order, they will get a discount. Thanks

Hello. There is no time limit and yes, plugin will automatically add discount.

is this discount applied to all item product? or i can select 1 by 1 item product? thanks

This plugin will create a coupon and coupon can be configured to be used with only one product.


Pre-purchase question. Can i place a time limit on a new-user registration coupon. ie. when they register they receive 10% off for first 30 days?



Pre-purchase question. Can i place a time limit on a new-user registration coupon. ie. when they register they receive 10% off for first 30 days?


Hi. Unfortunately not.

How is the coupon working when the user is registering on checkout site and not before putting goods into cart?

It’s not nice when the user will get the coupon AFTER the first order because of the registration on checkout-site. Thanks for information.

Hi. Unfortunately it does not work when user checks the box for registration.


is this still working on latest woocommerce and wordpress?

Mine stopped working after updates and I have the latest version of plugin (v 1.1.1.)

- Teemu

Unfortunately not. I am going to make some changes to make it work.

Pre-Purchase Question:

It this support latest version of WooCommerce 2.3+

Cheers! Elvin

Hi. It does not, not yet.

Well. Thanks for your reply. May I know when you’re going to release the new update?


I have question before buying this plugin to my website.

I have so many registred users and I would like to give them a percentage discount (eg 30%), but only for them.

And second question if this plugin can count from DEFAULT price? It means I have product “A”, for $100. For registred users price is minus my selected discount (in this case 30%). Basiclly for registred users price is $70.

Does this plugin solve these described problems?

Thank you.

PS. If these problems are solved in default WooComerce please give me advice.

Pre-purchase question. Can this plugin arrange discounts by email user? For example users who register from a pre-configured domain name – like “anyusername@carmake.es” or anyuser@ford.com ?

No, not by domain name.

Does not work!

Upon checkout I can see the message “Thank you for your registration. Have a little discount :)” but the discount isn’t actually added to the cart.

Please help? Can I have a refund?

WooCommerce 2.3.8 WordPress 3.8


This plugin does not state that it is compatible with WooCommerce 2.3.8. We have not checked it yet.

Refunding can not be done by us, but Envato.

Is your plugin compatible with woocommerce 2.5.2?

i’d like to buy this. I want to give all users a discount after their first purchase. can i do this? Can I give users a one time discount after registering?