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Pre-sale question. Can this handle a Flat “set-up fee” PLUS a monthly reoccuring subscription? Thanks.

We are always getting this error message even though I entered the correct source key: Payment Failed with message: ‘Specified source key not found.’ I tried putting pin, enabling/disabling test mode on usaepay page, creating a new key, ... But, nothing worked. Thanks in advance for your help.

Trying with sandbox mode.

@twelve12 Sandbox mode uses a different post URL. So if your account is a live/production account then you’ll get the source key not found error. If you’d like to run a test then leave sandbox mode turned off on the plugin and enable test mode on your sourcekey in the USAePay settings.

Pre Sale question: We are using usaepay plugin currently, i have issue that they are allowing authonly mode but in authonly i cant capture funds in wp-admin area, i have to go into usaepay account area to capture it, so my question is does you plugin provide this facility or not?

Thanks for the answer @shmurf. And one more thing, are we able to store last four digits of the credit card that’s used on the order as an order meta (hidden custom fields)?

In sandbox mode and getting “Payment Failed with message: ‘Specified source key not found.’” error. Source key is correct in Woocommerce>Settings>Checkout.

Hi please check your usaepay console if the test mode is cheked. Thanks

Thanks. It works now.

See new comment.

Hello Oragon – I need to make credit card processing manual and not automatic. My client’s product is a medical device and we need to check on prescriptions before we charge their card. How do I do this?

Hi Oragon,

I am seeing successful transactions for standard one-time payments. Subscription payments (including sign-up fees and renewals) are being sent to USAepay as $0.01 transactions and not full amounts. Woocommerce orders are showing correct amount paid, however. Why is this? Thanks.

Hi Oragon,

We just Purchased your plugin, everything seems ok but after enter credit card detail it redirect to my site and no update on cart cart still not pending payment.

And cybersource ERROR Message: ‘Recurring Billing or Secure Storage service is not enabled for the merchant’.


please contact cybersource support to enable your Recurring Billing or Secure Storage service.


I’m not using WooCommerce, Please confirm me if I can integrate it with this: https://selnate.com/admissions/application/

I’m using Wordpress. Thanks

sorry mate but its not supported.

Should the recurring payment show in USAePay as recurring, or does the recurring payment take place in woocommerce?

Hi, I have a need to run multiple concurrent donation campaigns. Is it possible to set different source keys simultaneously ? Thank you

Hi that is not yet supported, but if you want me to customize it please contact me here https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-usaepay-payment-gateway/7966550/support

Pre-sale questions: Are the credit card info stored on the site? Or after they are entered and payment is processed they disappear?


No sensitive card data is stored on the website. just a secure token storing in the website. you have option to save your card, the saving of card is after payment and successful processed.

Thanks Ryan


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our payment is not being processed we are getting this error :

USAePay Payment Failed with message: ‘Transaction type not allowed from this source.

what is your wordpress version and woocommerce version. ?



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WooCommerce : Version 3.2.6 Wordpress : version 4.9.2 Plugin : Version 1.7.5

its working on WC 3.2.6, WP 4.9.2 and Plugin 1.7.5

see screenshot: http://prntscr.com/i3wwh1

is it a 2-D or 3-D secure… looking for a 2-D IF YES – going to purchase this


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Pre-sale question:

I’d like to use this plugin to offer subscription for physical products on a monthly basis. I checked out the plugin you mentioned (https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-subscriptions/) and Usaepay doesn’t appear to be on the list of gateways that support automatic payments – https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/subscriptions/payment-gateways/?_ga=2.149037430.1305138439.1517845271-1685409138.1503937627

Can you please comment on that?


My WC USAePay payment Plugin is supported by https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-subscriptions even if not listed on that page because we are different developer.

Thanks Ryan


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hey…we are still facing refunds issue. the wocommerce system says refund has been processed but the bank account statement doesnt show the refund amount also we had to manually process the refund from the companies gateway. can you look into this,


crusin Purchased

done have send you all details along with website acces.

I already send the fix version in your email

I completely understand the need to get re-occurring revenue to provide support how ever it is not very business like to make the message “Hi! Your premium support has expired. Please Renew your CodeCanyon Item Support of WooCommerce USAePay Payment Gateway anytime.” show up on almost every single page. Clicking the X does nothing because if you refresh or go to any other page that message is still there. If someone presses X the message should not show up again. Having an activate support contract should not be a requirement to use this plug in.

Sorry for that. I will fix that notifications. please wait for my next updates.