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Hi. After installing this using the theme uncode the css breaks and it looks bad. No buttons. Do you know a work around for this?

Likely there is no workaround per se for it because there is not a technical issue. Looks like the custom theme you are using is conflicting with the plugin.

Our product is built and tested using Stock WordPress WooThemes which function fine as seen in the demo.

We sadly do not offer customization styling features or services for this product. We are happy to point you to styling services.

I would recommend you contact the theme developer as they most times can give you CSS to at a minimum get the theme to function like other stock WordPress themes.

Hope this helps.

How i can translate the “Proceed to checkout”, “Adding…” and “Added!” lines? Loco translate doesnt findt them, and i tryed to edit them right in the source code but didnt work ?


Honestly, customizations are beyond our scope of support. We would generally recommend a resource for you if you like.

You can send us a request and we will attempt to assist you if possible –

Best, KungWoo

Honestly, that is not about “customization”. If you develop a plugin in these days, you gonna need translations for plugins.

It’s not an out of the box feature at this time.

Hi guys,

When I use a cross sell, and the item is out of stock, it still allows the user to see the item in the popup and add it to cart…then they get the “sorry this item isn’t in stock” message on the checkout. Is there anyway to stop or hide that product appearing when it’s out of stock?



Please send us a request and we will attempt to assist you –

Hi there.

Is it possible, that when a customer adds a product to the cart from the popup, that they never see the popup again? I notice that if the customer goes back to the shop, and then to the cart once more, they still get the popup even though they already added the promo product to their cart. It would be nice! thanks!

I wrote to you about this on your support website as well; maybe lets continue there. Thanks.

Hi Sean,

The functionality you described is how the product works and is a highly requested feature because the customer is presented with the opportunity to purchase another product.

Changing that is not an out of the box feature and would require customization. See our support tab for recommendations at

Best, KungWoo

Hi! Is it possible to just display the upset products in the cart, instead of a popup after you click the checkout button? Haven’ found a plugin that can do this yet..

That actually defeats the way that the product works. An upsell is an offer to the customer.

Placing it into the shopping cart assumes the customer wants the product and may be considered deceitful but some customers.

You can do that but it will require customizing the product. We partnered with and recommend Codeable or other services that specialize in WordPress customization.

Hi! Quick question, is it possible to get upsell popup triggered by an “Add to Cart” action on the product page or elsewhere? (Any custom dev suggestions are highly appreciated too) Cheers, Allie

Hi. Are you currently a customer?

If you say there’s a solution for this… I’d be more than happy to buy it.

The functionality you described is available but it is not an out of the box feature and would require customization.

Please send us a request and we will attempt to assist you further if interested – Best, KungWoo

Hi Is this for selling physical products e.g. as a ebay or a amazon affiliate???

or is it to sell digital products like off clickbank??

Hi, This is a product that supports Woocommerce which can be used for digital or physical products.

Can you upsell on the cart. Example when on the cart page say something like “Add one more of product A for only $5.26 more!’

Yes. Simply create an offer that upsells that product.

KungWoo Support

How do we get it to show a discounted price of the product? Also the formatting does not look good at all. Any way to control how it looks?

For Styling customization please see – Any discounts should be shown by default if they exist. If not, please send us a request and we will attempt to assist you – Best, KungWoo

Is it possible to have multiple upsales one after the other Like in a funnel?

Not at this time

For customization please see –

Best, KungWoo

Hi, should we upgrade to Pro, can we set up a conditional for the Upsell Offers NOT to be triggered if the items are already in the cart? Also, I’m noticing that the upsell popup only comes up if the customer is in the cart and then goes to checkout. What if our store has a proceed to checkout button immediately after adding a product to cart in a section of the site (but not necessarily inside the cart—if that makes sense)?

Also, can there be more than 4 items in the upsell popup in the Pro version?


Thanks for reaching out to us.

Not really sure what you mean by upgrade but if you are talking about the product you can simply remove the lite version and install the pro version. All offers should be maintained.

The upsell popup should be triggered from any place in the flow where the “Proceed to checkout” button exist.

If we missed something, please send us a request and we will attempt to assist you –

Best, KungWoo Support


My upsell is 3+1 gratis, which is a separate SKU product in Woocoomerce.

Does the plugin remove the single item the customer wanted to buy and replaces it with 3+1?

I hope it doesn’t add 3+1 to the existing 1.

Hello. Sorry for the delayed response. Our product provides options to the end user to add an item to the existing items that match the criteria of the upsell.

sorry may i ask, can this work with Woocommerce One page checkout? hmm

Hello. Sorry for the delayed response. Although we have not tested, it should work as long as the proceed to checkout option is still included in the wrokflow.

Hi, the popup should appear when the trigger is a product, however, it is not popping up for me at all after setting a product and setting an offer, it just does not work. Any thoughts?

Has the offer been marked as active?

If so and there is still an issue, please send us a request and we will attempt to assist you –

Best, KB

Hi can this be added in the footer or any part of the product page? we dont want a pop up in our website

Hello and thanks for contacting us.

That is not available at this time.

For customization please see –

Best, KungWoo

Hi – Your plugin doesn’t work with variations, I’m having trouble – please advise asap!

Hello Zee09,

Thanks for contacting us. The product works fine with variations as can be seen in our screenshots and demo at Are you using other add-ons or a theme that may be interfering by attempting to perform the same task? If yes, please try disabling it temporarily for testing.

Thanks, KB KungWoo Support

Is it possible, in the premium version, to assign more then 4 upsell products?


We set the limit on the frontend to four products because of the amount of space in the popup.

If we allow more to be added, the popup appearance could become an issue. Such customization should not require much effort.

For customization please see –

Hi, Anti-Malware from is saying that this plugin is a known threat. Any ideas why? is it a false alarm?

This is the first such report from any malware program. Please submit a support request so that we can investigate your case further.

Is it possible to add raw HTML to my popup? I tried the Source Code option and it didn’t like any coded buttons or images.

We can see why you would ask that question. However, we offer an off the shelf product and do not offer customization services. We partnered with and recommend Codeable or wpBuffs which both specialize in WordPress customization.

Will this plugin work with no cart page but the “Proceed to checkout” button on the Mini cart panel?

Hi – We have not tested that configuration so can not confirm.