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Does the pop up still show up if the user enters a coupon code?

Yes, it will be shown

How can you call it an “offer” when you can’t even give a special price

the pop up is simply not popping up for me…. :(

We just replied to your email. Thank you!

is there is an option to do upsell for longer warranty? it’s not a product but is it possible with an icon?

If you create the warranty as a product, then that should be possible.

Hi, Presale question: Can I see the live demo, it doesn’t seem to show on live preview.


Sure it’s working. Please visit the “Live Preview” or this url – – and do the following:

To see the upsell function in action:

(1) Add the “Hoodie” to the shopping cart. (2) Click “view cart”. (3) Click “proceed to checkout” at which point you should see the upsell popup where you can add upsell products. (4) Then proceed to checkout at which point you should see your initial items in addition to those that you added in your shopping cart.

Thanks, Kungwoo Support

Hi. I have a pre-purchase questions.

I am setting up the following promotions in the cart (either as a popup or in line with content):

1. A product with a discounted price – to any order 2. Discounted product bundle for a specific day of the week (monday one deal, tuesday a different deal, etc…) – if order has a specific product in cart. 3. Discounted product – if order has a specific product in cart.

For the second deal, I know I can select days in which this is available, so in the worst case scenario, I could select a particular start and end day to be next monday, then second rule for next monday and so on. I know it is a lot of work, but at least that is how I see this being solved.

Please let me know if I can accomplish this with your plugin and if not, which one I can and which one I cannot. I am trying to get all of these done in a popup for a clean solution.

I use an Uncode theme. Will this be compatible with it? Will the CSS be taken from the theme?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


HI and thank you for your inquiry. This product provides upsell offers via a popup. All of your options, based on my understanding are possible with this product.

We can not provide you with feedback on other plugins.

We can not guarantee compatibility with custom themes. We do guarantee that this product will work with any WordPress native theme.

Can you provide a demo, since your link does not work at the moment?

The demo was offline temporarily. Please try the demo again.

Is it possible to trigger at a different time? My site doesn’t have a ‘Proceed to Checkout” button.

Hello – Please submit a support request and we will see what is possible.

Pop-up looks really bad. How do we fix? It is maybe 200px wide. Also, how do we have special pricing in the pop-up?

Hello – Please submit a support request.

Pre-sale question. Is it possible for the plug-in to remove the original product from the cart when the upsell version is added? Thank you.

Hello – That is not currently a feature of the product. It can be done but would require custom development. We can make developer recommendations if you like.


I have just purchased and installed your plugin and it all works nicely. Is it possible to change the trigger of the popup from when viewing the checkout page to adding a product to the basket? I.e. user views a product, clicks ‘Add to Basket’, the popup shows at that point.


Jim Isles

Hi Jim,

That is not currently a feature of the product. It can be done but would require custom development. We can make developer recommendations if you like.

Best, KungWoo

Hello, can I change “you may like” text?

Sorry, I don’t mean how. Just a pre-purchase question if it is possible to change that text to something else. Thank you.

Yes. That is a feature of the plugin.

Best, KungWoo Support

Great, many thanks!

Hi, lovely plugin, really interested in buying it for my clothing shop but I have one question. Can I add different custom products to popups for different products? For example: I have shoes and I want the popup to show extra shoes in popup with discount and same for t-shirts..


Hi, thank you. You can match and items in the pop-up to any products in your shop.

This product does not set discounts for products but will show products that have been discounted in your shop.

Will you be able do do a custom development for such feature? I mean if you add the item from the pop-up you will receive a discount for that item..


Sorry for the delay. We do not offer customization at this time. We would be happy to refer you to someone if needed.

hi. Pre-sale question. Is it possible for the plug-in to offer variation B instead of Variation A as popup? And is it possiblle remove the product variation A from the cart when the upsell version ( variation B of the same product ) is added?

Hi. If I understand your question, you control the offers in the admin. As for the second part, at this time, there are no auto removal functions available.

Hi, let me explain more. I have a variable product – variable A (1 USD) Variable B (2 USD). to the customer who choose Variable A, I want to show Variable B as popup. Can I do that?

Hi, thanks for the details. That will require custom development.

Hello, Can this plugin work with this other plugin? WooCommerce Add To Cart PopUp So a popup when a product is added to cart and your plugin, a popup when “proceed to checkout” button is used. Will it not interfere with each other? Thanks!

Hi. Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately we have not tested with that plugin. You would have to test do determine.

Thank you! And what if they don’t match? Can I get a refund or so? I’m hopeful they will match though.

If they do not, contact us at

would like to see this triggered by category too.

Thats a feature that is planmed for our next release this summer.

Is there a means for a credit or refund?

Will this work with Visual Products Configurator?

Hi, we cant say without testing. If it does not, contact us at

Is it possible to increase the number of products shown in the popup? Or is it set at 3 by default?

Hi! The number of products shown is based on the rules you set when you create the offer.

Hi, Is your plugin compatible with WPML and the Aelia currency switcher plugin? Is it possible to have AND / OR conditions to show the upsell? For example if cart contains product A OR product B but not product C? Thanks, Chris

Hello. It has not been tested with those plugins. You can always try the free version at .org . And / Or functions are not avaible as you describe at this time.


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Hi. I have disabled cart page, when people add a product to cart on a category page, people see “checkout” button. Can the popup be triggered when they click the “Checkout” button on the category page? Thanks


That is not currently a feature of the product. It can be done but would require custom development. We can make developer recommendations if you like.

Best, KungWoo Support


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Thanks, KungWoo. Can you please give me some recommendations? Such as which php, which hook to edit. Thanks

Hello Please submit a request to and we will see what we can do.

Cheers! KungWoo Support

BEFORE YOU BUY – This plugin is very helpful BUT before you buy, know that the product pop-up window may not look like the preview. Mine is extremely ugly. The “Proceed to Checkout” button is barely visible. When I contacted KungWoo Support, I was told that formatting the pop-up window within the plug-in is not an included feature, and that is must be done using CSS. The pop-up format is based on your WordPress theme. My theme is quite lovely, but the pop-up window is unusable as is. I will need to hire someone who does CSS to customize it before I can use the Upsells plugin.

Thanks for sharing. It is a well known that WordPress themes are all built differently.

Our product is built and tested using Stock WordPress WooThemes which function fine as seen in the demo.

We do not offer or claim to offer customization styling features or services for this product. We are happy to point you to styling services.